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World 2005: Toyota Corolla reclaims leadership

Toyota Corolla

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After a decade off, the Toyota Corolla is back atop the world models ranking in 2005 with 1,185,000 units produced, nearly double its 1997 score… In 2nd place but over 400,000 units below we find the Ford Focus (779,000) followed by the Honda Accord (664,000), Ford F-Series Light Duty (not all versions – 654,000) and Opel Astra (638,000).

Honda Accord

The VW Golf is down to a very weak 10th place with 571,000 units, however this year the Jetta/Vento/Bora sales are counted separately – which makes sense, given they are very different models nowadays – and amount to 431,000 units (#16), thanks to excellent scores in China where the 1st generation Jetta is still produced. Notice the BMW 3 Series which keeps going up the world ranking over the last decade, at #13 this year with 463,000 units produced.

Full Year 2005 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

World Full Year 2005:

1Toyota Corolla1,185,000
2Ford Focus779,000
3Honda Accord676,000
4Opel Corsa664,000
5Ford F Series Light Duty654,000
6Opel Astra638,000
7Peugeot 206/207608,000
8Renault Clio594,000
9Toyota Camry575,000
10VW Golf571,000
11Ford Fiesta555,000
12Honda Civic532,000
13BMW 3 Series463,000
14Chevrolet Silverado455,000
15Mazda 323/ Mazda3454,000
16VW Jetta/Vento/Bora431,000
17VW Passat427,000
18Hyundai Elantra/Avante425,000
19Renault Megane413,000
20VW Polo401,000

Source: Interautonews, based on JD Power – LMC data. Many thanks to Florian for the tip!

Note: this ranking doesn’t include all commercial vehicles.

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