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Brazil 1962-1965: VW Fusca, Aero Willys & Willys Rural strong sellers

The oldest production figures published by Quatro Rodas date back to 1962, when the VW Fusca led the way with 38,259 units before becoming the first car to be produced at over 50,000 units a year in Brazil in 1964 (51,755).

Aero Willys

This period sees the success in Brazil of a few models produced by the American brand Willys-Overland: the Aero Willys, a 1952 model whose American production stopped in 1955 before the tooling was shipped to Brazil to be launched there in 1960, was #2 in the country from 1963 to 1965.

Willys Rural

The Willys Jeep, the brand’s core skill, was #2 in 1962 but dropped to #5 in 63. The Willys Rural was also very successful, ranking 4th in 1962 with 11,903 units and peaking at 14,899 units in 3rd in 1964. It would be renamed Ford Rural when Ford acquired Willys-Overland do Brasil in 1967.

Renault-Willys Gordini

A Renault-Willys joint-venture produced the Dauphine and Gordini in Brazil at that time, both models being quite popular. The VW Kombi was also strong over the whole period, ranking 3rd each year except 1964 (#4).

DKW Vemag Vemaguet

DKW Vemag Belcar

Lastly, Vemag produced DKW cars under licence in Brazil between 1958 and 1967 with some success: the DKW-Vemag Belcar was #7 in 1962 and 63 (7,280 units), #8 in 64 and #9 in 65, whereas the DKW-Vemag Vemaguet ranked 8th in 1962 and 63, 10th in 64 and 7th in 65 (8,884 units).

Full Top 15 Ranking Tables for 1962, 63, 64 and 65 below.

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