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USA 2000: Ford Explorer climbs onto podium again

Ford F Series

In 2000 the Ford F-Series improves further its yearly sales figure, up 1% year-on-year at 876,716 units. The Chevrolet Silverado stays #2, also up 1% with 645,150 sales, while the Ford Explorer is up 2 spots to establish itself onto the US models ranking’s podium at 445,157 units, up 4%.

Ford Explorer

The Toyota Camry is still the best-selling passenger car in the country, down to 4th overall with 422,961 sales down 6%. The Honda Accord gets closer, up 1 spot to #5 at 404,515 units, ahead of the Ford Taurus, up to 6% at +4% and 382,025 sales. The Dodge Ram is down 11% and 3 spots to #7. The Ford Focus excels for its first full year of sales in the US, ranking directly 10th with 286,166 sales.

Previous year: see the 1999 US post here.

Full 2000 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

USA Full Year 2000:

1Ford F-Series876,7161%869,0011
2Chevrolet C/K645,1501%636,1502
3Ford Explorer445,1574%428,7725
4Toyota Camry422,961-6%448,1623
5Honda Accord404,5150%404,1626
6Ford Taurus382,0354%368,3277
7Dodge Ram P/U380,900-11%428,9304
8Ford Ranger330,100-5%348,3588
9Honda Civic324,5282%318,3089
10Ford Focus286,166newn/an/a
11Dodge Caravan285,739-3%293,10011
12Jeep Grand Cherokee271,723-9%300,03110
13Chevrolet Cavalier236,803-13%272,42212
14Toyota Corolla230,156-8%249,12814
15Ford Expedition (e)222,000-5%233,12517
16Pontiac Grand Am214,923-9%234,93615
17Chevrolet Blazer (e)214,000-8%232,14018
18Chevrolet Malibu207,376-5%218,54019
19Chevrolet S/T Pickup (e)202,000n/an/an/a
20Ford Econoline (e)184,000n/an/an/a

(e): Bestsellingcars’ estimate, based on the 11 month 2000 figure.

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