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Argentina 1973-1975: Fiat 128 and Ford Falcon fight it out

1973 Ford Falcon, Argentina spec

* Many thanks to Bruno for making this post possible! *

In 1973, while the Argentinean Ford Falcon undergoes its first (and only) major renewal, the Fiat 128 takes the opportunity to become the most popular model in the country. I have not managed to find out how many sales the 128 clocked up over the period, only figures for the Falcon are available: in 1973, 35,595 Falcons changed hands which is the nameplate’s strongest year ever but weirdly it ranked #2 that year. The Falcon is back in pole position in 1974 in spite of sales down 27% to 25,870 units, but gives up its throne to the Fiat 128 once again in 1975, a year it sold a sad 11,525 units in the country.

Fiat 128 Argentina 1973. Picture courtesy of Fiat 128 was #1 in Argentina in 1973 and 1975.

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