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Germany 1950: VW Beetle, Bus and Fiat Topolino on top

VW Beetle

* Many thanks to Florian for making this post possible! *

In 1950 German consumers bought 223,900 new cars, up 65% on 1949. The VW Beetle continues to progress and sells 50,562 units for a 22.6% market share.

Fiat Topolino

The Fiat Topolino sells 3,123 units while the VW Type 2 or Kombi/Bus launches this year and sells 2,117 units for its first year.

VW Kombi

Notice also the Renault 4CV at 1,760 sales, the Traction Avant at 393 and the Tatra T600 at 88.

Full Year 1950 Ranking Table below.

Germany 1950:

1VW Beetle50,56222.6%
2Fiat Topolino3,1231.4%
3VW Bus2,1170.9%
4Renault 4CV1,7600.8%
Standard Vanguard4050.2%
Citroen Traction Avant3930.2%
Simca 82790.1%
Panhard Dyna1500.1%
Skoda Tudor1010.0%
Tatra T600880.0%
Ford Vedette790.0%

Many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

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  1. Hello, I am selling a Volkswagen Beetle that based on the VIN it was built in the late 1950’s.
    The weird thing about this Beetle is that the back glass is just one piece, which didn’t come along to be on Beetle’s until 1954.
    Can anyone tell me anything about this?
    Do I have a freak car?


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