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Europe 1980-1982: Renault 5 most probable leader

Renault 5 Europe 1980Renault 5

I have no data for this period, however the fact that the Renault 5 lodged its record volume and shere in France in 1980 at 299,000 units and 16%, that it ranked #2 worldwide that year below just the Toyota Corolla, and that based on the information I could gather, the VW Golf only became #1 in Europe in 1983, the French small car appears as the most probable candidate for the title of European best-seller between 1980 and 1982. If you have official sales information for this period please make sure to get in touch!

Spain 1981-1982: Renault 5 reigns

Renault 5

* See the 1981-1982 Renault 5 sales figures by clicking on the title! Thanks Rene+Ricardo *

After the Ford Fiesta took the lead in 1980, the Renault 5 becomes the most popular model in Spain in 1981 and stays there in 1982. In 1981, it is followed by the Ford Fiesta and Seat Ritmo.

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Full Year 1981-1982 Renault 5 sales figures below.

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Japan 1982: Mazda Familia threatens Toyota Corolla

1982 Mazda Familia. Picture by

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to René *

Thanks to René we are able to get back in time to 30 years ago in Japan and explore the Top 10 models ranking for April 1982 and year-to-date. Surprise in pole position: it’s not the Toyota Corolla but the Mazda Familia that points its bonnet atop the models ranking thanks to 20,759 sales that month vs. 19,889 for the Corolla at #2. However year-to-date the Corolla is still in the lead with 84,798 units, ahead of the Nissan Sunny (#3 in April) at 74,492 and the Mazda Familia at 66,436.

Toyota Corolla

Nissan Sunny

Just outside the podium we find the Nissan Bluebird with 12,857 sales, also ranking #4 year-to-date down from #2 in 1981. The Toyota Corona ranks #5 at 12,078 units, followed by the Toyota Carina at 10,617 and the all-new Honda City at 10,378. The Toyota Crown, Toyota Mark II and Nissan Skyline complete the Top 10.

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Full April and 4 months 1982 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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France 1982: New Renault 9 shakes models ranking

Renault 9

* See the Top 25 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

For the first time French consumers have bought over 2 million new cars this year, at 2,060,000 units. The Renault 5 is the best-selling car in the country for the 9th year in a row with 265,748 sales and 12.9% share, down 6% year-on-year.

The main event in 1982 in France is the thundering arrival of the Renault 9 at #2 for its first year in market with an outstanding 189,525 sales and 9.2% share, figures that would end up being its best ever. The Renault 9 managed to rank #2 every single month of the year, broke the 10% share barrier for 3 months to peak at 10.9% share in November!

Citroen Visa

The Renault 18 drops down to #3 at 6.9% share, making the French podium 100% Renault for the first time in at least 40 years, and possibly ever. In 4th place the Peugeot 305 rebounds above 100,000 sales at 105,063 up 5% for a 5.1% market share. Boosted by its facelift this year, the Citroen Visa is up 17% to 96,823 sales and 4.7% share which will stay its best-ever share.

Peugeot 505

The Ford Escort is the best-selling foreign model this year at #9 with 57,727 sales, up an impressive 31%. Up 37% on 1981, the Peugeot 505 spends its only year in the Top 10 at an excellent 10th place with 57,681 sales and 2.8% share. The Ford Fiesta is up 59% and 4 spots to #12 and the Talbot Samba lands directly in 15th position for its first year of sales.

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Full Year 1982 Top 25 and every Monthly French models Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Brazil 1982: Fiat 147 and VW Voyage above VW Fusca

Fiat 147

1982 is the second year the Fiat 147 leads Brazilian car sales and the first year over 100,000 units of the model were produced, at 110,336. The Fiat 147 has established a comfortable margin over all other models produced in the country.

The VW Voyage, a 3-door sedan version of the VW Gol, is #2 for its very first full year of production with no less than 69,330 units spit out of the Brazilian VW factory. This is an odd development that has probably been forgotten since, as the VW Gol, only 5th most produced Brazilian model in 1982 (58,633 units) would end up becoming Brazil’s best seller for over 20 years whereas the Voyage would fall into oblivion.

VW Voyage

Both the VW Fusca and the Chevrolet Chevette drop 1 spot to #3 and #4 with 64,984 and 61,221 units respectively. The Chevrolet Monza at #9 with 34,619 units and the VW Parati at #17 at 12,168 units both launch this year and appear in the Brazilian rankings for the first time.

Full Year 1982 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Australia 1982: Ford Falcon beats Holden Commodore

Ford Falcon Australia 1982. Picture courtesy of Ford Falcon

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Thanks to Doug *

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A couple of days ago, Australian newspaper/website The Sydney Morning Herald published an article briefky studying the evolution of the Top 10 best-selling cars over the last 4 decades, starting with 1982 which is data I didn’t have before. So here it is for you dear readers. You will learn that 30 years ago, the Ford Falcon was the most popular model in Australia with 84,184 sales and a whopping 13.7% market share, ahead of the Holden Commodore at 78,429 units and 12.7%.

HoldenHist 19801982 Holden Commodore

Yep, you read this well, these two models used to command over a quarter of total Australian sales, a market share that has dwindled down to just 4% in 2012 and… 2.6% last April! The Mitsubishi Sigma, produced locally, rounds up the podium with 42,210 sales and 6.8% followed by the Ford Laser at 40,069 units and 6.5% and the Nissan Skyline with 34,048 sales and 5.5%. The Holden Gemini, Toyota Corolla, Holden Camira and Toyota Corona follow.

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Full Year 1982 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Italy 1982: Fiat 127, Ritmo and Panda dominate

Fiat 127

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Andrea *

New car sales in Italy are down 3% at 1,688,414 registrations. Like in 1982 Fiat places 4 models in the Top 4 and the Fiat 127 is the best-selling car in the country again with 220,200 sales and 13% share, stable year-on-year. The Fiat Ritmo takes the 2nd place at 204,100 units and 12.1% and the Fiat Panda is up 6% but stays 3rd with 185,900 sales and 11%, still to this date the nameplate’s best year-end share. Note these 3 models all had a fantastic month of December with 17.6%, 13.4% and 12.3% share respectively.

Fiat Ritmo

The Fiat 131 passes the Renault 5 to establish itself in 4th position with 69,400 sales and 4.1%, with the 5 still the best-selling foreign model in the country in 5th place at 64,700 sales, just above the VW Golf with 64,100 sales, both models at 3.8% share. The Autobianchi A112 progresses at #7, the Renault 9 makes its first appearance in the Top 10 at #8 and the Alfa Romeo Alfasud stays 9th.

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Full Year & December 1982 Top 10 Ranking Tables: see ‘Read more’ below the Panda.

Fiat Panda

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Sweden 1981-1982: Volvo 200 and Saab 900 at their highest

Volvo 244

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 20 best-selling models! Many thanks to Torbjörn for the data *

Swedish car sales are down 12% in 1981 to 188,522 registrations but back up 16% in 1982 to 218,428 units. The Volvo 200 is head and shoulders above the competition again and reaches its best-ever market share in Sweden in ’81 at a mammoth 21.6% thanks to 40,688 sales. In ’82 it is at 20.7% and 45,288 units.

Saab 900

The Saab 900 confirms the 2nd spot it acquired in ’79 and also delivers a best-ever share in ’81 at 10.3% with 19,422 sales then to 9.9% and 21,544 units in ’82. The VW Golf/Jetta establishes itself on the podium over the period at a fantastic 7.6% share in ’81 and 6.2% in ’82. The Volvo 300 drops to #4 in ’81 and #5 in ’82, passed by the Opel Kadett (5%).

Interestingly the Saab 99 resists: up 40% and 2 spots in ’82 to 8,445 units and 3.9%. The Mazda 323 is the first Japanese big seller in the country, #7 both years and up 30% in ’82 with 8,329 sales and 3.8%.

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Full Year 1981 and 1982 Ranking Tables below.

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