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Argentina 1983: Swan song for the Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon Argentina 1990. Picture courtesy of Ford Falcon, Argentina spec

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Originally launched in the country in 1962, the Ford Falcon gets an Argentina-specific design in 1973 and would go on to be on Ford Argentina’s catalogue until 1991, produced at nearly 500,000 units in the country! After 1965, 1971, 1972, 1974 and 1979, the Ford Falcon enjoys its 6th and last year atop the Argentinean sales charts in 1983 with 22,060 units sold, up a whopping 44% on 1982 and 27% on 1981 thanks to the new model launched in 1983 which will stay virtually unchanged until the end of the nameplate’s life in Argentina.

Ford Falcon Argentina 1988b. Picture courtesy of Ford Falcon, Argentina spec

Annual sales of the Ford Falcon in Argentina (1962-1991) below.

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