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Egypt 2006: Chevy Pickup, Hyundai Verna & Daewoo Lanos on top

Chevrolet TFR

The Egyptian car market is up 41% this year at 170,614 units. If the best-seller doesn’t change – still the Chevrolet TFR Pickup at 14,305 sales and 8.4%, the rest of the Top 5 is reshuffled.

Toyota Yaris

The Hyundai Verna is up 7 spots, going from 3.8% market share in 2005 to 7% this year thanks to 11,896 sales (+156%). The Daewoo Lanos is down to #3 at 11,263 units and 6.6% in spite of sales up 12%. Hyundai places the Accent in 4th spot at 10,858 sales and 6.4%, up 48% and one spot.

Zastava 128

The Mitsubishi Lancer goes from #7 to #5 with 10,665 units and 6.3%, up 87%. The Toyota Yaris is the best new model, landing directly in 13th position with 2.3% share. Notice the Zastava 128 (aka Skala) up 39 spots to #20 with 1,442 sales and 0.8%, a nice way to celebrate its 30th birthday!

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Egypt Full Year 2006:

1Chevrolet TFR14,3058.4%33%10,7658.9%1
2Hyundai Verna11,8967.0%156%4,6533.8%9
3Daewoo Lanos11,2636.6%12%10,0438.3%2
4Hyundai Accent10,8586.4%48%7,3386.0%5
5Mitsubishi Lancer10,6656.3%87%5,6914.7%7
6Toyota Corolla9,1855.4%31%7,0065.8%6
7Hyundai Matrix7,9354.7%-4%8,2706.8%3
8Tofas Sahin7,1984.2%-3%7,4076.1%4
9Daewoo Nubira5,5873.3%-1%5,6264.6%8
10Nissan Sunny4,6032.7%110%2,1911.8%13
11Hyundai Elantra4,3182.5%24%3,4792.9%11
12Chevrolet Optra4,1392.4%63%2,5372.1%12
13Toyota Yaris3,9672.3%new210.0%
14Chevrolet Aveo3,3392.0%154%1,3161.1%18
15Skoda Octavia3,2111.9%new1660.1%58
16Toyota Hilux2,5891.5%75%1,4761.2%16
17Nissan Pickup S/C2,3941.4%26%1,8951.6%14
18Renault Megane2,0821.2%-54%4,5133.7%10
19VW Passat1,6180.9%386%3330.3%45
20Zastava 1281,4420.8%785%1630.1%59
21Mitsubishi L2001,2270.7%new00.0%
22Speranza A5161,2250.7%new00.0%
23Toyota Land Cruiser1,1590.7%45%7970.7%25
24BMW 3 Series1,0910.6%31%8340.7%22
25Suzuki Maruti1,0860.6%17%9320.8%20
26Fiat Palio1,0400.6%new570.0%
27Lada 21071,0200.6%-26%1,3821.1%17
28Honda City1,0000.6%256%2810.2%48
29Chery A119330.5%11%8410.7%21
30Opel Corsa8730.5%-49%1,7101.4%15
31VW Pointer8410.5%79%4710.4%33
32Mercedes E Class8330.5%42%5850.5%29
33Kia Picanto8080.5%351%1790.1%56
34Jeep Cherokee8060.5%13%7120.6%26
35Kia Cerato7470.4%1489%470.0%
36BMW 5 Series7240.4%7%6770.6%27
37Daihatsu Terios6920.4%new00.0%
38VW Jetta6550.4%new00.0%
39Fiat Uno5660.3%new00.0%
40Brilliance Galena5480.3%new00.0%
41VW Parati5250.3%-9%5800.5%30
42Peugeot 3075190.3%-37%8250.7%23
43Mercedes C Class5150.3%10%4700.4%34
44Suzuki Grand Vitara4390.3%4%4220.3%37
45Toyota Avensis4170.2%23%3380.3%44
46Suzuki Zen4120.2%111%1950.2%53
47Mercedes B Class4020.2%396%810.1%
48Speranza A6203920.2%new00.0%
49Opel Astra3750.2%-62%9750.8%19
50Fiat Siena3530.2%new00.0%

Source:, many thanks to Ldman1 for the tip on the source.

I took the Toyota Yaris picture in Cairo during my trip to Egypt in December 2008/January 2009. The Zastava 128 picture was sourced on

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