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Switzerland 1990-1999: VW Golf and Subaru Legacy shine

VW Golf

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Thanks to Rene I can share with you the a Top 25 ranking for the nineties decade overall. Like in the seventies and eighties, the VW Golf is the best-selling model in the country with 165,794 sales, followed this time and at a larger distance by the Opel Astra with 119,339 units and the Opel Vectra at 84,702 sales. The Toyota Corolla is down to #4 with a still excellent 73,482 units ahead of the Opel Corsa, VW Passat and BMW 3 Series.

Subaru Legacy

After the Leone in the eighties, the Subaru Legacy is the brand’s best-seller in Switzerland in the nineties at #11 with 42,870 sales. There is one more Japanese model in the Top 25 than in the eighties, bringing the total to 8, with the Mazda 323, Toyota Starlet and Mitsubishi Colt other strong sellers. The Renault Clio is the best-selling Frenchie at #12 and the Fiat Punto the favourite Italian at #14. Notice also the Renault Espace up to #21.

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Full 1990-1999 overall Top 25 Ranking Table below.

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