South Korea August 2016: Hyundai and VW struggle, Samsung shines

Renault Samsung SM6 South Korea July 2016. Picture courtesy motorgraph.comRenault Samsung SM6 

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The South Korean new car market is down a harsh 11% year-on-year in August to 123.463 registrations, with local carmakers down 11% and foreigners down 13%. Yet the year-to-date tally remains in positive territory at +4% to 1.189.532 units. Locals are up 5% but foreigners down 7%. Hyundai, handicapped by repeated strikes at his local factories, is hit the hardest at -18% to 42.112 sales and 34.1% share of local brands vs. 37.1% year-to-date, with sister brand Kia registering the 2nd largest drop among locals at -10% to 37.404 and 30.3%. GM Korea falls slightly slower than the market at -8% to remain third while Renault Samsung (+24%) holds onto its newly acquired 4th spot ahead of Ssangyong (+2%), all this solely thanks to the tremendous success of the SM6 aka Renault Talisman, back inside the overall Top 10 in August with 4.577 deliveries or 59% of the brand’s sales this month.

Volkswagen South Korea July 2016. Picture courtest and Kim Hong Ji ReutersVolkswagen disappears at -98% with its entire lineup hit by a stop sale in South Korea.

The big story among foreign carmakers is the skidding into oblivion of Volkswagen, imploding down 98% to just 76 sales at #23 now that its entire lineup is stifled with a stop sale order. Only the VW CC (23) and Touareg (53) remain in the August sales charts, all other nameplates disappear. Audi (-83%) is also hit and drops to #15 vs. #8 year-to-date. Mercedes on the other hand is faring beautifully at +32% to 4.835 sales and 3.9% share, well ahead of BMW at 3.047 (-16%). Land Rover (+299%) and Jaguar (+332%) are the best foreign performers in August, followed by Lexus (+148%), Ford (+115%), Mini (+87%) and Honda (+76%).

chevrolet-impala-south-korea-august-2016Chevrolet Impala sales are up 118% year-on-year in South Korea. 

Over in the models ranking, the Hyundai Avante is up 3 spots on July to land in pole position for only the third time this year after February and June and despite deliveries freefalling 23% to 6.756. In fact, 6 of the Top 7 August best-sellers drop significantly vs. August 2015: the Chevrolet Spark (-16%), Kia Morning (-21%), Sorento (-25%), Hyundai Sonata (-28%) and Santa Fe (-30%). Only the Kia Carnival (+18%) goes against the grain in 6th place.

Chevrolet Volt South Korea July 2016The Chevrolet Volts arrives in South Korea in August. 

The Ssangyong Tivoli is back inside the Top 10 with 4.357 sales. The Hyundai Tucson (+31%), Chevrolet Malibu (+102%), Kia K7 (+117%) and Chevrolet Impala (+118%) post impressive gains while other recent launches mark a pause: the Kia Niro is down 2 spots on July to #23, the Genesis EQ900 is stable at #25 and the Hyundai Ioniq down 4 to #32. Finally, we welcome the Chevrolet Volt in the South Korean sales charts in August with a lonely two sales for now. The Mercedes E-Class (+60%) and C-Class (-6%) lead foreign models above the BMW 5 Series, 3 Series and Mercedes S Class. The Ford Explorer jumps to #6, the Honda Accord is up to #12 and the Cadillac CT6 makes its first appearance at #43.

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Full August 2016 Top 30 All-brands and Top 55 locals and Top 133 foreigners below.

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Russia August 2016: Kia Rio leads, Hyundai Creta instant #1 SUV

hyundai-creta-russia-august-2016-picture-courtesy-zr-ruThe Hyundai Creta is an instant blockbuster in Russia, landing directly at #6.

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If you had hoped the Russian new car market would start to erode its race to the bottom this month, you were wrong: August is down another 18% year-on-year to just 113.749 units, pulling the year-to-date tally down 14.9% to 895.357 deliveries. Always on the lookout for a positive outlook to this dire situation Joerg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, notices that this steep decline is accentuated by an August 2015 volume “propped up by currency fluctuations prompting customers to pull ahead the purchase of their car.” Also, Schreiber notes the market is now above the former historical low levels reached in 2009. August 2009 indeed was at 110.934 sales – only marginally lower – but the 2009 tally after 8 months was at a much higher 989.996. 2016 is therefore still slated to be one of the single weakest years of Russian new car sales so far this millennium.

kia-rio-russia-august-2016-picture-courtesy-zr-ruThe Kia Rio is the best-selling vehicle in Russia in August.

It’s not bad news for all manufacturers though: seven of them in the Top 35 manage a year-0on-year gain in August, starting with market leader Lada up 4% to 20.908 sales and 18.4% share. One main component of this revival is its new 2015-2016 lineup composed of the Vesta (#4) and X-RAY (#19) but this month the antediluvian 4×4 gains share (-14%) while the Priora actually gains volume (+1%). Lada’s performance is achieved despite the continuing cooling of the Granta – #3 in August at -39% – and the demise of the Kalina (-28%) and Largus (-56%). Hyundai also improves its market share with volumes down just 5% year-on-year to 11.906 and 10.5%. The Korean carmaker compensates the worrying loss of the Solaris (-41% but still #1 year-to-date) with one of the most successful new nameplate launches in Russia – no less: the Creta, spectacularly landing directly at #6 with 3.479 sales which means it has for its first month in market become the #1 SUV in the country, outselling the Renault Duster (3.473) and Toyota RAV4 (2.509)…

VW Polo Russia August 2016. Picture courtesy abw.byThe VW Polo is up 36% year-on-year in August… 

Paradoxically, Kia is the manufacturer losing the most ground in the Top 6 at -17% but it places the Rio as the best-selling model in Russia this month with 7.178 sales. It is only the second time the Rio is #1 after November 2014 when it broke the spell and became the first foreign model to lead the Russian sales charts since the creation of the Lada brand in 1970. Renault limits its fall to -7% thanks to good resistance from the Duster (-1%) and Sandero (-9%) and despite a weak Logan score (-40%) just as the all-new Kaptur drops out of the Top 25 (#28). Toyota drops even less at -4% and manages positive scores for its best-sellers Camry (+14%) and RAV4 (+6%) – both ranking inside the Top 10 – while the Prado (-1%) quietly breaks its Russian ranking record at #18 (#20 with LCVs), the nameplate’s third time inside the Top 20 in the past 12 months – and ever – after September and December 2015.

skoda-rapid-russia-august-2016-picture-courtesy-zr-ru …as is the Rapid, Skoda’s best-seller in Russia.

Volkswagen (-7%) owes its slight decline to a fantastic score by the Polo (+36%) reclaiming the #5 spot YTD off the Renault Duster but Nissan (-30%) struggles despite the Qashqai up 94%. There are two additional carmakers in the Top 10 managing year-on-year gains: Skoda (+6%) thanks to the Rapid (+36%) now by far its Russian best-seller and UAZ (+3%) with the Bukhanka up 21% and the Patriot back up to #22. Below, Mercedes (+1%), Volkswagen Vans (+51%) and Jaguar (+47%) shine.

lada-vis-pickup-russia-august-2016-picture-courtesy-madeinrussia-czThe Lada VIS Pickup is up 4-fold on its August 2015 score. 

Among Chinese manufacturers, Lifan (+2%) now outsells #2 Chery by almost 4 to 1 and places both the X60 (#39) and X50 (#41) well inside the Top 50. For the latter, this is the nameplate’s best ranking in Russia so far with sales up 71% year-on-year. Among other great performers within the models ranking, notice the Lexus LX at #36 (+182%), the Mercedes GLS at #49, Ford Ecosport at #54 (+67%), VW Passat at #80 (+106%), Lada VIS Pickup at #87 (+342%), BMW X4 at #95 (+737%) and Dongfeng Fengshen H30 at #106 (+53%).

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China August 2016: Focus on the All-new models

changhe-q35-china-august-2016-picture-courtesy-auto-tom-comChanghe Q35

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August showed an extremely dynamic 26% year-on-year gain in China for the second consecutive month. As is the tradition each month, BSCB puts a laser focus on the new China-made nameplates that make their appearance in market to you are on the bleeding edge of knowledge as far as the largest car market in the world is concerned. The August 2016 class is slightly disappointing given the strength of the market with only six new entrants and none above 3.000 sales. For once the sedan/SUV ratio is balance at 3 vs. 3. I give you the all-new models for now, complete analysis will follow shortly.

1. Changhe Q35 (#174 – 2.556 sales)

After the Q25 last March, BAIC continues the revival of the Changhe brand with this Q35 unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show last April and none other than a rebadged BAIC Senova X35.

kandi-gleagle-k17-china-august-2016Kandi Gleagle K17

2. Kandi Gleagle K17 (#243 – 1.002 sales)

Looks familiar? That’s because the Kandi K17 is in fact an electric version of the now-defunct Shanghai Englon SC5… Confusingly, Geely has decided to transform its electric brand Kandi into Gleagle, a brand it killed a couple of years ago. So this vehicle is actually called Gleagle K17A in China…


3. BAW BJ20 (#264 – 807 sales)

Is the BJ20 the best-looking BAW SUV so far? It has a definite air of American Jeep with its six headlights.


4. FAW Junpai A70 (#295 – 479 sales)

The A70 is the second Junpai-branded offering after the D60 small crossover.


5. Hawtai Lusheng E80 (#372 – 30 sales)

The Lusheng E80 is a facelifted E70.


6. Yema E70 (#381 – 17 sales)

The Yema E70 is in fact an electric variant of the T70.

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Vietnam August 2016: Kia Morning leads, Mazda CX-5 shines

kia-morning-vietnam-august-2016-picture-courtesy-hiclasscar-comThe Kia Morning is the best-selling vehicle in Vietnam in August. 

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The Vietnamese new vehicle market continues to gallop ahead in August with sales up 29% year-on-year to 23.540, bringing the year-to-date tally up 32% to a record-breaking 187.407 units. Thaco-Kia still owes its market leadership (6.273 sales) to its heavy truck lineup and would be #2 if only light vehicles were counted (3.005) behind Toyota (3.907). Mazda surges 86% to #3, Ford is up 57% to #4, Honda up 119% to #5 and Chevrolet up 51% to #6.

mazda-cx-5-vietnam-august-2016-picture-courtesy-carsguide-com-auThe Mazda CX-5 is up 186% year-on-year to #4 overall in August. 

The Kia Morning takes the lead of the models ranking thanks to deliveries up a splendid 69% on August 2015 to 1.330, ahead of the Toyota Innova (+27%), Ford Ranger (+172%) and Mazda CX-5 (+186%). The Toyota Vios, leader in July, is down 19% to a paltry 7th place this month but holds onto the year-to-date pole position at 9.221 sales (+8%) vs. 9.140 (+120%) for its closest follower the Ford Ranger. Further down, notice also the Mazda3 up 147% to #6 and the Honda City up 2650% to #10.

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Full August 2016 Top 18 All-brands and Top 50 models below.

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Czech Republic August 2016: Dacia, Kia, Mercedes lift market up 16%

dacia-duster-czech-republic-august-2016-picture-courtesy-autocar-co-ukDacia (+84%) ranks #4 for only the second time in Czech history. 

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And we’re back in the game: after declining July sales due to less opening days and Skoda shutting down its main factory for summer, the Czech new car market return to record-breaking shape in August: up 16% to 21.251 deliveries – the highest August score ever registered and the first time above 20.000 units for the month. This brings us to an all-time high year-to-date tally of 172.768 units, up 13% on the same period in 2015 which itself was already a record. To take stock of the fantastic health of the Czech market – partly due to re-exports it has to be said – let’s compare the 8 months of 2016 to the Full Year scores of 2013 (164.736), 2012 (174.009) or 2011 (173.282)…

Kia Sportage Czech Republic August 2016Kia sales are up 87%… 

Homegrown market leader Skoda grows slower than the market at +13% and as a result posts its weakest market share so far in 2016 at 26.9%. It is still way above #2 Volkswagen at 10.4%, ahead of Hyundai at 8.2%. French-Romanian low-cost brand Dacia surges up 84% to pass Ford and rank #4 brand in the Czech Republic for only the second time in history after last April. Seat (+30%), Kia (+87%) and Mercedes (+135%) also post very sizeable sales gains this month, whereas Opel (-21%) and Ford (-28%) fall flat. Note that when removing re-exports, Volkswagen falls down to just 1.085 sales at #3 well below Hyundai (1.679) and only a smidgen above Dacia (1.056).

Mercedes GLA Czech Republic August 2016. Picture courtesy of…while Mercedes deliveries shoot up 135% year-on-year. 

Model-wise, both the Skoda Octavia (9.1%) and Fabia (7.6%) continue to dominate but fall short of their year-to-date levels of 11% and 8.4% respectively. Reversely the Skoda Rapid (4.7%) is above (4.4%) but the Hyundai i30 ranks 4th, passing the Skoda Superb (3.1% vs. 4.3% year-to-date) whose new generation’s honeymoon period with Czech customers now seems to have ended. Illustrating the brand’s performance this month, the Dacia Duster jumps up to #7 overall. Notice also the VW Polo at #8 and the Kia Sportage at #13. The Fiat Talento (#145) and Seat Ateca (#160) land inside the Top 200  for their first month in market.

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Denmark August 2016: Opel Karl soars to #3

Opel Karl Denmark August 2015. Picture courtesy autobild.deThe Opel Karl ranks 4th overall in Denmark in August.

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Another record month for Danish new car sales: August is up 8% year-on-year to 17.428 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total to a record-breaking 150.183 units after 8 months, up 9% on the same period last year. Volkswagen leaps up 18% to reclaim the #1 brand spot off Peugeot with 2.006 sales vs. 1.914 for the French carmaker. Opel is up 14% to overtake Toyota at #3, while inside the Top 10 Citroen (+26%) and Mercedes (+60%) are the most impressive. Further down, notice Renault (+24%), Audi (+36%), Volvo (+83%), Smart (+125%), Dacia (+158%) and Porsche (+367%) all posting spectacular year-on-year gains.

Model-wise, the Peugeot 208 remains the best-selling nameplate in the country with 4.6% share and the VW Up is back up 35 spots on a particularly paltry July score to rank #2 with 3.6% share. The big event though is the third place overall of the Opel Kark – up from #23 in July and #14 year-to-date – its best ranking so far in Denmark after 15 months in market, beating the #4 it hit one year ago in August 2015. At the time it was a world best for the Karl, it isn’t anymore as the diminutive Opel ranks #1 in the Netherlands this month. The Kia Rio (#8), Skoda Citigo (#11), Citroen C3 (#12) and Skoda Fabia (#14) also make themselves noticed.

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Full August 2016 Top 48 All-brands and Top 228 All-models below.

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Norway August 2016: Tesla places Model S and Model X in Top 20

Tesla Model X Model S Model 3 Norway July 2016The Model X (left) and S (centre) are already in the Top 15. Awaiting the Model 3 (right)…

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 40 All-brands and Top 215 All-models *

New car sales in Norway are up 5% year-on-year in August to 13.232, meaning the year-to-date total is now up 3% on the same period last year at 102.021. Volkswagen continues to reign supreme, evolving exactly like the market at +5% to 17.8% share whereas all its immediate followers frankly outpace the market: Toyota is up 25%, BMW up 20%, Mercedes up 34% and Audi up 47%. Mitsubishi (+76%), Tesla (+54%), Honda (+33%), Citroen (+41%) and Lexus (+35%) also impress while further down Jaguar (+282%) and Dacia (+300%) take off albeit remaining at low sales levels.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf keeps the lead by far at 9.2% share and despite sales down 14%. The Toyota RAV4 surges 134% year-on-year to #2 overall with 98% of its August sales going to the hybrid variant, ahead of the Toyota Yaris (+21% and 96% hybrid) and Mitsubishi Outlander (+360% and 88% PHEV). The VW Passat at #6 (+49%), Tiguan at #7 (+140%), Mercedes B-Class at #9 (+36% and 92% electric), Audi A4 at #11 (+271%), Mercedes C-Class at #14 (+54%), BMW 2 Series at #15 (+72%) and Toyota Prius at #16 (+89%) also impress. But the hero of the month is the Tesla Model X, breaking into the Top 20 thanks to 168 deliveries, two less than the Model S at #17. Yes, that’s Tesla’s entire lineup inside the Norwegian Top 20 in August: a world first.

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Full August 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 215 All-models below.

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Bahrain January-July 2016: Toyota Land Cruiser cements lead

toyota-land-cruiser-bahrain-july-2016-picture-courtesy-crankandpiston-comToyota Land Cruiser holds over 10% of the Bahraini market. Picture

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New vehicle sales in Bahrain are down a harsh 18% year-on-year to just 30.598 units over the first 7 months of 2016. The Toyota Land Cruiser improves its market share to 10.6% thanks to deliveries down just 2%. It distances five consecutive Toyotas, all falling heavily: the Hilux (-19%), Prado (-41%), Hiace (-17%), Corolla (-23%) and Yaris (-20%). The Hyundai Accent, up a splendid 84% year-on-year, is the best-selling non-Toyota nameplate in Bahrain so far in 2016, replacing the Mitsubishi Lancer EX. Other great performers atop the ranking include the Toyota Camry (+26%), Ford Taurus (+43%), Hyundai Elantra (+63%), Sonata (+89%) and Lexus RX (+153%). We welcome the Hyundai Creta at #61.

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Full January-July 2016 Top 294 All-models below.

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Estonia August 2016: Toyota Auris and Avensis on top

toyota-avensis-estonia-august-2016The Toyota Avensis ranks #2 in Estonia in August. 

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The Estonian new car market is up a splendid 18% year-on-year in August to 1.849 registrations, adding up to 15.948 year-to-date, up 11% on the same period in 2015. Toyota is master in command this month with 15.6% share and placing the Auris (4.4%) and Avensis (3.7%) atop the models ranking. Skoda (8.6%), Volkswagen (7.7%) and Renault (6.7%) follow, with Honda, Peugeot and Opel in tow. Dacia is up 4 spots on July to #9 and places the Duster at #3, Lexus is up 5 ranks to #20 but Fiat is down 14 to #31. Model-wise, notice also the Kia Sportage (#8), Renault Megane (#9) and Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (aka Prado – #13) gaining ground on last month and their year-to-date ranking.

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Full August 2016 Top 34 All-brands and Top 182 All-models below.

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China August 2016: Second consecutive month up 26% – SUVs up 44%

Geely Vision China July 2016With the Vision SUV, Geely now has three SUVs selling 7.000+ units in August.

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The Chinese new car market continues on its unabated growth with a second consecutive month at +26% year-on-year to almost 1.795.500 units. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, this jump is due to 1. an unusually slow month a year ago in the wake of a stock market collapse and 2. the continued effect of the tax cut on vehicles with engine sizes of 1,6L or smaller. The tax cut expires at the end of the year, so we are also witnessing a significant forward purchase movement from the Chinese population. SUVs are the engine of growth once again with a 44% year-on-year surge to 654.100 sales, but sedans are also dynamic at +20% to 916.200 units and MPV leap up 36% to 180.400. Sales of microvans continue to plunge at -37% to 44.800 as rural buyers upgrade to MPVs. So far in 2016, light vehicle sales in China are up a splendid 13% to 14.4 million deliveries.

roewe-rx5-china-august-2016-picture-courtesy-auto-sina-com-cnInstant blockbuster: the Roewe RX5 finds 8.539 new buyers in August.

Brand-wise (no imports, no commercials), Volkswagen continues to dominate the charts head and shoulders but doesn’t quite match the market at +19% to 236.489 sales. Buick on the other hand gains 30% to a splendid 103.169 units, ahead of Honda (+20%) once again outselling all other Asian carmakers: Hyundai (+17%), Toyota (+40%) and Nissan (+18%). Changan (+47%) leads the Chinese charge, followed by Haval (+35%), Geely (+64%), Beijing Auto (+59%), Dongfeng (+63%) and Wuling (+4%). Ford leaps up 36%, Kia is up 62%, Mazda up 53% and Cadillac up 127%. In the luxury race, Audi underperforms (+4%) and continues to see its advantage over Mercedes (+22%) and BMW (+17%) thin up. Fiat (-75%), DS (-35%), Peugeot (-21%), Suzuki (-17%) and Citroen (-10%) struggle.

SUV ratio among the Top 25 Chinese carmakers:

Pos Brand Aug-16 /15 SUV SUV %
TOTAL MARKET 1,795,500 26% 654,100 36%
1 ChangAn 85,838 47% 36,351 42%
2 Haval 63,983 35% 63,983 100%
3 Geely 53,698 64% 24,722 46%
4 BAIC/BAW 47,828 59% 28,124 59%
5 DongFeng 46,963 63% 23,986 51%
6 Wuling 46,667 4% 0 0%
7 Baojun 44,937 10% 15,112 34%
8 BYD 38,290 53% 18,121 47%
9 Chery 33,765 21% 13,831 41%
10 GAC 30,019 88% 26,708 89%
11 Roewe 20,812 192% 8,737 42%
12 Zotye 20,354 63% 19,454 96%
13 JAC 17,590 -27% 10,479 60%
14 FAW 14,778 27% 6,439 44%
15 Haima 12,594 -1% 8,597 68%
16 Brilliance 9,524 -11% 5,439 57%
17 Lifan 8,373 67% 6,847 82%
18 Soueast 7,788 35% 6,265 80%
19 Jinbei 7,353 718% 0 0%
20 Venucia 7,291 -21% 4,409 60%
21 Leopaard 6,475 31% 6,475 100%
22 MG 6,206 -1% 2,820 45%
23 Cowin 5,880 new 5,301 90%
24 Hawtai 5,070 1% 4,231 83%
25 Borgward 5,027 new 5,027 100%

dongfeng-fengguang-580-china-august-2016-picture-courtesy-autohome-com-cnFirst month above 10.000 sales for the Dongfeng Fengguang 580 

Chinese carmakers have been the main force behind the SUV craze. Out of the Top 25 Chinese brands in August, 22 have an SUV sales ratio superior to the national average of 36.4%. Only Baojun – just below at 34%, Jinbei and Wuling (not SUV brands) fall short, but Haval (100%), Leopaard (100%), Borgward (100%) prosper on lineups entirely composed of SUVs. Zotye (96%), GAC (89%), Hawtai (83%), Lifan (82%), Soueast (80%), Haima (68%) and Venucia (60%) owe their survival in the ultra-competitive Chinese market solely to SUVs.

borgward-bx7-china-august-2016-picture-courtesy-auto-sohu-com-cn9.106 Borgward BX7 have already found a buyer in China. 

This month, yet another wave of new Chinese SUVs is flooding the August sales charts: the Geely Boyue lodges a 2nd month above 10.000 sales, the Dongfeng Fengguang 580 posts its first 5-digit sales month at #50 and 10.086, the Roewe RX5 is the most impressive of all, up 124 spots on its inaugural July score to #66, the Geely Emgrand GS breaks another record at 7.541 sales and the Geely Vision SUV is up 297 ranks to #87 and 7.051 sales. The Haval H6 (+49%) still dominates the category above the GAC Trumpchi GS4 (+84%), Buick Envision (+119%), VW Tiguan (-14%) and Hyundai Tucson (+654%) for the first time in the Top 5. The Baojun 560 (-12%) marks a pause. Still progressing are the Lifan Myway (5.043), Haval H7 (4.482) and Cadillac XT5 (3.703). The Borgward BX7 (5.027) and Cowin X3 (3.877) confirm their solid July launch scores.

chery-arrizo-5-china-august-2016-picture-courtesy-autohome-com-cnThe Chery Arrizo 5 cements its #2 Chinese sedan status. 

The Wuling Hongguang remains the best-selling nameplate in the country thanks to the help of its crossover-looked S1, with the VW Lavida (+16%) rounding up the podium. The VW Jetta (+99%) benefits fully from the small engine tax cut, as do the Toyota Corolla (+187%), Ford Escort (+120%) and VW Bora (+40%). The Baojun 730 is back up to #6 after 5 months outside the Top 10 and the Buick Verano is up 6-fold on the previous generation a year ago. But the real winner among traditional cars this month is the Chery Arrizo 5. A surprise success given the poor performances of the two previous Arrizo nameplates (3 and 7), the Arrizo 5 is up 17% on a record July score to hit 13.072 sales, #2 Chinese sedan below the Geely Emgrand EC7 (14.610) but above the Changan Eado (11.824).

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Full August 2016 Top 70 China-made brands and Top 397 models ranking below.

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