Cyprus July 2014: Nissan Qashqai in the lead

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Nissan Qashqai Cyprus July 2014Nissan Qashqai

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Thanks to data provided by SEMO Cyprus and analysed by INNOSOFT, I can share with you the models ranking for Cyprus over the first 7 months of 2014. Over the period new car sales are up 19% year-on-year to 5,211 units, including July up 27% to 906 registrations. I give you the models ranking for now, complete analysis will follow shortly. The Nissan Qashqai grabs the pole position in July thanks to 46 sales and 5.1% share and is up to #2 year-to-date at 4.4% (+9%) below the Ford Fiesta at 4.8% (+20%). Other great performers this month include the VW Golf at 3.9%, the Toyota RAV4 at 3.5% and up to #14 year-to-date and the Nissan Note at 3% and up to #22.

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Full 7 months 2014 Top 30 models Ranking Table below.

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China July 2014: Market up 10% thanks to MPV and SUV sales

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Dongfeng Joyear X5 China July 2014. Picture courtesy of chewen.comDongfeng Joyear X5. MPVs are up 66% in July.

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New light vehicle sales in China are up a solid 10% year-on-year in July to 1.3578 million, bringing the year-to-date total to 10.992 million, up 11% on 2013. This continued growth pattern has a lot to do with the extremely good health of MPV and SUV sales: up 66% and 25% year-on-year respectively this month. Sedan sales are up only 2% while microvans are down 2%. In the commercial vehicle sector, the picture is radically different: sales are down 7% in July to 260,200 units which brings the year-to-date total to 2.310 million down 4% from the same period last year.

ChangAn CS75 China July 2014. Picture courtesy of CS75. SUV sales are up 25% year-on-year in China in July.

In the models ranking, no surprise in pole position: the Wuling Hongguang holds on thanks to sales up a magnificent 91% year-on-year to 55,008, adding up to a huge 426,657 units year-to-date, the only passenger car above 300,000 sales over the period and the first to ever break the 400,000 unit-mark so early into the year. Overtaken by the Ford Focus in June, the VW Lavida reclaims the 2nd spot it holds year-to-date thanks to sales up 7% year-on-year to 34,866 units vs. 31,224 (-5%) for the Focus. Excellent score of the VW Jetta up 10% to its 2nd best-ever monthly volume at 27,587 units, while the VW Sagitar at #5 makes it 3 Volkswagens in the Top 5.

Haval H6 China July 2014. Picture courtesy of auto.qq.comThe Haval H6 breaks its volume and ranking records this month in 6th place overall.

Another extremely impressive performance for the Haval H6: China’s best-selling SUV breaks its monthly volume record for the 8th time in the past 12 months (!) at 26,543 sales (+40%), also accessing its highest ever ranking at home in 6th place. The VW Santana is down 3 spots on June but up 52% year-on-year to #7, the Chevrolet Cruze is back in shape at #8 and +37%, the VW Tiguan is back inside the Top 10 for the first time since last February at #10, the VW Polo is up a massive 65% year-on-year to #11 and the Hyundai Verna up 48% to #12.

Toyota Corolla China July 2014. Picture courtesy of auto.ifeng.comThanks to the new generation, the Toyota Corolla is at its highest in China since May 2012.

Boosted by the new model, the Toyota Corolla is up a mammoth 44 ranks on June to land in 13th place with 17,659 sales, up 40% year-on-year. This is great news for the Corolla’s worldwide ranking as China figures traditionally play a large part in its global performance. This is the Corolla’s best position in China since May 2012 (#10). Another great performing Volkswagen this month is the Golf, up a gigantic 138% year-on-year to #19 with 14,483 units.

ChangAn EadoChangAn Eado in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur – May 2014

Further down, the ChangAn Eado continues to impress: it is up 5 spots on June to reach its highest ever ranking at home at #21 thanks to 13,036 units, up 114% on July 2013. The Eado confirms it is the best-selling Chinese sedan at home, and by far: the next most popular is the BYD F3 at #61! The new generation Nissan X-Trail has clearly struck a chord with Chinese consumers: it is up a further 6 ranks on June to a record #24 and 12,300 sales, while the Chery Tiggo 3 is up a beautiful 12 spots to #29 and 10,895 units, up 76% year-on-year.

Zotye T600 Ürümqi April 2014First Top 100 ranking for the Zotye T600 at #67…

The Citroen C-Elysée reaches its highest monthly ranking since BSCB follows China monthly at #32, now that the new model has arrived the Honda Fit is up 20 ranks on last month to #36, the Ford Mondeo breaks its ranking record at #37, the Dongfeng Future is up 5 spots on June to #41 and #4 Chinese and the Dongfeng Joyear is up 23 to a best-ever #43. 3 models break into the Chinese Top 50 for the first time this month: the Buick Encore is up 17 spots to #45, the Ford Ecosport up 8 to #47 and the Peugeot 301 up a massive 44 ranks to #49, while the Toyota Yaris L falls just short off it, up 19 spots to #51.

Peugeot 3008 China July 2014. Picture courtesy of bitautoPeugeot 3008

Peugeot is in great shape with both the 3008 and 2008 hitting all-time high levels in July: the 3008 is up 34 spots on June to a record #53 and the 2008 up 23 to a record #75 and 5,032 sales. Notice also the Zotye T600 up a huge 49 ranks on last month to break into the Top 100 for the first time at… #67 with 5,940 sales and #9 Chinese above the Emgrand EC7, the ChangAn CS75 equally impressive with a 47 spot-gain to also spend its first month inside the Top 100 at #71 with 5,310 units and the Chevrolet Trax up 20 to a best-ever #81.

Beijing Auto Senova D50 China July 2014. Picture courtesy of cheshi.comBeijing Auto Senova D50

As far as other successful recent launches are concerned, let’s salute the Mazda3 Axela up 13 spots to #87, the Haima S5 breaking into the Top 100 for the first time at #89 (+18), the Luxgen 6 SUV doing the same at #91 (+39), the Beijing Senova D50 up 20 to #107 and the Maxus G10 up 45% on June to #234. There are 4 all-new models making their very first appearance in the Chinese ranking this month, but as is the tradition on BSCB this will be the subject of a separate post, so stay tuned!

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Full July 2014 Top 318 All-models and Top 64 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Italy Full Year 2013: More detailed data now available!

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Fiat Ducato Italy 2013The Fiat Ducato is the best-selling LCV in Italy (2014 model shown).

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Better late than never! Thanks to Flavio and UNRAE I can share with you more detail about the Italian market for the Full Year 2013, with a Top 10 models ranking for LCVs, rentals, company cars and private purchases. 117,608 new Light Commercial Vehicles found a buyer in 2013, a harsh 11% drop over 2012 and the lowest annual LCV figure since 1985. The Fiat Ducato keeps the lead with a round 10% market share and in spite of sales down 14% to 11,708 units. In fact the Top 4 is unchanged on 2012 with the Fiat Doblo (-25%), Iveco Daily (-9%) and Fiat Fiorino (-8%) following. The Fiat Panda is up 14% to #5 and the Ford Transit up 3% to #6.

Audi A4 Avant Italy 2013No less than 50% of all Audi A4 registered in Italy in 2013 are rental cars.

In an overall passenger car market down 7% on 2012 to 1,304,451 registrations (the lowest annual score since 1978), rentals are down 8% to 233,559 units, sales to companies are down 6% to 238,093 and private sales down 7% to 832,799, each category roughly holding onto its market share. The Fiat Panda is king of rental cars even though its rental/total ratio is only 23%, it is followed by the Fiat 500L at a strong 38% and the Fiat 500 at 33%. Other strong rentals include the Alfa Romeo Giulietta at 36% ratio, the BMW 3 Series at 41%, Ford Focus at 39% and Audi A4 at a huge 50% of its total sales for the year…

Fiat Bravo Italy 201357% of Fiat Bravo sold in Italy in 2013 were purchased by companies.

Interestingly, the Fiat Punto is up 33% to take the lead of company cars. However keep in mind that ‘sales to companies’ include demo cars and dealership registrations, which could indicate that the stock of Punto has been piling up at Italian dealerships throughout 2013 – and this would make sense given the nameplate’s sales freefall at home. Notice also the Fiat 500 up 37% to #4, the Lancia Ypsilon up 69% to #5 and the Fiat Bravo at #9 with a massive 57% company car ratio over its total sales in the country.

Ford Fiesta Italy 2013The Ford Fiesta has a Private Sales ratio of 91% in Italy.

As far as private sales (PS) are concerned, the ranking reflects perfectly what can be seen in Italian streets. The only non-supermini in the Top 10 is the VW Golf at #8, all the rest are small cars! The Fiat Panda and Punto logically lead the way, however the Ford Fiesta nearly stole the #2 spot off the Punto this year with 30,176 private sales (-15%) vs. 30,200 (-25%). The Fiesta is at 91% PS ratio, the Citroen C3 at 89%, VW Polo at 87%, Renault Clio at 78% and Toyota Yaris at 89%.

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Full Year 2013 Top 10 LCV, rentals, private & company cars Ranking Tables below.

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Uruguay July 2014: Suzuki #2, only 4 units below Chevrolet

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Suzuki Celerio Uruguay July 2013Suzuki Celerio

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New car sales in Uruguay are down 2% year-on-year in July to 4,461 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 30,511 units. Overtaken by Fiat in June, Chevrolet reclaims the brands pole position this month but just: only 4 units separate it from Suzuki, up to a fantastic 436 sales and 9.8% share vs. 440 and 9.9% for Chevy… Volkswagen is weak at 8% share while Nissan (#5) and Hyundai (#6) pass Renault and Chery, down to #8. Chinese manufacturers ‘only’ hold 21.8% of the Uruguayan market this month vs. 25% year-to-date, however 6 of them still manage to find their way inside the Top 20: below Chery we find BYD (#10), FAW (#14), Chana (#16), Geely (#17) and Lifan (#18).

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Full July 2014 Top 45 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Switzerland July 2014: Mini Cooper and Ford Kuga in Top 10

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Mini Cooper Switzerland July 2014Mini Cooper

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New car sales in Switzerland are up 5% year-on-year in July to 27,570 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 177,475 units, down 3% on 2013. This month the Volkswagen Group manages in Switzerland what it is far from achieving at home in Germany: monopolising the brands podium with Volkswagen up a gigantic 30% on July 2013 to 4,070 sales and 14.8% share ahead of Audi up 1% to 7% share and Skoda up 31% to 6.5%. BMW is down two spots to #4 and Mercedes remains in 5th position. Notice also Citroen up 15%, Hyundai up 20%, Kia up 59% and Porsche up 77%.

Porsche Macan Switzerland July 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe Porsche Macan breaks into the Swiss Top 50 this month!

In the models ranking, below the VW Golf more dominant than ever at 5.2% share, the Skoda Octavia is solid at 3.6% while the VW Polo jumps back onto the podium at #3 vs. #5 year-to-date, kicking the Audi A3 down to #4. Three great performers in the Swiss Top 10 this month: the VW Passat up 40 spots to #6, the Mini Cooper up 24 to #7 and the Ford Kuga up 6 to #9 vs. #23 year-to-date. Let’s also salute the Citroen Jumpy oddly up to #13 with 74% of its 2014 sales occurring this month, the Skoda Yeti up 21 to #17, Audi Q3 up 14 to #20, BMW 4 Series up 17 to a best-ever #26, the Porsche Macan brilliantly breaking into its first ever monthly Top 50 in the world at #50 and the Citroen C4 Cactus stable at #85.

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Full July 2014 Top 100 models and Top 37 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Greece July 2014: Hyundai i20 holds onto pole position

August 14th, 2014 5 comments

Hyundai i20 Greece July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frHyundai i20

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Greek new car sales keep on recovering in July, up a brilliant 18% year-on-year to 7,627 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 45,096 units, up an equally impressive 22% on 2013. In the brands ranking, Volkswagen makes up for a weak month of June (#6) by taking the lead in July with 768 sales, earning it just above 10% of the market and overtaking Nissan (9.6%), Toyota (9.1%), Opel (8.9%), Hyundai (8.7%) and Fiat (6.5%).

Volvo V40 Greece July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frVolvo V40

Model-wise, the Hyundai i20 manages to hold onto the pole position for the 2nd month running, something this nameplate had never achieved before in Greece. It is now #3 year-to-date below traditional leaders the Toyota Yaris (down to #3 in July) and Opel Corsa. The VW Polo completes a Top Four 100% supermini at 4.8% share while the Nissan Qashqai resists in 5th place thanks to the new model. Notice also the Suzuki Swift back up 11 spots on June to #10, the VW Up up 15 to #11, Volvo V40 up 7 to an excellent 13th place vs. #19 year-to-date, the Seat Toledo lodging an exceptional month at #21 with 121 sales or 78% of its 2014 sales so far, the Mini up 24 ranks to #26 and the Hyundai i10 up 27 to #31.

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Full Top 100 models and Top 32 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Canada July 2014: VW Jetta and Nissan Rogue shine

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Nissan Rogue Canada July 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comNissan Rogue sales are up 91% year-on-year in July.

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New car sales in Canada are up a fancy 11% year-on-year in July to 177,148 registrations, possibly the best-ever July score in the history of automobile in Canada! The year-to-date total now stands at a record 1,086,593 units after 7 months, up 4% on 2013 and nearly level with France (1,102,529) for the 9th place overall in terms of biggest markets worldwide. It’s a very stable brands ranking on top: the entire Top 8 best-sellers are identical to June and year-to-date, led by Ford at 15.9% share (+14%), Toyota at 9.2% (+3%), Honda at 8.2% (+8%) and Hyundai at 8% (+4%). Big gainers include Chevrolet (+21%), Nissan (+43%), Volkswagen (+51% and contrasting with its US decline), GMC (+25%), Jeep (+58%), Mitsubishi (+25%) and Buick (+61%).

VW Jetta Canada July 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe VW Jetta is up 55% in July.

In the models ranking, it’s a great month for pick-up trucks: this segment easily outperforms the market at +20% year-on-year in July. In pole position the Ford F-Series is up a magnificent 24% to 12,619 sales, its best monthly volume since May 2013, the RAM Pick-up is up 3%, the GMC Sierra up 30% to 5,048 units, its best month since June 2011 while the Chevrolet Silverado is up a huge 47% to 4,615 sales, its best score in over 4 years (since June 2010). Notice also the Dodge Grand Caravan overtaking the Hyundai Elantra year-to-date for 4th place, the Ford Escape up 28% to #6, the VW Jetta up 55%, Nissan Rogue up 91%, Hyundai Sonata up 42%, VW Golf up 49% and the Nissan Micra breaking into the Canadian Top 50 (and Top 40) for the first time #36.

Previous month: Canada June 2014: Ford and Honda outperform market up 2%

One year ago: Canada July 2013: Honda Civic passes Hyundai Elantra year-to-date

Full July 2014 Top 248 All-models and Top 35 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Austria July 2014: Hyundai i20 up to #2, Audi A4 shines

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Hyundai i20 Austria July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frHyundai i20

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Bad news for the Austrian new car market in July: sales are down a harsh 13% year-on-year to just 24,772 units, bringing the year-to-date total to 191,379 registrations, down 4% on 2013. In spite of sales down an even tougher 21%, Volkswagen keeps the lead of the manufacturers ranking by far at 16% market share while Skoda jumps up two spots on June and an impressive 54% year-on-year to #2 and 7.3% share, ahead of Opel at 7.2%, Hyundai at 6.6% and Audi at 6.4%. Model-wise, below the unstoppable VW Golf (5.9% share), the Hyundai i20 impresses, climbing up to 2nd spot overall thanks to 681 sales and 2.7% share, just as the new generation got unveiled. The Skoda Octavia is back up to #3, the Skoda Fabia up to #5, the Audi A4 up from outside the June Top 20 directly to #7 and the Opel Zafira up to #9.

Previous month: Austria June 2014: Podium 100% Volkswagen, Hyundai i20 up to #4

One year ago: Austria July 2013: Hyundai ix35 on podium!

Full July 2014 Top 20 models and Top 50 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Norway July 2014: VW Golf at 10% share, VW Up on podium

August 13th, 2014 2 comments

VW e-up Norway July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe e-Up electric variant pushes the VW Up onto the Norwegian podium this month.

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The Norwegian new car market is up 3% both in July to 11,690 registrations and year-to-date at 84,075 units. Tremendous month for Volkswagen up to 18.8% share thanks to 2,197 sales vs. 14.1% year-to-date. The German brand now has an almost unassailable advantage over Toyota at 10.9% in July and 11.4% year-to-date. Swedish manufacturer Volvo remains third at 8% above Nissan, BMW, Ford and Skoda. Mazda jumps up to #9, Mitsubishi up to #11, Subaru up to #17 while Tesla continues its seesaw career: down to just 1% share this month vs. 3.9% year-to-date.

BMW i3 Norway July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe i3 amazingly remains BMW’s best-seller in Norway so far in 2014.

Model-wise, the VW Golf is up to almost 10% share this month at 9.7% and 1.136 sales, by far the nameplate’s strongest market share in the country in at least 4 years (previous best: 7.7% in November 2010)! The Toyota Auris is strong in 2nd place and 3.9% while the VW Up, boosted by the success of its electric variant the e-Up, is up 7 spots on June to round up the podium with 338 units and 2.9%. Notice also the Mazda CX-5 up 3 ranks to #5, the Audi A3 up to #12 and Peugeot 308 up 8 to #17. The BMW i3 remains the brand’s best-seller in the country so far in spite of a weak month of July at just 124 sales (#27).

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One year ago: Norway July 2013: Mazda CX-5 back up to #2, Toyota RAV4 #4

Full July 2014 Top 100 models and Top 35 brands Ranking Tables below.

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New Zealand July 2014: Honda Jazz up to #7, best July since 1985

August 13th, 2014 3 comments

Honda Jazz New Zealand July 2014Honda Jazz

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At 10,313 registrations this month, the New Zealand new car market is up 10% year-on-year and delivers the best July score in 29 years! Commercial vehicles are at an all-time high for July: up 23% to 3,242 units, while passenger cars are up 4% to 7,071 sales. The year-to-date total is now up 13% on 2013 at 72,526 units. Brand-wise, Toyota, Ford and Holden lead the way like in the year-to-date ranking while Mazda jumps two spots on June to #4, Nissan is up 3 to #5 and Hyundai down two to #6. Boosted by the arrival of the new generation Jazz shooting up to 7th place with 302 sales and 2.9% share, Honda is up 8 ranks to #8 brand at 4.1% of the market vs. 2.7% year-to-date. The Ford Ranger is back to being the most popular vehicle in the country for the third time in the past 5 months thanks to 537 sales and 5.2% but still trails the Toyota Hilux year-to-date at 3,294 units vs. 3,326. Finally, the Nissan Navara (#4) and Holden Colorado (#5) make it 3 pick-ups inside the Top 5, the Mazda BT-50 jumps up to #11 and the Toyota Yaris up to #14.

Previous month: New Zealand June 2014: Toyota Hilux reclaims top spot year-to-date

One year ago: New Zealand July 2013: Ford Ranger in the lead, just

Full July 2014 Top 30 models and Top 60 brands Ranking Tables below.

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