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Philippines 2005-2007: Toyota Innova takes the lead

Toyota Innova

The Filipino car market is back in relative good shape over the period, passing the 100,000 registrations mark in 2007 for the first time in 10 years at 117,903 units. These are Toyota’s best years in the country: at 38.4% share in 2006 and 38.2% but a record 45,091 sales in 2007.

Descendent of the highly successful Toyota Tamaraw and Revo, the Toyota Innova starts with a bang in the Philippines and snaps the pole position in ’05 for its first year of sales in the country with 12,130 units sold and 12.5% market share. It would stay on top for 3 years, selling 10,767 units in ’06 (10.8%) and 10,544 in ’07 (8.9%).

Mitsubishi Adventure

The Toyota Vios is a strong 2nd each year, peaking at 9,406 units and 9.4% in ’06 and getting closer to the Toyota Innova every year. The Mitsubishi Adventure starts strong at #3 and 6% in ’05 but drops to #5 in ’06 and #7 in ’07. The Isuzu Crosswind is #4 in ’05 and #6 the two years after that.

Isuzu Crosswind

The Toyota Corolla is #5 in ’05 but drops out of the Top 10 (Shock! Horror!) in ’07. The Toyota Fortuner, launched in ’05 along the Innova, climbs up to a brilliant 3rd place in ’06 at 7.5% of the market, then drops to #4 and 6.1% in ’06. The Honda Civic is on the podium in ’07 at 6.4% share. Another Toyota, the Avanza, lands directly in 5th place with a strong 5.3% share in ’07.

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Full Year 2005 Top 14 and 2006-2007 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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