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Czech Republic 1998-1999: Skoda Felicia above 35% share

Skoda Felicia

* See the Top 15/20 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Florian *

The car market is stable over the period in Czech Republic at 141,200 registrations in 1998 and 146,300 in 1999. The Skoda Felicia dominates the models ranking head and shoulders, reaching out-of-this-world market shares: 39.6% in 98 thanks to 55,902 sales and 35.2% in 99 at 51,497 units. The Skoda Octavia follows at 15.2% and 21,514 sales in 98 and 13.9% at 20,395 units in 99.

The title of best-selling foreign model changes hands: it goes to the Ford Escort in 98 with 4,466 sales and 3.2%, then to the Opel Astra/Zafira in 99 at 5,306 units and 3.6% share. Other successful models over the period include the Fiat Punto #5 in 98, the Daewoo Matiz #5 in 99, the VW Polo #6 in 98, the Renault Megane #6 in 99, the VW Golf/Bora/Vento #7 both years and the VW Passat #9 both years.

Full Year 1998 Top 15 and 1999 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

Czech Republic Full Year 1998:

1Skoda Felicia55,90239.6%
2Skoda Octavia21,51415.2%
3Ford Focus/Escort4,4663.2%
4Opel Astra/Zafira2,7902.0%
5Fiat Punto2,4411.7%
6VW Polo2,3681.7%
7VW Golf/Bora/Vento2,1841.5%
8Renault Megane2,1581.5%
9VW Passat2,0551.5%
10Ford Mondeo1,9341.4%
11Fiat Bravo/a/Marea1,8331.3%
12Opel Corsa1,7811.3%
13Seat Ibiza/Cordoba1,5651.1%
14Daewoo Matiz1,5291.1%
15Renault Clio1,4251.0%

Czech Republic Full Year 1999:

1Skoda Felicia51,49735.2%-8%55,90239.6%1
2Skoda Octavia20,39513.9%-5%21,51415.2%2
3Opel Astra/Zafira5,3063.6%90%2,7902.0%4
4Ford Focus/Escort4,5923.1%3%4,4663.2%3
5Daewoo Matiz3,8132.6%149%1,5291.1%14
6Renault Megane3,6232.5%68%2,1581.5%8
7VW Golf/Bora/Vento3,0562.1%40%2,1841.5%7
8Fiat Punto2,7621.9%13%2,4411.7%5
9VW Passat2,5721.8%25%2,0551.5%9
10Opel Corsa2,4951.7%40%1,7811.3%12
11VW Polo2,3551.6%-1%2,3681.7%6
12Peugeot 2062,0371.4%217%6430.5%n/a
13Seat Ibiza/Cordoba1,9961.4%28%1,5651.1%13
14Toyota Yaris1,8551.3%new00.0% –
15Renault Clio1,6661.1%17%1,4251.0%15
16Fiat Bravo/a/Marea1,6061.1%-12%1,8331.3%11
17Nissan Almera1,5841.1%45%1,0910.8%n/a
18Seat Toledo1,2920.9%40%9260.7%n/a
19Ford Mondeo1,2580.9%-35%1,9341.4%10
20Mazda 3231,2510.9%7%1,1690.8%n/a

Source: Aid, Industry, Interautonews. Many thanks to Florian for the tip!

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