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Philippines 1997-1998: market plunges but Toyota Corolla resists

Toyota Tamaraw FX

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If the Filipino car market loses only 11% in 1997 at 144,441 registrations, it plunges by 45% in 1998 at 80,193 units as a result of the financial crisis hitting the region. The Toyota Corolla however maintains its leadership with 13,911 sales and 9.6% in ’97 and 7,629 and 9.5% in ’98.

Mitsubishi Adventure

The Toyota Tamaraw FX reclaims its 2nd spot in ’97 at 12,182 units and 8.4% before stepping out with the arrival of its replacement the Toyota Revo in ’98. The Honda Civic replaces it at the #2 position that year with 6,352 sales and 7.9%, just above the Mitsubishi Adventure, another Filipino curiosity and an instant hit in the country: #3 for its first year at 6,319 units and 7.9% in ’98.

Other successful models over the period include the Mitsubishi Lancer, #3 at 7.8% in ’97, the Nissan Sentra, #5 both years and the Isuzu Hi-Lander, #6 at 4.5% share in ’98. Note 1998 is the only year Mitsubishi passes Toyota in the manufacturers ranking…

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Full 1997 Top 10 and 1998 Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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