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Sweden 1998-1999: Volvo V70 #1, Saab 9-5 & Volvo S80 up

Volvo V70

Volvo V40

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The Swedish car market is on fire at +12% and 253,430 registrations in ’98, +16% and 295,249 units in ’99. For the first time in at least 20 years, the Top 5 best sellers are all Swedish. The Volvo S/V/C70 keeps the lead, reaching 12.6% share in ’98 (31,933 sales) and 10% in ’99 (29,578). As the 2nd generation V70 launched, 6,905 units of the model were sold in December 1999 alone (for a 20% share), most probably the biggest monthly volume ever in Sweden…

The Volvo S40/V40 is #2 both years at 6.5% in ’98 and 6.8% in ’99 at over 20,000 sales, while the Saab 9-5 climbs onto the podium in ’99 at 14,590 units and 4.9%. The Volvo S80, launched in late ’98, climbs to 4th in ’99 at 14,303 units (4.8%), ahead of the Saab 900/9-3 at 11,701 (4%). The VW Golf, Passat and Ford Focus are the best-selling foreign models.

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Full 1998 & 1999 Top 30 Ranking Tables: click on ‘Read more’ below the Volvo S80 pic.

Saab 9-5

Volvo S80

Volvo S70

Sweden Full Year 1998:

1Volvo 850, S/V/C7031,93312.6%23%25,97211.5%1
2Volvo S40/V4016,5196.5%48%11,1825.0%3
3VW Passat14,1295.6%100%7,0763.1%9
4VW Golf10,6154.2%39%7,6353.4%6
5Saab 900 /9-39,3263.7%28%7,2653.2%8
6Saab 9-57,9673.1%282%2,0870.9%27
7Ford Escort7,4432.9%-18%9,0894.0%4
8Renault Megane7,1662.8%7%6,6843.0%10
9Toyota Corolla6,9512.7%21%5,7582.6%13
10Opel Astra6,4462.5%3%6,2292.8%12
11Ford Mondeo6,2552.5%-18%7,6453.4%5
12Skoda Felicia6,2262.5%16%5,3762.4%14
13VW Polo5,3382.1%20%4,4432.0%15
14Audi A45,0952.0%-19%6,3052.8%11
15Audi A64,7651.9%28%3,7341.7%17
16Skoda Octavia4,4521.8%221%1,3870.6%44
17Toyota Carina/Avensis4,0161.6%43%2,8111.2%18
18Volvo 900, S/V903,2841.3%-77%14,2856.3%2
19Opel Vectra3,2581.3%-18%3,9701.8%16
20Mazda 3232,6311.0%28%2,0580.9%29
21Renault Laguna2,4971.0%0%2,5091.1%20
22Nissan Primera2,4521.0%5%2,3251.0%21
23Mazda 6262,4181.0%11%2,1801.0%25
24Mitsubishi Carisma2,3770.9%19%2,0020.9%31
25Nissan Micra2,3610.9%2%2,3051.0%23
26Renault Clio2,3610.9%28%1,8400.8%34
27BMW 5 Series2,3600.9%2%2,3071.0%22
28Nissan Almera2,3410.9%14%2,0560.9%30
29BMW 3 Series2,3060.9%45%1,5870.7%41
30Saab 90002,2630.9%-70%7,4313.3%7

Sweden Full Year 1999:

1Volvo S/V/C7029,57810.0%-7%31,93312.6%1
2Volvo S40/V4020,0456.8%21%16,5196.5%2
3Saab 9-514,5904.9%83%7,9673.1%6
4Volvo S8014,3034.8%668%1,8620.7%37
5Saab 900 /9-311,7014.0%25%9,3263.7%5
6VW Golf10,9283.7%3%10,6154.2%4
7VW Passat10,3773.5%-27%14,1295.6%3
8Ford Focus9,3203.2%new5750.2%
9Opel Astra7,8192.6%21%6,4462.5%10
10Skoda Octavia7,5392.6%69%4,4521.8%16
11Renault Megane7,2942.5%2%7,1662.8%8
12Toyota Corolla6,6762.3%-4%6,9512.7%9
13Skoda Felicia6,5102.2%5%6,2262.5%12
14Renault Clio5,3641.8%127%2,3610.9%26
15VW Polo5,3151.8%0%5,3382.1%13
16Ford Mondeo4,9961.7%-20%6,2552.5%11
17Toyota Avensis4,7821.6%19%4,0161.6%17
18Audi A44,3911.5%-14%5,0952.0%14
19Audi A64,2951.5%-10%4,7651.9%15
20Opel Vectra3,4351.2%5%3,2581.3%19
21BMW 3 Series3,4251.2%49%2,3060.9%29
22Seat Toledo2,7670.9%34%2,0610.8%33
23Audi A32,6920.9%23%2,1890.9%31
24Mitsubishi Carisma2,6330.9%11%2,3770.9%24
25Hyundai Atos2,5600.9%109%1,2220.5%49
26BMW 5 Series2,5090.8%6%2,3600.9%27
27Mazda 3232,4960.8%-5%2,6311.0%20
28Nissan Primera2,4620.8%0%2,4521.0%22
29Toyota Yaris2,3610.8%new00.0%
30Peugeot 4062,3180.8%98%1,1720.5%51


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