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Netherlands 1982-1986: Opel Kadett and Ford Escort dominate

Opel Kadett

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The Dutch models ranking is very stable over the period, with the Opel Kadett the unquestionable leader throughout. Starting at 9.1% share in 1982 it fell to 6.7% in 1984 but the new generation brought it back to 10.3% in 1985 and a record 57,431 units sold in 1986 for a 10.25% market share. No model ever sold more units in a year in the Netherlands since.

Ford Escort

The Ford Escort stays #2 each year, peaking at 6.6% in 1984. It is followed by the Volvo 340/360 in 1983, but the Swedish model drops to #4 the following three years, peaking at 4.05% in 1985. The VW Golf is in constant progression over the period, #4 in 1982 and 1983 but #3 from 1984 onwards, improving its market share each year to peak at 4.6% in 1986.

Japanese cars are already well and truly entrenched in the Netherlands with the Mazda 323 ranking 6th in 1982 and the Toyota reaching #8 in 1985.

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