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France 2003: Clio, 206 and 307 leading again

Renault Clio

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The French market drops 6% in 2003 at 2,009,690 sales, but the Top 3 is unchanged: the Renault Clio leads at 8.1% only a couple of thousands sales above the Peugeot 206 at 7.9%, the Peugeot 307 coming 3rd with a very solid 7% share (it started the year at #1 with 7.5% in January!).

Renault Megane

2003 is the first full year of sales for the Renault Megane II (and will end up being its only year above 100k sales at 103,010 and 5.1%) and the Citroen C3 in 6th with 83,509 registrations.

The VW Golf leads the foreign models again (#10), ahead of an impressive Opel Zafira #12 with 35,027 sales and 1.7%, the Opel Corsa at #13 and the VW Polo at #14.

Full Year 2003 Top 50 and June/July 2003 Top 30 Ranking Tables below.

Note: the exact figures outside the Top10 have been estimated at their closest based on 2003/2004 official year-on-year variations.

France Full Year 2003:

1Renault Clio162,9798.1%
2Peugeot 206159,5647.9%
3Peugeot 307139,8547.0%
4Renault Mégane103,0105.1%
5Renault Scenic95,7264.8%
6Citroen C383,5094.2%
7Renault Laguna65,2183.2%
8Citroen Xsara Picasso64,0413.2%
9Renault Twingo53,1162.6%
10VW Golf40,8382.0%
11Citroen Xsara35,1221.7%
12Opel Zafira35,0271.7%
13Opel Corsa31,0151.5%
14VW Polo30,7691.5%
15Citroen C530,7191.5%
16Peugeot 40629,7251.5%
17Fiat Punto29,1431.5%
18Ford Focus28,6561.4%
19Renault Kangoo26,2641.3%
20Ford Fiesta25,4031.3%
21Toyota Yaris25,3841.3%
22Renault Espace24,4321.2%
23VW Passat22,2211.1%
24Citroen Berlingo19,9281.0%
25BMW Serie 319,6501.0%
26Seat Ibiza18,7090.9%
27Opel Meriva18,1050.9%
28Mercedes Classe C17,9460.9%
29Nissan Micra17,2260.9%
30Opel Astra16,5180.8%
31Audi A416,0110.8%
32Ford Mondeo15,8010.8%
33Toyota RAV415,0640.7%
34Audi A313,8960.7%
35VW Touran12,8000.6%
36Peugeot Partner12,5790.6%
37Mercedes Classe A12,2070.6%
38Fiat Stilo12,1200.6%
39Peugeot 80712,0450.6%
40Opel Vectra11,3710.6%
41Ford Fusion11,0900.6%
43Mercedes Classe E10,4050.5%
44Citroen C210,2090.5%
45Peugeot 6079,6980.5%
46Citroen C89,4480.5%
47Nissan X-Trail8,7080.4%
48Renault Vel Satis8,4080.4%
49Alfa Romeo 1478,2840.4%
50Seat Leon8,0490.4%

France June 2003:

1Renault Clio17,448
2Peugeot 20616,073
3Peugeot 30713,116
4Renault Megane10,280
5Renault Scenic9,010
6Citroen C38,961
7Citroen Picasso6,787
8Renault Laguna6,693
9Renault Twingo6,072
10Opel Zafira4,189
11VW Golf4,120
12Ford Focus3,623
13Peugeot 4063,547
14VW Polo3,356
15Citroen Xsara3,324
16Renault Kangoo3,225
17Fiat Punto3,052
18Opel Corsa3,005
19Citroen C52,931
20Renault Espace2,905
21Ford Fiesta2,547
22Citroen Berlingo2,321
23Opel Meriva2,229
24Citroen Saxo2,205
25Toyota Yaris2,097
26VW Passat2,050
27Opel Astra1,918
28Ford Mondeo1,889
29BMW 3 Series1,828
30Seat Ibiza1,721

France July 2003:

1Peugeot 20615,1148.1%2
2Renault Clio12,2106.5%1
3Peugeot 30712,1496.5%3
4Citroen C38,6534.6%6
5Renault Megane8,5204.5%4
6Renault Scenic7,9804.3%5
7Citroen Picasso6,9833.7%7
8Renault Laguna6,3193.4%8
9Renault Twingo5,0952.7%9
10VW Golf3,3611.8%11
11Fiat Punto3,3501.8%17
12Toyota Yaris3,1301.7%25
13Ford Focus3,1021.7%12
14Opel Zafira2,8771.5%10
15Citroen C52,8311.5%19
16Citroen Xsara2,8121.5%15
17Peugeot 4062,6731.4%13
18Renault Espace2,5201.3%20
19Renault Kangoo2,4421.3%16
20Ford Fiesta2,3411.2%21
21VW Polo2,3071.2%14
22BMW 3 Series2,0751.1%29
23Citroen Berlingo1,9341.0%22
24Seat Ibiza1,8811.0%30
25Mercedes C Class1,8301.0%n/a
26VW Touran1,8151.0%n/a
27VW Passat1,7720.9%26
28Ford Mondeo1,6240.9%28
29Peugeot Partner1,5960.9%n/a
30Opel Meriva1,5870.8%23

Source: Auto Moto

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