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South Africa 1992-1995: Toyota Corolla/Conquest in command

Toyota Corolla

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Thanks to Vic I can share with you some insights on the South African car market in the early to mid nineties. The Toyota Corolla and Conquest, counted together, dominate the market without interruption, arriving first in each and every monthly ranking I got access to!

Toyota Camry

The second place seems to go more often than not to the VW CitiGolf (first generation) over the period, with the Honda Ballade, Mazda 323, Nissan Sentra and Opel Astra/Kadett also regulars on the podium. Notice also the excellent launch of the Toyota Camry in late ’93, landing on the podium for a couple of months.

August 1992, 6 months 1993, August 1994 and 3 months 1995 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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