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USA 1982: Ford F-Series takes command, Escort #1 car in weakest market since 1970

1982 Ford F-Series

In 1982 the U.S. new light vehicle market is in recession, down -2.2% to 10.538.362 units. Cars (-6.3%) are solely responsible for this decline at 7.956.460 units just as trucks soar 12.8% to 2.581.902. This is the lowest annual volume since 1970 (10.2m) after a peak of 15.4 million in 1978.

In 1982 the Ford F-Series becomes the best-selling vehicle in the USA – trucks and passenger cars included. The robust Ford pick-up would go on to be the favourite vehicle in the country for over three decades and has never looked back.

1982 Ford Escort

1982 is therefore a very important date for the American car industry and the start of a legendary domination that is still in place today… That year the crown in the Passenger Cars ranking also changes hands and goes to the Ford Escort with 337.667 units (+18.5%), it replaced the Pinto one year earlier in 1981.

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