Poland January 2017: Toyota C-HR up to 11th place

The Toyota C-HR misses out on a Top 10 ranking for 66 sales this month.

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The Polish new car market soars 17% year-on-year in January to 41.962 registrations.  After dropping to an uncharacteristic third place in December, traditional market leader Skoda reclaims the top spot its held over the Full Year 2016 in spite of trailing the market at just +13% to 5.337 sales and 12.7% share. Toyota (+30%) and Volkswagen (+28%) follow, with Opel (+14%), Ford (+15%), Renault (+4%) and Kia (+7%) in tow but more timid. Fiat (+41%), Peugeot (+33%), Mercedes (+24%) and Hyundai (+23%) post the largest year-on-year gains among the remaining carmakers in the Top 15. Model-wise, the Skoda Fabia overtakes the traditional leader the Octavia to take the lead, both nameplates gaining 7% on their January 2016 score and therefore losing market share. The Opel Astra (+30%) confirms it has settled on the Polish podium, distancing the Toyota Yaris (+14%), VW Golf (+18%), Toyota Auris (+10%) and Skoda Rapid (+22%). The Hyundai Tucson soars 27% to #10 but the big event atop the Polish sales charts this month is the arrival of the Toyota C-HR at #11, up 29 spots on last month. The Fiat Tipo is the other recently launch to elbow its way into the Top 20, up 13 ranks on December to #16.

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Portugal January 2017: BMW 1 Series leaps up to 2nd place

Only the Renault Clio outsells the BMW 1 Series in Portugal in January. 

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Portuguese new car sales are up 8% year-on-year in Portugal in January to 15.028 registrations. Peugeot gains 11% to step up to exactly the same level as traditional leader Renault (+35%): both French carmakers sell 1.475 units this month for a dominant 9.8% market share. Only 34 units below is Mercedes up 19% to 9.6% share, ahead of BMW (+9%), Volkswagen and Opel (+6%). Fiat (+17%), Seat (+21%), Ford (+27%), Alfa Romeo (+47%), Kia (+49%), Hyundai (+52%), Lexus (+59%), Porsche (+60%), Jaguar (+85%) and Maserati (+250%) are among the biggest gainers for the month.

In the models ranking, the Renault Clio is up 25% to 655 sales, remaining the most popular vehicle in the country, but the big surprise is in 2nd place with the BMW 1 Series surging 60% to 515 units and 3% share, distancing the VW Polo, Citroen C3 (both up 19%) and Opel Corsa (+18%). The Peugeot 2008 soars 135% to #6, becoming the brand’s best-seller in Portugal above the 208 (-32%) and 308 (-22%). Notice also the Fiat Punto up 118% to #15, the Mercedes E-Class up 200% to #17, Peugeot 3008 up 561% to #24, the Seat Ateca up 26 spots on December to #43, the Renault Kadjar up 17 to #58, the Toyota C-HR down 11 to #60 and the Audi Q2 up 11 to #74.

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Venezuela January 2017: Jeep returns to market down 59%

12 new Jeep Grand Cherokee found a buyer in Venezuela in January.

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Each month the Venezuelan new car market sinks closer to full stalemate: down another 59% year-on-year to just 157 units in January. If Ford remains the #1 brand at 51% share, it drops 62% on its January 2016 score whereas Toyota is up 329% to 38.2% of the market. Jeep (7.6%) and Dodge (3.2%0 are the two only other carmaker managing to sell new vehicles in the country this month, note that this is Jeep’s return to market as the company didn’t sell a single car here throughout 2016. Down to #3 in December, the Ford Explorer reclaims the top spot it held over the FY16 with 19.7% share, just one unit above the Toyota Hilux (19.1%) and 6 above the Toyota Fortuner (15.9%). The Ford F-250, F-350 and Jeep Grand Cherokee follow.

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Uruguay January 2017: Chevrolet rallies back up 61% to #1

Chevrolet is back in charge of the Uruguayan market. 

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New car sales in Uruguay leap up 17% year-on-year in January to 3.877 units. Once unquestioned market leader, Chevrolet had gone down to a paltry 5th place over the Full Year 2016. The American brand rallies back 61% in January to snap the top spot with 15.8% share, distancing Volkswagen at 13.7% (+27%), Suzuki at 10.9% and 2016 leader Fiat at 7.2% (-29%). The rest of the Top 10 outpaces the market: Renault (+19%), Nissan (+48%), Peugeot (+58%), Ford (+63%), Kia (+96%) and Hyundai (+134%). Further down, notice Great Wall (+92%), Dongfeng (+48%) and Mercedes (+50%) with Chinese carmakers (-19%) accounting for 11.3% of the Uruguayan market this month vs. 12.8% over FY16.

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Japan January 2017: Nissan Note leads, Toyota C-HR up to #4

The Toyota C-HR is up to #4 at home in January. 

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The Japanese new car market starts 2017 on a positive note with a 4.9% year-on-year gain to 401.650 registrations. Market leader Toyota edges past the market growth at +5.3% to 28.7% share, a full two percentage points below its FY2016 level. In contrast, Honda frankly outpaces the market at +16.2% to 15% share, as does Nissan up 10.6% to 14% share, followed by Suzuki up 5.9% and Daihatsu down 0.1%. Beyond the Big Five, Lexus (-14.8%), Mazda (-19.2%) and Mitsubishi (-21%) struggle whereas Subaru (+11.7%), Hino (+12%) and Isuzu (+12.7%) impress.

The Nissan Note is the best-selling car in Japan in January. 

Mercedes (+1%) remains the most popular foreign carmaker but this month the German brand stays outside the overall Top 10 at #11, ahead of Volkswagen (+4.7%), BMW (-4.6%), Audi (+7.6%) and Mini (-1.3%). A handful of other foreign manufacturers also register double-digit year-on-year gains in January in Japan: Volvo (+20.6%), Jeep (+26.1%), Renault (+41.4%), Maserati (+57.6%), Lamborghini (+64.7%), DS (+65.4%), Citroen (+70%), Abarth (+119.5%), Rolls Royce (+145.5%) and McLaren (+175%) are among them. At the other end of the scale, Cadillac (-58.7%) and Ford (-79.1%) implode.

The Nissan Serena shoots up to 2nd place overall. The new generation boosts the Subaru Impreza up 60% to #11.

The models ranking is suddenly and completely reshuffled in January. Boosted by the new generation and its e-Power variant, the Nissan Note reclaims the top spot it held in November with an imposing 14.113 sales (+69%). Nissan even manages a historical 1-2 with the Serena up 95% to 11.179 units in 2nd place. Leader over the FY2016, the Toyota Prius freefalls 53% year-on-year and is knocked down to #3, its lowest ranking since November 2015.

The Suzuki Swift gets a 77% lift from its new gen in January.

But the big news is the arrival in 4th place for its 2nd month in market of the Toyota C-HR at 9.144 sales vs. 6.013 for its rival the Honda Vezel (+8%). The C-HR could be positioning itself as a serious contender for the 2016 pole position at home. Also launched late last year, the Toyota Roomy (#9) and Tank (#13) post very solid scores again. Other great performers in January include the Honda Freed up 3-fold on its January 2016 score to #6, the new gen Subaru Impreza – Car of the Year 2016-2017 in Japan – up 60% on the previous one to #11, the Toyota Harrier up 55% to #15, Suzuki Swift up 77% to #21 and Mazda Axela up 63% to #25. In the kei cars ranking, the Honda N-BOCX (+28%) keeps the lead by far, followed by the Daihatsu Tanto (-13%), Move (+63%) and Nissan Dayz (-14%).

Volvo sales are up 20.6% year-on-year in Japan in January.

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Singapore January 2017: Honda #1, BMW up 100% to 4th place

BMW sales double year-on-year to 562 in Singapore this month. 

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The Singaporean new car market continues to progress: up 7% year-on-year to 7.539 registrations in January. Honda (+15%) confirms it is the new favourite in the brands ranking with 22.1% share thanks to 1.666 sales with Toyota (+5%) remaining in 2nd place at 20.5%. Mercedes jumps 19% to #3 and 12% share while BMW doubles its sales year-on-year to leap up to 4th place and 7.5%. Mitsubishi (+73%), Kia (+41%), Opel (+1180%), Jaguar (+264%) and Ford (+275%) impress whereas Mazda (-10%), Nissan (-43%), Volkswagen (-32%), Hyundai (-53%) and Volvo (-25%) lose ground.

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New Caledonia (France) January 2017: Ford and Dacia head to head

The Citroen C3 soars up to 4th place overall in January. 

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Sales in New Caledonia, a French Overseas archipelago located north-east of Australia, surge up 59% year-on-year in January to 809 registrations. Ford (+52%) holds on the pole position by just one unit above Dacia (+134%) at 97 vs. 96, both manufacturers evolving a step higher than their FY16 market shares. Renault also, up 124% to 76 units and 10.2% of the market vs. 7.8% in 2016. Citroen (+79%) and Hyundai (+150%) are the only other manufacturers outpacing the market inside the Top 10. Volkswagen (+100%), Fiat (+188%) and Mazda (+213%) also make themselves noticed. Model-wise, the Dacia Duster confirms the pole position its snapped off the Ford Ranger last year, but here too by only one sale at 47 vs. 46 for the Ranger. The Ford Fiesta is up to #3, the Citroen C3 up 36 spots on its FY16 ranking to #4 thanks to the new generation, the Renault Clio up 10 to #6, the Hyundai Creta up 20 to #9 and the Peugeot 301 up 32 to #21. The Toyota Hilux, #3 in 2016, is out of the Top 20 in January.

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Chile January 2017: Nissan takes lead in market up 7%

Nissan is #1 overall in Chile in January 

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New car sales in Chile gain 7% year-on-year in January to 27.308 registrations, and this time Nissan (+29%) snaps the brands top spot with 2.581 sales and 9.5% share vs. ranking 5th over the Full Year 2016. That’s just 7 units above Chevrolet at 9.4% (+4%) and 52 above Hyundai at 9.3% (+19%). Kia (-1%) and Suzuki (-3%) go in reverse, Toyota gains 9%, Ford is up 21% and Peugeot up 12% but Mazda (-19%) and Mitsubishi (-27%) struggle. Outside the Top 10, Volkswagen (+44%), Chery (+53%), Mercedes (+64%), FAW (+83%), JAC (+94%), Lifan (+123%) and Foton (+420%) take off, meaning Chinese carmakers monopolise the four largest year-on-year gains this month. As a whole, Chinese brands are up 29% to represent 9.3% of the Chilean market in January vs. 8% over the Full Year 2016.

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Sweden January 2017: Volvo S/V90 now has VW Golf in sight

The Volvo S/V90 posts its highest monthly volume so far at home and ranks #2.

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The Swedish new car market is riding on the back of two additional selling days to gain 8% year-on-year in January to 23.282 registrations, a new record for the month and the 37th consecutive month of year-on-year gains. Market leader Volvo outpaces its home market at +15% to 4.732 sales but in 2nd place Volkswagen does even better at +21% to 4.288. BMW (-0.4%) and Kia (+3%) are more discreet, ahead of Mercedes surging 37% to 5th place and Audi crashing down 17% to #6. Seat (+15%), Mini (+29%), Ford (+61%), Porsche (+61%), Mitsubishi (+110%), Fiat (+126%) and Tesla (+458%) stand out with impressive gains.

The VW Golf is #1 in Sweden for the 5th time in the past 7 months. 

Now that the leader of the past two decades, the Volvo V70, has been discontinued, the Swedish models ranking brings its lot of surprises each month. The VW Golf led for four consecutive months from July to October – and was the first non-Volvo in 54 years to snap the pole position in FY16. Meanwhile Volvo is scrambling to find itself a new best-seller: the S/V60 took the overall lead for the first time ever in November, and in December it was the turn of the XC60. This month we have yet another picture: the VW Golf reclaims the top spot with 1.453 sales (+18%), and Volvo now separates sales of the defunct V70 (only 2 this month) from the all-new S/V90 tandem, up to 1.392: by a large margin its highest monthly volume so far and placing it at a close 2nd to the Golf. The recent arrival of the V90 Cross Country variant may well have been the key to unlock the nameplate’s sales potential at home. If the S/V90 continues to rises and manages the #1 spot in 2017, 2016 would just be a small bump in the road for Volvo.

The BMW 5 Series soars 112% to #8. 

The Top 7 is a VW-Volvo affair, with the Volvo S/V60 (#3), XC60 (#4), V40 (#7) and VW Passat (#5) and Tiguan (#6) up 202%. The BMW 5 Series soars 112% to #8, the Mercedes E-Class is up an ever more robust 183% to #11, with thePeugeot 3008 (+470%), Mitsubishi Outlander (+277%), Toyota Prius (+256%) and Fiat 500 (+2267%) also taking off. Among recent launches, the Kia Niro is in the clear lead at #29 above the  Seat Ateca (#58), Audi Q2 (#69) and Toyota C-HR (#70), so far more timid here than in the rest of Europe.

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Colombia January 2017: Chevrolet drops 5%, Renault up 15%

The Chevrolet Spark is the best-selling vehicle in Colombia in January. 

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The Colombian new car market is up 3% year-on-year in January to 17.215 registrations. Building on a trend we witness all across 2016, the two most popular carmakers in the country evolve in opposite ways: Chevrolet continues to decline at -5% to 4.123 registrations and 24% share whereas Renault gains another 15% to 3.692 and 21.4% share vs. 20.1% in FY16. Nissan (+38%) and Mazda (+25%) frankly outpace the market, both overtaking Kia (-19%) while Ford (+23%), Toyota (+45%) and Volkswagen (+26%) also shine inside the Top 10. Suzuki tumbles down 24% and Hyundai continues to implode at -72%.

The Renault Captur breaks into the Colombian Top 15.

At #11 overall, JAC (+169%) is the most popular of the 23 Chinese brands present on the Colombian market, distancing Foton at #15 (+63%), Chery at #17 (-32%), Dongfeng at #18 (+10%) and Changan at #26 (+5%). Overall, Chinese carmakers account for 4.2% of the Colombian market in January. In the models ranking, the Chevrolet Spark (1.175) and Sail (1.039) pass the Renault Sandero (1.022) to take the lead of the charts, with the Renault Duster/Oroch strong at #4 and the Mazda3 up two spots on its FY16 ranking at #5. Notice also the Renault Clio up to #8 vs. #15 in FY16, the Nissan Frontier up to #11 vs, #14 and the Chevrolet Onix (#12) and Renault Captur (#13) breaking into the Top 15.

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