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Germany 1971-1973: Last years of reign for the VW Beetle, Opel #1

VW Beetle

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 20 best-selling models, many thanks to Florian for the data! *

The VW Beetle enjoys its last 3 years atop the German models ranking, making it 25 consecutive years. Over the period it slows down from 291,312 sales in 71 to 257,742 in 72 and 236,308 in 73. The Opel Kadett is #2 in 71 at 142,514 units but is passed by the Opel Rekord in 72 (177,280 sales) and 73 (151,202). Note Opel is the #1 brand in Germany in 1972 and 1973, the last time Volkswagen wouldn’t rule up to the present day. Brands ranking will be uploaded shortly.

Opel Rekord

The Mercedes ‘Strich 8’ lodges the brand’s best scores ever in the country, ranking #4 in 71 with 129,758 sales and up to #3 in 72 at 148,122 units and in 73 with 135,447 sales. Other great performers during the period are the Ford Taunus peaking at #5 and 123,658 units in 71, the Audi 80, litterally exploding onto the German car landscape, directly #4 in 73 with 125,607 sales, and the Opel Ascona up to #6 and 96,125 units in 73.

Audi 80

The Renault 4 continues to dominate the foreign models ranking all through the period but goes down from #8 in 71 to #11 in 73. Notice also the BMW “-02” up to #8 in 72, the Fiat 128 up to #12 that same year and the birth of the VW Passat nameplate, landing directly in 12th position in 73 with 37,761 sales.

Full 1971, 1972 and 1973 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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