Yemen 1st Quarter 2015: Toyota obliterates the market at 81.6% share

Yemen. Picture courtesy tabizine.jpSana’a, Yemen

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Just as the country is thrown into turmoil with its president in exile in Saudi Arabia, we have access to rare official data for Yemen where 4.811 new light vehicles found a buyer over the 1st Quarter of 2015. Yemen is the country in the world where Toyota dominates the most, with an unbelievable 81.6% market share so far this year (3.927 sales), 83.7% when adding Lexus (4.026 units)… Suzuki (4.1%), Hyundai (3.6%) and Isuzu (2.2%) follow at a very large distance.

Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Yemen March 2015The Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up holds 21.1% of the Yemeni car market so far in 2015.

Accordingly, the models ranking is completely obliterated by Toyota, with the Top 3 models holding a combined 70.1% market share: the Hilux leads at 28% followed by the Land Cruiser Pick-up (21.1%) and Land Cruiser (21%). The Toyota FJ Cruiser ranks at a world-best #5, the Lexus LX points its bonnet in 6th place and the Suzuki APV Truck is the best-selling non-Toyota model at #8.

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Full Q1 2015 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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Yemen June 2013: Toyota Group holds 79% of the market!

Toyota Land Cruiser Yemen June 2013. Picture courtesy of Motoring Middle EastToyota Land Cruiser

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It has been over a year since the last Yemenite data was published on BSCB, so I trust you will welcome this update! Limited market here, with just 1,478 new vehicles registered in June and 8,184 year-to-date – note Renault, Mercedes and Chinese manufacturers sales data is unavailable. Yemen is potentially the country in the world where Toyota dominates the most: the Japanese manufacturer grabs 77% of the market in June (79% with Lexus) and 76% year-to-date (78% with Lexus)! I agree this figure seems unreal but I have checked it again and again and it’s legit. Even adding the few additional manufacturers that don’t communicate data, Toyota’s market share in Yemen is likely north of 70%!

Range Rover Yemen June 2013The Range Rover is #11 in Yemen this month.

The Land Cruiser and Hilux battle for the title of best-selling model in the country, selling 336 units and 22.7% share vs. 334 and 22.6% respectively this month, however the Hilux leads year-to-date at 1,861 units and 22.7% vs. 1,823 and 22.3% for the LC. The Land Cruiser Pick-up rounds up the podium with 249 sales and 16.8% (19% year-to-dayte). Yes, these 3 vehicles account for nearly two third of the Yemenite car market, both in June and year-to-date! Far, far below we find the Toyota Fortuner at 4.3%, Toyota Prado at 2.8%, Lexus LX at 2.7% and Toyota Avalon at 2%, making the Top 7 best-sellers 100% Toyota. The most popular non-Toyota model in the country this month only holds 1.8% market share: the Hyundai Tucson at #8 (it is #5 year-to-date), ahead of the Hyundai i10 at #9 and the Range Rover very impressive at a world-best 11th spot with 1.5% share vs. #23 year-to-date…

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Full 6 months Top 40, June Top 20 models and Top 23 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Yemen Q1 2012: Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux dominate

Toyota Land Cruiser

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Yemen is the fourth middle-eastern country today after Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to now be graced with official sales data for the very first time on Best Selling Cars Blog thanks to the help of Ldman. It’s a very limited market with only 1,454 new vehicles sold over the first 3 months of 2012. Not all manufacturers are represented so the ranking could be incomplete but one thing is certain: Toyota dominates in Yemen.

Like in nearby Qatar and Bahrain, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best-selling model in the country over the period with a mammoth 23.8% market share thanks to 346 sales. The Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up comes 2nd with 228 units and 15.7% followed by the Toyota Hilux at 191 sales and 13.1%.

Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up

The Hyundai Tucson ranks #4 ahead of the Kia Cerato and Rio while the Range Rover is 7th with 32 sales and 2.2%, potentially its highest ranking in the world!

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Full Q1 2012 Top 60 Ranking Table below.

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Yemen 2010: Hilux and Yaris Sedan in command

Toyota Yaris in Yemeni street

There are no official car sales figures available for Yemen, so I relied on observation of the main Yemeni cities’ streets through YouTube videos. They show that in all likeliness, the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in Yemen, followed by the Toyota Yaris Sedan.

Toyota seems to have a strong hold over the Yemeni market with the Land Cruiser and Camry possibly in #3 and #4. The other very successful brand in Yemen is Hyundai which should place the Getz, Sonata and Tucson within the Top 10.

Toyota Hilux in background

More photos below.

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