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Spain 1973: Seat places 4 models in Top 4, 127 leads

Seat 127

Thanks to Ricardo, I can now share with you the best-selling cars in Spain almost 40 years ago – this is the oldest data yet for this country on Best Selling Cars Blog. At that time Seat produced rebadged Fiats and had a total stranglehold over the Spanish market. The Seat 127 is the most popular model with a mammoth 91,435 sales. The 127 would go on to lead the Spanish models ranking for the following 5 years up until 1978, peaking at an enormous 125,066 units in 1974, still today the highest volume ever reached by a single model in one year in Spain.

Seat 124

Seat 850 at its launch in 1966

Back to 1973: the Seat 124 ranks 2nd with 68,760 sales, the Seat 850 rounds up the podium at 51,234 units, followed by the Seat 1430 with 41,568 sales. Renault also was very popular that year, placing the Renault 12 at #5, the Renault 5 at #7 and the Renault 6 at #8… Lastly the Simca 1200 ranks 6th at 37,895 units.

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Full Year 1973 Top 8 Ranking Table below.

Seat 1430

Spain Full Year 1973:

1Seat 12791,435
2Seat 12468,760
3Seat 85051,234
4Seat 143041,568
5Renault 1240,342
6Simca 120037,895
7Renault 537,642
8Renault 628,569

Source: Seat, many thanks to Ricardo for sharing the data!

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