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France 1957: Renault Dauphine first model above 100.000 annual sales

The Renault Dauphine is #1 in France in 1957.

New sales of locally-produced vehicles in France gain 6.2% year-on-year in 1957 to 667.929 units including commercial vehicles. Imports are down -15% to 9.507 units including 4.234 from Germany, 2.035 from the US, 1.756 from the UK and 1.003 from Italy. Brand leader Renault (+8.2%) outpaces its home market to reach 30.6% share, with Citroen (+6.2%) in 2nd place at 25.4%. Peugeot (+12.9%) is back on the podium, dislodging Simca (-10.4%), with the Top 4 brands securing 91.4% of the market. Panhard (+45.6%) continues to progress in 5th place, now crossing the 5% share mark.

For its first full year of sale, the Renault Dauphine (+117.1%) becomes the first nameplate in French history to sell over 100.000 units in a single year. This feat would go on to be achieved by at least one nameplate in France until 2012. The Simca Aronde (+9.2%) and Citroen 2 CV (+13.2%) both drop one spot to #2 and #3, followed by the Peugeot 403 (+29.9%) and Renault 4 CV (-46.5%). The Panhard Dyna (+46%) climbs up 3 spots to #6.

Previous year: France 1956: Simca Aronde takes the lead

Full Year 1957 Top 20 All-brands and Top 105 All-models vs. Full Year 1956 figures below.

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