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Belgium 2006: Opel Astra #1 in disputed year

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The replacement of the Peugeot 206 by the 207 this year throws the Belgian models ranking into disarray, with no car above 2.8% share and the 4 best selling models all within 1,000 sales (in a 526,000-unit market!). The Opel Astra is #1 with 14,950 sales and 2.8%, ahead of the Renault Clio (14,551), Peugeot 307 (14,116) and Opel Corsa (14,042).

The #1 position changed hands many time throughout the year: the Citroen C3 (5th overall) ranked #1 for the first time in the country in January, then the 206 came back up in February & March, the Renault Clio led the way in April & May before being passed by the Opel Astra, #1 until the end of the year.

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Full Year 2006 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

Belgium Full Year 2006:

1Opel Astra14,9502.8%1%14,7403
2Renault Clio14,5512.8%62%8,99813
3Peugeot 30714,1162.7%-13%16,2202
4Opel Corsa14,0422.7%28%10,9527
5Citroen C313,1562.5%25%10,5329
6Peugeot 20612,5282.4%-30%18,0031
7Ford Focus12,4822.4%
8VW Golf12,3022.3%-1%12,4354
9Renault Scenic12,2732.3%4%11,8015
10BMW 3 Series11,9682.3%28%9,32412
11Toyota Corolla11,7392.2%
12VW Polo11,5072.2%14%10,08810
13Ford Fiesta10,7582.0%
14Citroen Xsara Picasso10,1301.9%
15Audi A49,4271.8%-11%10,6108
16Citroen C48,9431.7%
17Renault Megane8,7111.7%-26%11,7436
18Opel Zafira8,2141.6%
19Citroen Berlingo8,0921.5%
20VW Passat8,0861.5%

Source: Febiac, Interautonews. Many thanks to Florian for the tip!

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