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Finland 1958: Volkswagen interrupts Moskvitsh reign

Volkswagen is up 56% to take the lead of the Finnish brands ranking in 1958.

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1958 is an odd year for the Finland new car market: sales are down 26.2% to 14.214 and most Russian and Eastern-European marque completely disintegrate, only to return to their previous level in 1959. This behaviour is traditionally the result of a political or economic conflict that has triggered temporary adverse sentiment against a country or region, in this case the Eastern Bloc. As such, Volkswagen surges 56% to take the lead of the brands ranking at 17.9%, interrupting the reign of Moskvitsh down an abysmal 87% to #9 (but back to #1 in 1959). Ford (+134%), Fiat (+141%), Peugeot (+130%) and Opel (+190%) all more than double their 1957 sales to complete the Top 5. Below Renault (+73%), Volga is up 119-fold on the previous year and the only Eastern European brand to behave well.

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