Lebanon January-April 2016: Toyota cements domination, Yaris #1

Toyota Yaris Lebanon April 2016. Picture courtesy nilemotors.netLike in 2015, the Toyota Yaris is the best-selling nameplate in Lebanon so far this year.

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The middle-eastern region isn’t showing its best new car sales form so far in 2016, yet Lebanon is one of the less affected market with a minor 2% year-on-year drop to 15.674 registrations after four months. Toyota cements its domination of the market thanks to sales up by a splendid 31% to reach 4.566 units for a 29.1% share, exactly the same figure as the combined sales of #2 Kia at 14.8% (-11%) and #3 Nissan at 14.3% (-5%). Mazda (+48%), Peugeot (+123%) and Infiniti (+126%) make themselves noticed whereas Mitsubishi (-24%), Ford (-62%), Land Rover (-62%) and Audi (-68%) fall apart. Model-wise, the Toyota Yaris holds onto the title of best-seller it acquired last year thanks to deliveries up 12%  1.199, and Toyota brilliantly manages to monopolise the podium with the Land Cruiser (+45%) and Prado (+111%). Meanwhile, the Kia Picanto (-28%) and Rio (-23%) drop sharply. Notice also the Nissan Sunny (+42%), Hyundai Accent (+152%), Toyota Hilux (+51%), Renault Sandero (+203%) and Kia Cerato ((+127%) delivering splendid gains inside the Top 15. The full rankings are below.

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Full January-April 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 245 All-models below.

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Cyprus May 2016: Golf now #1 YTD, Honda HR-V up to 5th place

Honda HR-V Cyprus May 2016The Honda HR-V is up to #5 in Cyprus this month.

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Based on data provided by SEMO Cyprus and analysed by INNOSOFT, the Cypriot new car market continues its run forward with sales up 54% year-on-year in May to 1.299 units, leading to a 45% improvement so far this year at 5.702 units in five months vs. 3.934 a year ago. The VW Golf soars to 11.2% share this month, allowing it to take the year-to-date lead with deliveries up a whopping 164% in 2016 to 390 nits and 6.8% share. Such uncharacteristic moves a reasonable way into the current generation of a nameplate traditionally means one thing: large rental orders. Meanwhile the Nissan Qahsqai and the Ford Fiesta remain on the podium, the Honda HR-V leaps to a record 5th spot, the VW Polo is up to #8 and the Seat Leon breaks into the year-to-date Top 30 thanks to sales up 10-fold on a year ago.

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Full April 2016 Top 30 models Ranking Table below.


Qatar January-April 2016: Land Cruiser at 15.2% share, Lexus LX #3

Lexus LX Qatar April 2016. Picture courtesy middleeastcar.comThe Lexus LX is the third best-selling vehicle in Qatar so far in 2016 – a world best.

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Like most countries in the GCC region, the Qatari new car market drops sharply over the first four months of 2016 at -26% to just 24.422 registrations. No surprises on top though: Toyota remains master in command, even improving its market share to 36.5% share thanks to sales down ‘just’ 22% to 8.921. In second place, Nissan falls faster than the market at -36%, resulting in a reduced 14.9% share above Mitsubishi at 9.2% (-13%) while Lexus manages the very impressive feat of gaining 34% to jump four spots to #4 overall with 5.3% of the market. Kia (+3%) overtakes Ford (-29%) and Hyundai in freefall (-67%). Bentley (+15%), Jaguar (+18%), Lincoln (+19%), Infiniti (+48%), Peugeot (+105%), Jeep (+166%) and Ram (+242%) are the only other marques in positive this year. Model-wise, the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser cements its domination even further thanks to the new model and sales up 14% to 3.704 and 15.2% share. This pales in comparison however with its luxury twin the Lexus LX, up a gargantuan 55% thanks to the new generation to land in third place overall, the nameplate’s best ranking anywhere in the world. The full sales charts are below.

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Full January-April 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 279 All-models below.

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China May 2016: Price cuts lift market up 11%, Hongguang back to #1

Wuling Hongguang S1 China May 2016A new crossover-looking variant helps lift the Wuling Hongguang back to #1 in May.

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I give you the rankings for now, complete analysis will follow shortly.

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Full May 2016 Top 70 All-China made brands and Top 396 All-models below.


Iraq January-April 2016: Nissan teases Toyota for #2 brand below Kia

Nissan Pickup Iraq April 2016Nissan D22

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The Iraqi new car market plunges by 46% year-on-year over the first four months of 2016 to just 11.732 registrations. Market leader Kia falls faster than the market at -60%, resulting in a much reduced market share, still at a towering 363% though. At #2, Toyota is down 55% to 18.2% share, selling only 20 units moe than Nissan – a company that didn’t report sales in Iraq a year ago. Hyundai (-64%) and Chevrolet (-48%) also fall hard, while Ford (+158%) and Land Rover (+235%) flourish. In the models ranking, the Kia Frontier is the most popular by far with 19.2% share and despite a 43% drop: its only adversary last year, the Toyota Hilux, is down by 73% to #4. Nissan has hit the bullseye with its D22 Pickup in Iraq: it lands directly at #2 with 7.8% share, above the Toyota Land Cruiser at 6.6%. Kia completes the Top 6 with the Sportage and Sorento, while the Chevrolet Cruze surges to #12 vs. #35 a year ago.

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Full January-April 2016 Top 14 All-brands and Top 84 All-models below.

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Syria January-April 2016: Kia Frontier & Hyundai Tucson top market at -63%

Kia Frontier Bongo Syria April 2016. Picture courtesy iqbazaar.comThe Kia Frontier is the best-selling nameplate in Syria so far this year. 

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The war-stricken country sees its new car market crumble down 63% year-on-year over the first four months of 2016 to just 2.358 units. Korean manufacturers are the only ones maintaining significant activity in the country, with Hyundai down 57% to 60.6% share and Kia down 70% to 36% share. Nissan is up 14% but only sells 72 units while Subaru is down 25% to just 6 sales and Mazda has disappeared from the ranking. Model-wise, the Kia Frontier pick-up takes the lead thanks to sales down “just” 31% to 20.6%, whereas the Hyundai Elantra, leader in 2015, is down 87% to third place. Meanwhile, the Hyundai Tucson gains 46% thanks to the new model to land in 2nd place with 19.9% share vs. 5.1% a year ago.

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Full January-April 2016 Top 5 All-brands and Top 20 All-models below.

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Yemen January-April 2016: Land Cruiser & Patrol top imploding market

Toyota Land Cruiser Yemen April 2016The Toyota Land Cruiser is the best-selling model in Yemen so far this year. 

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Torn apart by civil war, the Yemeni new car market implodes by 88% year-on-year over the first four months of 2016 to just 655 units. Toyota remains the uncontested leader but with sales down 91% it sees its market share drop from 71.4% over the FY2015 to 60% so far in 2016, and is followed by Nissan at 18% (sales up 188%!) and BMW at 9.2% (-10%). Suzuki and Kia remain at #4 and #5 respectively while Hyundai, #2 last year, disappears. The Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup and Nissan Patrol alone account for two out of three new vehicles registered in the country over the period. Toyota has suspended deliveries of the Hilux, market leader in Yemen in 2015.

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Full January-April 2016 Top 35 All-models and Top 10 All-brands below.

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Australia May 2016: Hyundai i30 leads, only 133 units off YTD top spot

Hyundai i30 Australia May 2016The Hyundai i30 is the best-selling vehicle in Australia for the third consecutive month. 

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Australian new vehicle sales continue on their record-breaking pace, up 4% both in May (96.672) and year-to-date (469.571), on track to post a second consecutive year of all-time record sales. Private buyers did not contribute in any way to this record running this month with private sales down 4% to 47.424 just as business fleets gain 13.5% to 38.611, rental sales are up 17% to 3.983 and government sales up 2% to 3.807. South Australia (+10%), New South Wales (+6%) and Victoria (+3.5%) are the fastest growing States this month, with Western Australia the only one in negative at -5% just as the mining boom continues to cool down.

Toyota Hilux Australia May 2016The Toyota Hilux remains the #1 model year-to-date, but for just 133 units.

Passenger cars continue to lose ground at -6% to hold just 39.5% market share vs. 43.5% a year ago. Reversely, the SUV segment is on the rise again at +11% to 37.5% share vs. 34.9% a year ago. Light commercials are up 11% to account for 20% of sales. Business and rental fleet buyers are strong supporters of SUVs, up 25% per cent and 54% respectively on the same period last year. According to caradvice.com.au, the main sources of vehicles are: Japan (27.367 +2%), Thailand (23.064 +15%), South Korea (13.585 +29%), Germany (7.337 -3%), Australia (6.647 -7%) and U.S.A. (4.220 -14%).

Nissan Navara Australia May 2016The Nissan Navara is back among Australia’s Top 10 best-sellers. 

Sales leader Toyota outpaces the market in May at +12% to 17.201 and 17.8% share vs. 17.1% so far this year, ahead of Mazda up 10% to 9.9% share and Hyundai up 9% to 9.3%. Toyota reaffirms its market dominance this month: it is the #1 car brand, #1 SUV brand and #1 light commercial brand (Hyundai was the top-selling passenger car brand in April). Despite volumes down 7%, Holden is back above archenemy Ford (+10%) after being overtaken for the first time in 17 years last month. Kia (+26%), Nissan (+25%), Mercedes (+22%) and Land Rover (+19%) deliver the largest year-on-year gains among the Top 20 brands whereas Honda (-14%), Volkswagen (-18%), Renault (-30%) and Jeep (-54%) fall apart.

Kia sales are up 26% in May.

Among smaller brands, Infiniti (+30%), Volvo (+39%) and Jaguar (+189%) take off as does Chinese light commercial manufacturer LDV (aka Maxus) up 4-fold on its May 2015 score to 139 sales, the brand’s strongest monthly volume in the two years it has been in Australia. Other Chinese fares Foton (-34%), Great Wall (4 sales) and Chery (one unit sold) remain extremely discreet, while Haval hasn’t been able to communicate any sales figures just yet despite being in market since last October. Another newcomer is U.S. pickup truck maker Ram, selling 21 units in May and crossing the 100 unit-mark year-to-date at 104, with the very first unit of SLT Big Horn being registered this month.

LDV G10 Australia May 2016LDV G10 – China’s LDV sales in Australia are up 321% in May. 

Over in the models ranking, it’s another surprise at the top: the Hyundai i30 posts a third consecutive month in pole position thanks to sales shooting up 126% year-on-year to 3.771, the first vehicle to do so since the Toyota Corolla in Feb-Mar-Apr 2015. Less than a year ago in June 2015, the i30 managed its very first #1 ranking here and by then it was only the second month in history that a Hyundai nameplate topped Australian sales charts outright, along with the Excel in June 1998. Thanks to this stunning performance, the i30 now adds up to 16.425 sales year-to-date (+60%), leapfrogging both its direct competitors the Toyota Corolla (16.117) and Mazda3 (15.976) and falling just 133 units short of the YTD pole position still held by the Toyota Hilux (16.558).

Suzuki Vitara Australia May 2016. Picture courtesy caradvice.com.auFirst Australian Top 50 ranking for the new Suzuki Vitara. 

The Ford Ranger holds strong in 5th place (+26%), the Holden Commodore manages a rare month in positive (+2%), and the Mazda CX-5 is once again the best-selling SUV in Australia and continues to progress (+7%) despite the tremendous success of its little brother the CX-3, up 40% year-on-year to #14 overall. The Nissan Navara reappears inside the Top 10 for the first time since last January thanks to sales up 113% to 1.752. The Hyundai Tucson (1.643) is breathing on the Toyota RAV4’s neck (1.695), the Hyundai Accent (+101%) more than compensates for the discontinuation of the i20, with the Subaru Forester (+28%), Honda HR-V (+26%), Mitsubishi Outlander (+64%) and Nissan Qashqai (+70%) all posting spectacular gains.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Australia May 2016. Picture courtesy caradvice.com.auAustralians have embraced the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport’s controversial design.

Among recently launched nameplates, below the Hyundai Tucson reigning supreme at #12, the Suzuki Vitara gains 14 spots on April to break into the Australian Top 50 for the very first time at #39, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is up 17 to #60, the Mercedes GLC down 8 to #62 and the Toyota Fortuner down 4 to #66. After an extravagant score in April (#35), the Ford Mustang falls back to more realistic levels (#75) yet still dominates its segment. For its first full month of sales, the Kia Picanto takes the lead of its (flailing) segment at #107, while the Mercedes GLS s up 41 ranks to an excellent 132nd spot. Finally, we welcome the Bentley Bentayga in the Australian sales charts this month at #252.

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Full May 2016 Top 294 All-models and Top 50 All-brands below.

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BSCB Exclusive: Discover the Top 1400 best-selling cars in the world

Toyota Corolla China July 2015. Picture courtesy of auto.ifeng.comThe Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world – 28% of its sales come from China. 

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Our traditional Full Year worldwide models ranking is finally here for 2015, and once again it is exclusive to BSCB. Thanks to the launch of 94 new nameplates and the addition of almost 200 Chinese commercial vehicles, the number of nameplates accounted for this year shoots up to 1.382 vs. 1.116 a year ago, so for the first time in the four years this chart has been published we can upgrade from a Top 1000 to a Top 1400 worldwide models – please bear with us while we work on making this a Top 1500 for 2016. This ranking is the result of the compilation of official sales data for 135 markets as well as manufacturers data shared by carmakers directly with BSCB. It was created with the help of Austin Rutherford. As we did for the 2014 ranking, complete notes are included in the table so it is clear what variants are included for each model, as often a car can be sold under various names and/or brands depending on the region of the world. The aim is to make it easier to gauge what really are the best-selling cars in the world in 2015.

VW Golf World 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf leaps to #2 worldwide in 2015. 

For the 11th consecutive year, the Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle in the world in 2015 with just under 1.5 million units delivered. It is the only nameplate to cross the million annual sales mark, an illustration of the insurmountable margin it has over all other nameplates sold on the planet. Even when removing Auris and Scion iM sales (sold as Corolla hatch in some markets), the Corolla adds up to 1.339.000 units, the official figure communicated by Toyota. Note that over 100.000 Japanese Corolla – now a completely different model – are accounted for separately. While it threatened the Corolla for the #1 spot both in 2012 and 2013, the Ford Focus suffers from its half-replacement by the Escort in China and is down 19% to fall to #5 overall with 828.700 sales. The VW Golf snaps the #2 worldwide spot thanks to sales up 3% to 950.200, and is followed by the Ford F-Series (921.800) and Hyundai Elantra (913.200).

Nissan X-Trail World 2015. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comThe Nissan X-Trail overtakes the Honda CR-V to become the best-selling SUV in the world. 

Below, the VW Polo (+4%), Toyota Camry (-2%), Renault Logan/Sandero (-2%) follow while the Nissan Sylphy (+13%) breaks into the worldwide Top 10 at #9 and the VW Passat rounds up the Top 10 with over 733.000 sales. One rank below, we witness a coup in the booming SUV segment: thanks to fantastic scores in China and North America, the Nissan X-Trail (aka Rogue) is up 47% to overtake the Honda CR-V and become the best-selling SUV in the world with just under 710.000 sales. The CR-V is at 695.500, ahead of the Toyota RAV4 (669.300), Ford Kuga (634.200) and Hyundai ix35/Tucson (580.600). However, Honda can console itself with the outstanding welcome reserved to the HR-V, up 4-fold on 2014 to an astounding 540.100 worldwide sales, 45% coming from China where it is sold as the Vezel and XR-V. It ranks #6 SUV and #19 overall.

Mercedes C Class World 2015. Picture courtesy aolcdn.comThe Mercedes C-Class is the best-selling luxury vehicle in the world in 2015. 

The largest market in the world, China is having a larger impact on the worldwide models ranking each year. Proof: among the Top 30 worldwide best-sellers, only 6 models sold less than 100.000 units there: the Chevrolet Silverado, Ram Pickup and Toyota Hilux (all three are unavailable in China), the Suzuki Swift, Ford Fiesta and Honda Civic. Despite sales down 13% to 660.700, the Wuling Hongguang remains the best-selling Chinese nameplate in the world but steps out of the Top 10 to #16. The Haval H6 follows at #45 and the Baojun 730 at #56. The best-selling luxury vehicle in the world is the Mercedes C-Class (+34%), overtaking the BMW 3 Series (-7%), with the BMW 5 Series (-7%) and Mercedes E-Class (-11%) in tow.

Wuling Hongguang V World 2015. Picture courtesy auto.sohu.comThe Wuling Hongguang V is the most popular new launch worldwide in 2015. 

There are 94 all-new nameplates making their very first appearance in this 2015 Annual Worldwide ranking. The most successful of all is the Wuling Hongguang V, launched in January 2015 and posting almost 200.000 sales for its first run. A testimony of the fact that China is just evolving in a different dimension altogether, this smashing start has been deemed lukewarm at home, given the success of previous launches from the brand. Note the Ford Escort – a nameplate resuscitated exclusively for China – misses out on the title for most successful all-new model due to a launch in late 2014 but soars to 214.363 sales for its first full year nevertheless. Most of the next most popular all-new launches worldwide come from China: the Baojun 560 (145.007), GAC Trumpchi GS4 (131.016) distance the Mazda CX-3 (85.575), Brilliance V3 (75.293) and Venucia T70 (63.195). Then, we have the Renault Kadjar (54.353), Daihatsu Wake (53.411) and Ssangyong Tivoli (50.965).

The entire Top 1382 ranking is available below the jump – click on “Read more” below.

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Full Year 2015 Top 1382 worldwide best-sellers vs. Full Year 2013 and 2014 figures below.

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France May 2016: Market up 22%, Dacia #3 brand with private buyers

Renault Clio Dacia Sandero France May 2016. Picture courtesy svetmotoru.auto.czIf the Renault Clio is #1 overall, the Dacia Sandero is #1 with private buyers for the 2nd month.

* Now updated with the Top 50 brands and Top 310 models – click on title to see *

Private and fleet sales details  can be found at end of article

French new car sales soar 22% year-on-year in May to a fantastic 175.834 registrations, however when brought back to the same amount of opening days the increase is only 4%. Year-to-date, the market is now up a very solid 10.5% to 875.079 or +7.3% with same opening days. French groups outpace their home market at +29% to 95.706 and 54.4% market share vs. 51.5% a year ago whereas foreign manufacturers are up 15% to 45.6% share vs. 48.5% a year ago. Renault leads the pack with an outstanding 33% improvement to 19.5% share ahead of Peugeot also growing faster than the market at +24% to 17.6% as well as Citroen up 30% to 10.5%.

Renault Megane France May 2016. Picture courtesy largus.frThe new gen Renault Mégane breaks into he Top 10 and outsells the VW Golf.

Volkswagen loses share (7.2%) with sales up just 8%, but more worryingly it only owes its growth to demo sales (+38%) and short-term rental sals (+38%) whereas private sales are actually down 6% – equivalent to a 20% freefall in daily sales rates. Renault-owned Dacia shines at +39% (more on this below). As a result, the Top 5 best-selling brand account for 60.3% of the French market in May vs. 58.3% a year ago. Below, Fiat (+39%), Kia (+41%) and Hyundai (+58%) also post spectacular results while Toyota does particularly well with private buyers (+22%) who account for 68% of its total sales for the month vs. 46% for the market. In the premium aisle, Audi (5.758) is up 22% to increase the gap with Mercedes (5.030) up 12% while BMW (4.983) ranks third but is the most dynamic at +29%. Year-to-date, it’s Audi again in the lead (+19%) ahead of BMW (+25%) while Mercedes lags behind at just +6%.

Citroen C4 Cactus France May 2016. Picture courtesy carmagazine.co.ukThe C4 Cactus (+72%) helps Citroen up 30% in May. 

Model-wise, the Renault Clio (9.684) reclaims the top spot off the Peugeot 208 (8.192) but gains less ground at +28% vs. +36%. The Peugot 308 (7.871) remains on the podium while the Peugeot 2008 (6.850) wins the small crossover battle over the Renault Captur (5.936) despite improving by ‘just’ 24% vs. 41% for the Renault, and owing its victory to a high amount of demo sales of the facelifted model in anticipation of its June launch. The low-cost Dacia Sandero delivers another stunning performance with sales up 62% to 5.043, overtaking the Citroen C3 to now rank 6th year-to-date vs. 9th over the Full Year 2015 – the Sandero is even #1 with private buyers (see further down) The Citroen C4 Picasso (#7) wins the MPV segment just as the Renault Scenic IV is about to enter the scene.

PEUGEOT 2008 1.6 BlueHDIThe Peugeot 2008 wins the small crossover race in May. The facelift has just landed. 

First Top 10 ranking for the Renault Mégane IV (3.566), outselling the VW Golf (3.221). The Renault Kadjar is segment leader at #13 (3.225) above the Dacia Duster (3.105) while the Nissan Qashqai is hit down 21% (1.946) and the Hyundai Tucson remains very strong at #31 (1.315). Market-beating performances of the Citroen C4 Cactus (+70%) and C3 Picasso (+56%) help maintain Citroen above 10% share at home. The Renault Talisman (#35), Renault Espace (+65%), Kia Sportage (+110%), Audi A4 (+114%), Peugeot Partner (+186%), BMW X1 (+217%) and Renault Trafic (+246%) also shine.

Porsche 718 Boxster France May 2016. Picture courtesy largus.frPorsche 718 Boxster

Among recent launches, the Fiat Tipo steps up 66 spots and 187% on April to #82, the Jaguar F-Pace is up 90 ranks and 126% to #153, the Citroen C-Elysée is up 37 spots and 154% to #175 but the e-Mehari is down 15 ranks and 37% to #192. We welcome three new nameplates in the French ranking this month: the Porsche 718 Boxster lands at #238, the Kia Niro arrives at #268 and the Toyota Mirai steps in at #310.

Dacia is the #3 brand in France with private buyers, above Citroen and Volkswagen. 

Special French Private Sales

Once again, looking at private sales gives a completely different picture of the French new car market. The majority of the sales gain for May comes from ‘artificial’ channels such as carmakers’ self registrations (+64%), Short-term rental sales (+27%), demo sales (+23%) and business fleets (+30%). Private sales are the weakest with a 16% gain which translates into a 1% decrease in daily sales rates (4.013 vs. 4.057 in May 2015), resulting in an all-time low market share of 45.6%. Renault does well with private buyers this month (+35%) in contrast with Peugeot up just 6% – or down 10% in daily rates.

Dacia Sandero France May 2016. Picture courtesy largus.frThe Dacia Sandero is the #1 model in France with private buyers above the 208 and Clio…

But the big surprise in the brands private sales ranking is the third position of Dacia, overtaking both Citroen and Volkswagen compared to the general market and managing that feat for only the 2nd time in its history after last month. In April, Dacia held 11.2% of the French private market vs. 10.2% for Citroen and this month Dacia is at 10.1% with 8.105 registrations vs. 9.5% for Citroen (7.614) and 7.4% for Volkswagen (5.962). 86% of Dacia sales are to private buyers in France which is a result of the low-cost strategy that virtually removes the brand from the business and rental fleet markets and ensures the optimal profit for the Renault Group. Year-to-date, Citroen remains above Dacia for now at 10.5% share vs. 10% for Dacia.

Dacia Duster France May 2016. Picture courtesy of autobild.de…while the Dacia Duster threatens the Peugeot 2008 for the SUV crown. 

Fittingly, the Dacia Sandero is the #1 vehicle in the country outright with private buyers, achieving this feat for the 2nd straight month – and ever – thanks to sales up a stunning 72% to 4.412 units, distancing the Peugeot 208 at 4.102 (+38%) and the Renault Clio at 3.901 (+11%). This is all the more impressive as it happens four years after the current generation Sandero was launched and just as a facelift is announced for the Paris Auto Show in September. The Dacia Duster for its part is up 36% to 2.486 units – almost snatching the SUV crown off the Peugeot 2008 – despite being overdue for a renewal. The business fleet models ranking is vastly different, crowing the Renault Clio (2.813) just above the Peugeot 308 (2.668), as is the short-term rental sales ranking, here too preferring the Renault Clio up 91% to 2.117 above the Peugeot 308 up 46% to 1.455 and the Peugeot 208 up 44% to 1.374.

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Full May 2016 Top 50 brands and Top 310 models below.

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