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France 1992: Renault Clio starts its reign

Renault Clio

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French car sales are up 4% this year to 2,105,700 registrations. 18 months after its original launch, the Renault Clio finds its mark and dominates the whole year, ranking 1st from January to December and peaking at 12.6% in October for what still remains today its best ever monthly market share. It finishes the year at 233,209 units and 11.1% market share, up 21%.

Renault 19

Boosted by its facelift, the Renault 19 climbs onto the second step of the podium with 148,392 sales and 7% share, up 25%. The Peugeot 205 drops to 3rd place at 129,546 units and 6.2%, giving way to the Peugeot 106. The relay was passed in October when the 106 ranked above the 205 for the first time and kept the lead for the rest of the year. The 106 finished the year at #7 with 97,820 sales and 4.6%.

Peugeot 106

Other good performers this year: the Citroen ZX up 3 spots and 53% to #6 at 98,578 units (4.7%). The VW Golf up 36% to 83,402 sales and 4%, the best ever annual market share for a foreign model in France. The Ford Fiesta, up 9% to 79,513 units and 3.8%, the Opel Astra, up to #16 for its first full year of sales with 34,539 sales and 1.6% and the Renault Safrane, best newcomer landing directly in 19th place at 29,510 units and 1.4% share.

Ferrari F40

Further down the ranking, notice the arrival of the first South Korean models ever to be available in France: the Hyundai Pony is #117 with 632 sales, the Hyundai Lantra is #125 at 473 units, the Hyundai Scoupe #162 with 100 sales and the Hyundai Sonata #164 at 84 units.

Daihatsu also makes its first appearance in France with the Charade best-seller at #173 and 64 sales, and so does Subaru with the Legacy selling 60 units (#176). See also the Ferrari 512 landing at #166 with 75 sales, just below the Ferrari 348 (115 units), while the Ferrari F40 sees its sales jump 67% to 10 units…

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Full Year 1992 Top 233 and every monthly Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Portugal 1991-1992: Fiat Uno and Renault Clio most popular

Fiat Uno

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The Fiat Uno stays strong both years in Portugal at 26,096 sales and 11.5% in 1991 and 28,588 and 10.3% in 1992. It is joined on the podium both times by the Renault Clio at 10.6% then 9.7% and the Opel Corsa at 9.3% then 7.5%. The Citroen AX ranks 4th in ’91 at 5.6% share with the Ford Fiesta #5 at 5.3% before the two models exchange positions in ’92. The Peugeot 205 (#6 in ’91), Renault 19 (#6 in ’92), Seat Ibiza and VW Golf also shine.

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Full 1991-1992 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Brazil 1990-1992: VW Gol, Fiat Uno and Chevy Monza on podium

VW Gol

The VW Gol grabs over 18% of the Brazilian market in 1992 with 135,668 sales, ahead of the Fiat Uno at 86,898 sales and the Chevrolet Monza at 53,505 units.

In fact the podium has stayed unchanged for the last 3 years, with the Gol delivering 102,204 units in 1991 and 104,271 in 1990, the Uno selling 94,861 models in 1991 and 63,646 in 1990 and the Chevrolet Monza at 54,856 sales in 1991 and 54,984 in 1990.

The Chevrolet Kadett, #5 in 1990 and 1991, climbs to #4 in 1992 at 41,933 sales and the VW Parati is #5 in 1992 at 31,893 units. The Ford Escort ranks 4th in 1991.

Ford Versailles

Notice the ‘only-in-Brazil’ models in the 1992 ranking: the Ford Verona (a 3-door Escort sedan) at #9, the Ford Versailles (a rebadged VW Santana) at #12, the VW Apollo (a rebadged Ford Escort) at #15, the VW Quantum (a Santana Station Wagon) at #17, Chevrolet Ipanema (Monza Station Wagon) at #18 and Ford Royale (Versailles Station Wagon) at #19.

Full Top 20 Ranking Tables for 1990, 1991 and 1992 below.

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Italy 1992: Fiat Uno and Panda dominate, Cinquecento arrives

Fiat Uno

Fiat Panda

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New car sales in Italy reach a record level in 1992 at 2,374,775 registrations. The Fiat Uno is very stable in pole position with 336,262 sales and 14.2% share. The Fiat Panda reclaims its 2nd spot at 158,641 units (6.7%), just above the Ford Fiesta at 157,827 (6.6%). The Renault Clio gains one spot in 4th place and 5% share, passing the Fiat Tipo (4.9%).

VW Golf

Below the Lancia Y10 (4.3%) and the VW Polo (3.9%), the new gen VW Golf is 8th at 92,243 units, which doesn’t reflect its impressive progression throughout the year: it ranked #3 in August and December, and even #2 in November. The Fiat Cinquecento, launched in late ’91, reaches an encouraging 7th place with 10,012 sales in March but did not improve on it this year. It finishes 1992 in 12th place only.

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Full Top 15 and every Monthly Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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UK 1992: Ford Escort reclaims top spot

Ford Escort

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After two years of Ford Fiesta domination, the Ford Escort is back on top of the UK ranking with 121,140 sales and 7.6%, up 15% and one percentage point year-on-year. This may have something to do with the facelift the 5th generation received in September.

The Vauxhall Cavalier is out of luck: now that it passed the Ford Fiesta, it is below the Escort and Vauxhall is therefore not able to interrupt the 20 year-long reign of Ford models. The Cavalier sells 108,818 units at 6.8% share, just above the Ford Fiesta at 106,595 units and 6.7%.

Rover Metro

In 4th place, the Vauxhall Astra is boosted by the new generation launched last year, up 1 spot and 39% at 86,858 sales. The Rover 200 is up 13% to a record 77,214 units, stable at #6, as is the Rover Metro at #7 and 3.6%. The 5 year-old Peugeot 405 becomes the best selling foreign model in the UK at #8 and 3% share, up 17%, while the Renault Clio makes its very first appearance in the annual UK Top 10 at #10 and 2.2%.

Full 1992 Top 20 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Peugeot 405 pic.

Peugeot 405

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Australia 1992: Ford Falcon passes Commodore for 191 units!

1992 Ford EB Falcon. Picture by The Scooter Guy, all rights reserved.

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The Australian car market is back in shape in 1992, up 5% year-on-year to 542,077 registrations. 1992 will stay in history as the year the fight between the Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore was the most intense and sales figures at year-end the closest. Helped by the return of V8 variants in its range, the Ford Falcon takes the lead for possibly the first time since 1987 in spite of a dreadful start of the year (2,114 sales vs. 3,689 for the Commodore in January). But only 191 units separate the two models at year-end! The Falcon is at 57,832 sales and 10.7% share (up 19%) while the Commodore is at 57,641 and 10.6% (up 13%)!

1992 Holden Commodore

Mitsubishi Magna

In third place the Mitsubishi Magna/Verada continues to progress, up 18% to 34,009 sales and 6.3% share while all 4 following models fall: the Toyota Camry at #4 and -7%, the Toyota Corolla at #5 and -8%, the Ford Laser at #6 and -32% and the Nissan Pulsar at #7 and -23%. Notice also the Mazda 626 up 61% to #9 and  the Mitsubishi Pajero up 48% to #15.

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Full Year Top 50 and February 1992 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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Europe 1992: New gen VW Golf and Opel Astra on top

VW Golf

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The traditional VW Golf / Opel Kadett battle for the European best-seller title takes a completely different direction in 1992. To improve its chances of putting its star model in the top spot, Opel ditches the Kadett nameplate and launches a totally new model, the Opel Astra, to coincide with the launch of the Golf 3.

Opel Astra

And it works, at least at the start. The Astra starts better than the Golf 3 and even takes the leadership in Germany for a couple of months. In Europe, Golf 3 and Astra figures are neck-to-neck throughout the year but the final ranking, adding 2nd gen sales to the Golf figure, sees the VW keep the top spot with 783,839 sales and 5.8%, with the Opel Astra #2 at 669,371 sales and 5%. The Golf nameplate therefore celebrates its 10th consecutive year atop European sales.

BMW 3 Series

The Ford Escort (incl. Orion) ranks #3 at 613,265 units followed by the Renault Clio gaining 10% to 596,880 sales and passing the Ford Fiesta, down 2% to 581,605 units. The Fiat Uno is #6 with 512,583 sales followed by the Renault 19 and Opel Vectra. Notice the impressive arrival of the BMW 3 Series at #13 with 283,299 units.

The best-selling Japanese model in Europe in 1992 is the Nissan Sunny at #24 with 138,412 sales, ahead of the Toyota Corolla at #25 and 135,887 units and the Nissan Primera at #26 with 134,902 units.

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Full Year 1992 Top 40 Ranking Table below.

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Spain 1992: Renault Clio passes Renault 19, Citroen ZX on podium

Renault Clio

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Lots of change in the Spanish models ranking in 1992: for the first time in the nineties the Renault 19 is not the best seller, the honour going to the Renault Clio this year with 60,398 sales and 7% share. The Renault 19 is not far at 57,562 units.

Renault 19

There are no less than 3 newcomers in the Top 6, the Citroen ZX being the most successful, directly on the podium for its first full year of sales with a 6% market share! The Seat Toledo lands directly in 5th place with 44,432 sales and 5.2%, and the Opel Astra is 6th at 43,018 units and 5%.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Seat Toledo pic.

Citroen ZX

Seat Toledo

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Japan 1992: Toyota monopolises podium

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In a market down 8% at 4,454,323 registrations, the Toyota Corolla remains the top seller at 260,777 units and 5.9% share, down 18%. In fact, Toyota monopolises the podium with the Mark II #2 again at 174,226 sales and the Crown up 1 spot at 155,744 units.

The Honda Civic drops to 4th at 150,876 sales, whereas the Toyota Starlet is up two spots in 6th with 125,524 sales and the Nissan March lands within the Top 10 at #9 with 115,135 units.

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Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Austria 1977-1992: VW Golf likely leader

I haven’t managed to access official car sales data for Austria over the period, but in all likeliness the VW Golf should lead the ranking with a comfortable margin during the 25 years from 1977 to 1992.

Three generations of the model were successively on sale these years: the 1st generation launched in 1974, the 2nd one from 1984 and the 3rd in 1991. If you have any official Austrian data covering this period please do get in touch!

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