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Australia Full Year 2014: Discover the best-sellers State by State

January 30th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Hilux Australia 2014. Picture courtesy of Hilux

* See each State’s Top 50 best-selling models & Top 30 brands by clicking on the title *

For the 4th consecutive year on BSCB I can share with you the best-sellers in each Australian State/Territory, this time extending the data to the State Top 50 models and All-brands. This is exclusive data you won’t find anywhere else on the web! Like in 2013, the Toyota Hilux is the only nameplate to top 3 States, with the Toyota Corolla and Mazda3 each winning in two and the Holden Commodore in one. The overall Australian market dipped by 2% in 2014 to 1.113.224 sales with Toyota, Holden and Mazda dominating the manufacturers ranking and the Toyota Corolla, Mazda3 and Toyota Hilux on top of the models sales charts. The situation varies greatly from State to State however…

VW Golf Australia 2014. Picture courtesy outsells Holden in ACT and the Golf is #2.

Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)

New car sales in ACT are down 3% to 17,277 units and much more fragmented that nationally: Toyota holds just 12% market share (vs. 18.3% nationally  just above Mazda at 11.2% and Hyundai at 8.9%. The big surprise is Volkswagen lodging by far its best performance in the country: only 25 sales off a podium finish and overtaking Holden at 8.8% share. Notice also Jeep (3.2% share), BMW (2.3%) and Audi (2.2%) clearly over-performing on their national level while Mercedes (1.9%) is markedly below.

Illustrating the exceptional performance of the German manufacturer in ACT, the VW Golf is up 10% and two spots on 2013 to finish #2 nameplate below only the Mazda3. The Hyundai i30 drops to #3, still its highest ranking state-wise, followed by the Toyota Corolla and Holden Commodore. The Mazda CX-5 also hits its best state ranking at #6 thanks to sales up 26%, the Jeep Grand Cherokee breaks into the Top 10 – ACT being the only State/Territory where it does so – and both the VW Polo (#19) and Amarok (#20) find their way inside the Top 20.

Audi A3 Australia 2014. Picture courtesy Audi A3 is among the 50 most popular nameplates in New South Wales.

New South Wales (Sydney)

NSW reinforces its role as the new vehicle locomotive of the country, the only State to see its volume improved on 2013 with sales up 1.5% to 356,174 units. Below Toyota still sovereign at 18% share (but down from 19.1% in 2013), Mazda remains #2 while Hyundai passes Holden to snap up a podium ranking. At #12, Jeep is up even faster than nationally (+47%), while Audi is above BMW. Confirming New South Wales sets the tone for the national market, the Top 10 models is identical to the national one except for the Mazda CX-5 (#8) and Toyota Camry (#9) exchanging spots. The Audi A3 lodges is only Top 50 State ranking, doubling its sales vs. 2013 to #47 and 2,199 units.

Toyota Land Cruiser PU Australia 2014The Toyota Land Cruiser Ute is #6 in Northern Territory…

Northern Territory (Darwin)

Expanding from the top North of the country all the way to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, the Nothern Territory is however a minuscule market: down 3.5% to just 10,993 registrations in 2014, and almost monopolised by Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer holds an out-of-this-world 38.8% market share here and sold almost 5 times the amount of the #2: a surprisingly strong Mitsubishi. Holden comes in third while Hyundai, Mazda and Nissan all outsell Ford. Suzuki is inside the Top 10, Great Wall is down 48% to #15 but ranked at #10 in 2013 and Foton lands at #21.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Australia 2014. Picture courtesy…and the Toyota FJ Cruiser is inside the Top 50.

The NT models ranking is a testimony to the implacable domination of Toyota, holding the Top 6 spots and placing 8 models in the Top 9! The Hilux holds 11.3% of the market, above the Corolla and Prado. The Land Cruiser Pickup is at a state-best #6 with 2.9% share, as is the Land Cruiser Wagon at #8 and 2.7%. The Hyundai i20 is the best-selling non-Toyota passenger car at #11, a success with rental companies, while the Mazda3 is down 32% and 8 ranks on 2013 to a paltry #12. The Great Wall V-Series Pickup is down 43% to #28 but ranked #13 in 2013. Finally, notice the Toyota FJ Cruiser lodging its only Top 50 state ranking at #47 and the Nissan Patrol Wagon at #49.

Holden Colorado Australia 2014. Picture courtesy of Holden Colorado reaches its highest state ranking in Queensland.

Queensland (Brisbane)

Sales in Queensland suffer in 2014 at -4% year-on-year but remain well above the 200k mark at 223,519 units. With no recent history of local automotive manufacturing in the State, import-strong carmakers hold more share in Queensland: Toyota sells more than double any other brand at 20.4% and is followed by Mazda and Hyundai, then Holden. Mitsubishi remains strong in the State at #5 and 7.7% share vs. 6.2% nationally, while Ford tumbles down to #7 and 6.2% vs. #5 and 7.2% nationally. Isuzu is #13 vs. #17 nationally, whereas Mercedes, BMW and Audi are all frankly weaker than their national levels.

Queensland is the kingdom of pickup trucks, nicknamed “utes” in Australia (for utility): there are 5 in the Top 10 best-selling nameplates. The Toyota Hilux logically takes the lead with just under 10,000 sales, the Mitsubishi Triton remains 5th, the Ford Ranger and Holden Colorado both gain one spot on 2013 to rank #6 and #7 respectively and the Nissan Navara is #10. Add to these the Mazda BT-50 at #14 and the Isuzu D-Max at #17 for the complete picture.

Holden Commodore Australia 2014. Picture courtesy Holden Commodore is #1 ‘at home’ in South Australia.

South Australia (Adelaide)

The South Australian new vehicle market is down 1% this year to 69,625 sales. This is where Holden started as a saddlery manufacturer in 1856, and will continue manufacturing cars until 2017 in the Elizabeth plant in northern Adelaide. As such, Holden is logically much stronger in this State but still capitulates the #1 brand title to Toyota, and by a large margin: 9,885 sales and 14.2% vs. 13,157 and 18.9% for the Japanese manufacturer. Once also manufacturing in the State, Mitsubishi was still on the SA podium in 2013 but is down to #4 this year, below Mazda and above Ford and Hyundai, relatively weak here. The Holden Commodore snaps its only State win here like in 2013, comfortably reinforcing its advantage over all other nameplates thanks to sales up 23% to 3,695 units. The Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla follow, with the Ford Ranger (+26%) just below the Toyota Hilux. The Holden Cruze tumbles down 31% and 4 spots to #6 which is still its best State ranking in 2014..

Ford Ranger Tasmania 2014. Picture courtesy Ford Ranger outsells the Toyota Hilux in Tasmania.

Tasmania (Hobart)

New car sales in Tasmania are the hardest hit in 2014: down 10% year-on-year to 17,571 registrations. Below Toyota at 16.4%, Mitsubishi lodges its best state result in Tasmania in 2nd place with a very strong 10.4% share, in progression compared to the 9.8% it held in 2013. Follow Hyundai (+8%), Holden (-10%) and Ford, down a devastating 34% while Subaru at #8 is also at its State best at #8 and 5.9% share. The Toyota Corolla wins the State but is threatened by the Ford Ranger, only 19 units below and outselling the Toyota Hilux in its first and only Australian State this year. The Mitsubishi Triton, Hyundai i20 and Mitsubishi ASX and Subaru XV all lodge their highest State ranking here in Tasmania.

Mercedes C Class Australia 2014. Picture courtesy is at its strongest in Victoria.

Victoria (Melbourne)

The Victorian new car market remains above the 300k mark, but just at -1.5% to 302,722 units in 2014. Here Toyota is weaker (15.7%), Holden stronger (10.5%) and Ford, based and still manufacturing in Geelong south of Melbourne, is logically much stronger than nationally, still on the podium despite sales down 11% to 26,669 and 8.8% share. Mazda and Hyundai improve their share on 2013 but are below their national levels.Victorian carbuyers have distinctly posher tastes: Mercedes is up to #9 and 4.2% share vs. 2.9% nationally, BMW is at 2.9% vs. 2% and Renault at 1.5% vs. 0.9%.

The Mazda3 takes the crown in Victoria like in 2013, the Holden Commodore is back above the Toyota Corolla thanks to sales up 13%, the Hyundai i10 is up 4 spots to #4, and the Ford Ranger up 7 to #7. The Mercedes C-Class at #23 and BMW 3 Series at #37 lodge their only 2014 Top 50 State ranking here.

Hyundai i20 Australia 2014. Picture courtesy holds almost 12% of the Western Australian market.

Western Australia (Perth)

Covering almost half the country, Western Australia is however the third largest new car market in Australia with sales down 8% on a year ago to 115,343 in 2014. Toyota reaches its highest market share in Western Australia at 20.7% as does Hyundai at 11.8%, also hitting its highest State ranking at #2. Holden, Ford and Mazda follow while Jeep lodges its very first State Top 10 ranking thanks to 3,591 sales and 3.1% share. Fiat (+53%), Renault (+72%) and, bizarrely, Open (+47%), now discontinued, are some of the biggest gainers in the Top 50. Toyota holds the two top spots in the models ranking with the Hilux and Corolla, the Hyundai i30 is down 14% but stays on the podium above the Mazda3, the Ford Ranger stays 5th, the Toyota Prado is up 3 spots to #6 and the Hyundai ix35 reaches its highest State ranking at #7, one of 3 Hyundais in the Top 8 along with the i20 at #8.

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Full Year 2014 Top 50 models & Top 30 brands in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC & WA below.

All rankings include Full Year 2013 figures as well.

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BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates 3 million unique visitors

January 30th, 2015 No comments

Smiling girls in Jyekundo, Tibet 2014Tibet is one destination BSCB will explore in 2015. Picture courtesy reurinkjan

3 months ago when BSCB celebrated its 4th anniversary, I could declare for the first time that BSCB had been accessed from every single country in the world since its creation thanks to one visit from North Korea. Today we celebrate a few additional milestones. To start with, you have now been over 3 million unique visitors on BestSellingCarsBlog since its creation! You have visited the site 5.2 million times, generating over 14 million page views.

A big thank you to each an every one of you who have been on here, whether it’s your first time or you come around each day. Thank you for your support, your continued interest and enthusiasm, BestSellingCarsBlog wouldn’t be the site it is now without you all.

Stay tuned for more analysis, more Full Year 2014 reports, more Auto Show coverages and more remote regions explored and photographed in detail – next on the list is Tibet in China!

Monaco (brands) Full Year 2014: Mercedes #1, Porsche remains third

January 30th, 2015 No comments

Mercedes AMG GT Monaco 2014Mercedes is the most popular manufacturer in Monaco in 2014.

* See the Top 50 All-brands ranking by clicking on the title *

Exclusive to BestSellingCarsBlog and for the third year in a row I can share with you new car sales data for the Principality of Monaco, always fascinating to follow as the wealth of its inhabitants makes for very exotic brands and models rankings. The brands ranking comes first, detailed models ranking will follow shortly. Once again, even so the Principality is nested within France, its new car market evolves in a disconnected way to its big brother in 2014: down 5% year-on-year to 2,438 registrations whereas France is actually up 0.3%.

Porsche 918 Spyder Monaco 2014. Picture courtesy Yannick Van AsPorsche 918 Spyder – Porsche is the #3 brand in Monaco. Picture courtesy Yannick van As.

Big movement atop the Monaco brands ranking: thanks to sales up another 4% after gaining 20% in 2013, Mercedes becomes the most popular marque in the Principality with 393 units and 16.1% share. Audi is knocked down to 2nd place, down a harsh 31% on a year ago to 11.6% share, while Porsche is getting dangerously close in third position with 8.9% (+17%). Volkswagen (+12%), Land Rover (+44%) and Peugeot (+24%) also shine in the Top 10.

Ferrari LaFerrari Monaco 2014. Picture courtesy Nicolas SpeckFerrari La Ferrari – Ferrari ranks #12 in Monaco in 2014. Picture courtesy Nicolas Speck.

Selling exactly the same amount of cars as in 2013, Ferrari evolves at heights reserved to mass-market manufacturers in 99% of other countries in the world: at #12, same goes for Bentley at #14… Further down, notice Jeep up 164%, Rolls-Royce up 44%, Maserati up 29% and Bugatti selling two units this year, vs. none in France.

Bugatti Veyron Monaco 2014, Picture courtesy William CoubardTwo Bugattis found a buyer in Monaco in 2014. Picture courtesy William Coubard.

Previous year: Monaco Full Year 2013: Audi and Mercedes reign supreme

Two years ago: Monaco Full Year 2012: Audi #1, Porsche up 71% to #3

Full Year 2014 Top 50 All-brands vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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France Full Year 2014: Renault Captur on podium

January 29th, 2015 No comments

Renault Captur France 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Renault Captur peaked at a fantastic 2nd place at home in June.

* UPDATED with the Top 412 All-models, Top 100 LCV and Top 66 All-brands *

Just as Europe bounces back (+5%), the UK gains 10% to 2.5 million sales and in the midst of a non-sensical new policy by the French government to wipe diesel cars out, French new car sales are up a minuscule 0.3% year-on-year to 1.795.913 units. The market is stuck below 1.8 million annual units for the second year in a row – the first time this happens in 30 years (1984-1985). Worse: the small YOY increase is only artificial; pumped by short-term rentals (+7%) and company sales (+6%) while private sales drop 2% to just 939.000 units. This almost 600.000 units (39%) below the 1.53 million private sales hit in 2009, pulling the PS ratio down to an all-time low 52.2%.

Renault Clio IV France 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe brands ranking displays a rosier outlook for French manufacturers: Renault, Peugeot (both up 5%), Citroen (+2%) and Dacia (+14%) all outperform the market, with the French-Romanian carmaker hitting 6-figure sales for the first time ever at 102,519. The private sales picture is even shinier: Dacia outsells Volkswagen to rank #3 overall with an astounding 9.3% market share. Only new stand-alone DS crashes down 27% for its inaugural year in market. Nissan (+8%), Opel (+3%), Mercedes (+5%), BMW (+2%) and Skoda (+5%) also lodge positive results inside the Top 20 while Hyundai (-33%) disintegrates as it rebuilds its network of dealers.

The Renault Clio IV remains the most popular nameplate in France for the second year running, ranking #1 every month bar January and improving its sales 2% to 105,182 for a 5.9% share. There is no real competition with its ‘rival’ the Peugeot 208, down 7% to 83,965 units. Below the two leaders, there is a lot of movement in the French models ranking in 2014. Already labelled the stars of 2013, the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 confirm they may well be the way of the future for the two largest French manufacturers. The Captur lands on the podium for its first full year of sales at 62,985 units, peaking at #2 in June, while the 2008 is up 93% year-on-year to #6 and 54,161 sales, its best ranking for the year being #4 in March.

Peugeot 2008 France 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 2008 confirms it is now a sales blockbuster in France.

In a few large European markets like Germany, Spain, Italy or the Netherlands, both the Captur and the 2008 have started outselling their ‘non-crossover’ counterparts the Clio IV and 208, not just as a one-off but repeatedly. What would have been unthinkable just 12 months ago has suddenly become real: at the latest Paris Auto Show, Peugeot PR Manager Marc Bocqué confirmed to me that in a few years, the 2nd generation 2008 outselling the 208 to fight for the overall French pole position is “a true possibility”.

Peugeot 308 France March 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frBest year since 2009 for the Peugeot 308 nameplate at home.

French models being reported by generation gives quite a unique outlook to the local sales charts: the Peugeot 308 II is boosted by its European Car of the Year Title and the success of its station wagon variant up to a fantastic 4th place with 3.4% share for its first full year of sales. It peaked at #3 in May, August and November, which is actually the 308 nameplate’s best ranking at home: the first generation reached it 7 times (June to October 2008January and June 2009). A #4 finish is the 308 nameplate’s highest annual ranking since 2009, with its all-time best remaining the #3 it reached in 2008.

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Full Year 2014 analysis, Top 412 All-models, Top 100 LCV and Top 66 All-brands vs. Full 2014 figures below.

The analysis continues below.

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New Caledonia (France) Full Year 2014: Ford Ranger cements lead

January 29th, 2015 No comments

Ford Ranger New Caledonia 2014Ford Ranger

* See the Top 100 best-selling models and Top 40 All-brands by clicking on the title *

I give you the models ranking for now, more data and complete analysis will follow shortly.

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Full Year 2014 Top 100 models and Top 40 All-brands vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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France December 2014: BMW and Mercedes finish on a high

January 29th, 2015 No comments

MINI CooperThe third generation Mini hits a best-ever #26 in France this month.

* UPDATED – see the Top 350 All-models and Top 50 All-brands by clicking on the title *

December is here to remind the French market it is well and truly stuck in hell: down a horrendous 7% to 163,382 deliveries just as the rest of Europe is slowly shaking off 7 years of recession, which means the final 2014 total is marginally higher than 2013 (+0.3%). December sales figures are always biased by last-minute promotions favouring specific manufacturers and this year is no exception: Volkswagen (8.8% of the market vs. 7.8% in 2014) places the Polo at #6 and the Golf VII at #13, the only two foreign models inside the Top 15, BMW jumps 5 spots on November to an outstanding 6th place with 4.1% share vs. 2.7% over 2014 while Mercedes is up 4 to #8 and 3.8% vs. 2.7%.

Pressdrive Mercedes GLA 2014 Malaga-GranadaThe Mercedes GLA also breaks its French monthly ranking record in December.

Citroen has chosen a very bad timing to separate sales of its DS premium brand: appearing for the first time in the ranking at #18 with 1,950 sales compared to over 3,000 a year ago, an abysmal 36% drop to be compared to -27% over the Full Year 2014… Citroen itself (-21%), Dacia (-18%), Ford, Toyota (both at -22%) and Kia (-27%) also experienced a nightmarish December.

Renault Zoe France December 2014The Renault Zoe lodges its 2nd-ever month above 1,000 sales at home at a record 1,182.

Model-wise, the Renault Clio IV is more dominant than ever at 11,111 sales and 6.8% share, a massive 2.3 percentage points share above its rival the Peugeot 208 (4.5%), threatened for 2nd place by the Renault Captur (4.2%) very regular at the highest levels at home. The Peugeot 308 II continues to satisfy at #4, the Renault Twingo III makes its 2nd-ever appearance in the monthly Top 10 after last September at #10, while the Citroen C4 Cactus (#18), Mini III (#26), Mercedes GLA (#31), Renault ZOE (#32) and VW Golf Sportsvan (#34) all break their monthly ranking records this month. Notice also the Mercedes A-Class and C-Class strong at #25 and #47 respectively.

Lexus NX300h France December 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Lexus NX300h already knocks at the French Top 100’s door.

Just outside the Top 50, the Toyota Aygo II also breaks its monthly ranking record in France at #51, as does the BMW 2 Series at #60 thanks to the arrival of the Active Tourer, the Jeep Renegade breaks into the monthly French Top 100 for the first time at #73, the Nissan X-Trail does a good job at replacing the Nissan Qashqai+2 at #76, the BMW X4 is up to #88, the Ford Ecosport at #93, Nissan Pulsar up to #104, Lexus NX300h up to #118 and the Smart Forfour up to #130.

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Full December 2014 Top 350 All-models and Top 50 All-brands below.

Read more…

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France 1-15 January 2015: Peugeot 308 leads the way

January 29th, 2015 No comments

Peugeot 308 France January 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 308 is the best-selling nameplate in France so far this year.

* See the Top 10 best-selling models and brands by clicking on the title *

After a couple of months hiatus, the weekly updates on the French market are back on BSCB with an encouraging 14% overall year-on-year gain over the first half of January. As a reminder these intermediate figures are always to be taken with a grain of salt as heavily biased by manufacturers policies of either front-loading (Volkswagen) or back-loading (Renault) a month of sales, as well as promotions. In January needs to be added manufacturers that have particularly pushed sales at the end of 2014 and find themselves in a limping mode at the start of the year. In this context, Peugeot leads the manufacturers ranking with sales up 18% year-on-year above Citroen (-11%) while Volkswagen (+34%) stunningly overtakes traditional leader Renault (-6%), very temporarily for sure. Nissan (+7%), Audi (+17%), Mercedes (+95%) and Opel (+79%) are also up.

VW Polo France January 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Polo is up 64% year-on-year to climb on the French podium.

The Peugeot 308 is the best-selling nameplate in the country for now, seeing its sales more than double year-on-year thanks to the addition of the station wagon version and the hatchback now cruising at top speed. It is followed by the Peugeot 208 (-12%) while the VW Polo (+64%) and Golf (+32%) both fit inside the Top 4 best-sellers! The Citroen C4 Picasso is up 9% to #5 and the Peugeot 2008 up 32% to #6.

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Full 1-15 January 2015 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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USA January 2015: Sales to jump at least 12%

January 29th, 2015 No comments

Blizzard 2015 Boston. Picture courtesy of vosizneias.comBlizzard 2015: no effect on US new light vehicle sales so far. 

Despite the harsh weather currently affecting the country, most US analysts now forecast new light vehicle sales to start with a bang in 2015 with a year-on-year gain of at least 12% in January to reach a Seasonaly Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of 16.4 to 16.6 million units vs. 15.3 million a year ago. This would be the biggest year-on-year monthly gain since August 2013. General Motors predicts sales up 20% and both Ford and FCA also are aiming at double-digit gains. Final figures will be published on BSCB on Wednesday.

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Malaysia Full Year 2014: Perodua leads in record year

January 28th, 2015 No comments

Perodua Axia Advance Malaysia 2014. Picture courtesy of paultan.orgPerodua holds just under 30% of its home market in 2014.

* See the Top 50 All-brands ranking by clicking on the title *

The Malaysian new car market is up 1.6% year-on-year to lodge a third consecutive record year at 666,465 registrations. By segment, while passenger cars improve 2.4% on 2013, MPV sales decline by 0.7% but SUV sales are up 8.1%. Perodua remains the most popular manufacturer at home for the 9th consecutive year, never failing to grab the top spot after it first overtook the other local manufacturer Proton in 2005. It sales however dipped by a minuscule 0.3% on a record 2013 figure to 195,579 sales and might have broken another record were it be not handicapped by severe flooding on the East Coast causing a major disruption to retail businesses. Nevertheless Perodua predicts it will become the first Malaysian manufacturer to sell over 200,000 annual units in 2015, aiming at growing by 6.5% to 208,000 sales.

Honda City Malaysia 2014. Picture courtesy of hondacitythai.comHonda City (Thai model shown)

Perodua’s pole position was helped by the continued success of the MyVi, the best-seller in Malaysia for the 9th year in a row, and the launch of the new Axia replacing the Viva as the company’s cheapest model,  receiving a whopping 45,000 orders by the end of the year. Proton is down a harsh 17% on 2013 to #2 and 115,783 sales and 17.8% share vs. 21.2% a year ago, not helped by the all-new Iriz whose production has not reached its maximum yet, meaning the number of units delivered was not substantial this year even though orders were here. Proton was even outsold by Toyota for the first time ever over the past two months of the year. Toyota (+12%) and Honda (+50%) deliver stunning results, the latter helped by the success of the new City, a hit from the day it was launched.

Perodua MyVi Malaysia 2014. Picture courtesy of paultan.orgThe Perodua Myvi is the best-selling model in Malaysia in 2014.

Mitsubishi (+16%), Ford (+31%), Mazda (+24%), Kia (+38%), Mercedes (+28%) and Subaru (+52%) also deliver great results in the Top 25. Once again, due to the Malaysian Competition Commissioner’s belief that publication of the sales volumes of individual models will result in prices going up as traders ‘exploit’ such information, a models ranking is unavailable for Malaysia. Such transparency, which readers, consumers and myself would like to see, is considered an offence under the Malaysian Competition Act.

???????????????????????????????Evolution of Proton-Perodua market share 2001-2014

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Full Year 2014 Top 50 All-brands ranking vs. Full 2013 figures below.

Full December 2014 Top 45 All-brands ranking below.

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Ukraine Full Year 2014: Toyota and Geely on top, market down 54%

January 25th, 2015 1 comment

Toyota Corolla Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy autocentre.uaToyota is the most popular carmaker in Ukraine in 2014

Impacted full-frontal by the Crimea crisis, Ukrainian new car sales plunge 54% year-on-year in 2014 to just 97,020 registrations. In a turbulent year, the brands ranking is turned on its head, with the Top 4 most popular in reverse order compared to 2013. Toyota is the main beneficiary in 2014, up 3 spots to top all brands sold in Ukraine thanks to sales down ‘just’ 33% to 10,296 for a 10.6% market share vs. 7.2% a year ago. Chinese manufacturer Geely is going from strength to strength in Ukraine, up to a fantastic (and world-best) 2nd place overall in 2014 with 9,365 units sold and 9.7% share vs. 7.7% in 2013. Local carmaker ZAZ (-55%) rounds up the podium above Hyundai (-69%), Volkswagen (-58%) and Renault (-54%).

A handful of other marques frankly outperform the market ithis year, led by Mazda (-7%), Daewoo (-22%), Subaru (-22%), Suzuki (-24%), Audi (-35%) and BMW (-37%). Reversely, others fall flat: Fiat (-64%), Chevrolet (-68%), BYD (-68%), Kia (-71%), Lada (-72%) and Opel (-84%). In addition to Geely, there are 7 Chinese manufacturers inside Ukraine’s Top 40 this year: Chery (#26), Great Wall (#30), BYD (#31), MG (#32), JAC (#33), Lifan (#38), and FAW (#40). Notice also Iranians Saipa at #44 and Iran-Khodro at #53.

* See the Top 60 All-models ranking by clicking on the title *

Full Year 2014 Top 60 All-models vs. 2013 figures below.

All-models data will be added shortly.

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