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UK 1988-1989: Ford Escort leader, Sierra and Fiesta follow

Ford Escort

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In an ever growing market, now over 2 million annual sales, the Ford Escort resists on top and lodges its 7th and 8th consecutive years at #1 in 1988 and 1989. Ford still dominates the podium, with the facelifted Sierra up to #2 and the Fiesta at #3. Both the Ford Escort and the Ford Sierra reach what would end up being their highest volume ever in the country in 1989 at 181,218 and 175,911 units respectively.

Ford Sierra

Two Vauxhalls follow in 1989: the Cavalier (aka Opel Vectra) up from #6 in 88, and the Astra (aka Opel Kadett), stable at #5. After a very solid year in 88 (116,811 units), the Austin Metro loses steam in 89 to #6 while the Vauxhall Nova (aka Opel Corsa) is up to #7. The Rover 200 progresses each year to reach 68,316 sales in 1989 (#9).

Range Rover

After beating the foreign model annual volume record in 86 (39,188) and 87 (49,127), the Peugeot 205 does it again in 88 (54,147) before the VW Golf beats it in 89 (56,055). Notice the Nissan Micra up to #12 and 52,143 sales in 88, improving further to 54,175 units in 89, the excellent start of the Peugeot 405, landing directly at #14 in 89 with 47,834 sales, the Rover 800 up 46% to 29,442 units and #24 in 89 and the BMW 3 Series up to #26 and 29,067 sales that same year.

Further down the 1989 ranking, the Vauxhall Carlton (aka Opel Omega) is #28, the Austin Mini is down to #40 with 12,852 sales, the Jaguar XJ is #44, the Hyundai Pony #52, the Range Rover #54 and the Vauxhall Belmont (aka Opel Kadett sedan) #80.

1988 Top 20 and 1989 Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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