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USA 1990: Can the Honda Accord ever lead the overall market?

Honda Accord USA 1990Honda Accord

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Below the Ford F-Series (495,977 sales) and Chevrolet C/K (464,668) both losing ground on 1989, the Honda Accord confirms it is America’s favourite Passenger Car and improves by 15% on last year to break the 400,000 annual unit-milestone for the very first time at 417,179. Can it ever become the country’s outright best-seller? Talk about an event that would be… The Accord now has a 100,000+ sales lead over the #2 Passenger Car the Ford Taurus down 10% to 313,274 units in 4th place while the Chevrolet Cavalier is stable at #5.

Chevrolet Lumina USA 1990Chevrolet Lumina

Japanese models continue their strong push this year in the US: the Toyota Camry is up a further 11% and two spots on 1989 to land in 7th place with a record 284,595 sales, the Toyota Corolla breaks into the annual US Top 10 for the very first time, up 14% to #10 and the Honda Civic is up 12% to #11. Notice also the Chevrolet Lumina up 99% to #12 for its first full year of sales, the Ford Explorer landing directly at #21 with 159,626 units, the Cadillac Deville at #20 and Lincoln Town Car at #25.

Saturn S-Series USA 1990Saturn S-Series

Saturn Logo

Finally, extremely rare event this year in the US: a new American brand makes its entrance in the ranking: the General Motors’ Saturn launches with the S-Series at #218 with 1,881 sales.

Full Year 1990 Top 256 Models Ranking Table below.

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