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USA May 2014: General Motors up 13% despite recalls, Hyundai and Jeep break all-time record

2015 Hyundai Genesis USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comHyundai Genesis - Hyundai delivers its biggest monthly volume since the brand landed in the US in February 1986.

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May light vehicle sales in the US are up a massive 11% to 1.608.693 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 6.742.948 units, up 5% on 2013 as increased discounts and extended holiday deals drew consumers to showrooms according to Automotive News. Even better news: the annualized pace of sales shot up to 16.8 million, its highest rate in almost 8 years - since July 2006! Brand-wise, the 3 biggest pieces of news this month are below:

1. General Motors delivers its best year-on-year gain of the year so far at +13% despite a worsening recall crisis. This figure was lifted by a 21% increase in fleet deliveries vs. 10% for retail. All four brands from the American car manufacturer are on the up: Chevrolet is at +14%, Buick +11%, GMC +8% and Cadillac +6%.

2. Fiat-Chrysler lodges its 50th consecutive monthly improvement (almost 4.5 continuous years!) with Ram pickup deliveries up 17% and Jeep up a gargantuan 58% to an all-time record 70,203 units, the first time in the history of the company that over 70,000 sales are achieved in a single month in the USA.

3. Hyundai Motor America also sets an all-time monthly sales record in May of 70,907 units, up 4% over May 2013 (68,358) and up 2% on its previous monthly record set in March 2012 (69,728). The Tucson, Santa Fe, Genesis and Equus all gained at least 20% year-on-year this month.

In other brand news, Nissan Motor gains 19% (Nissan +17%, Infiniti +31%), the Toyota brand gains 17% to pass Chevrolet and rank #2 with 210,134 sales, Kia is up 15% to 60,087 units, Mazda is up 23% yo 29,731 sales, BMW up 17% to 29,602, Lexus up 21%, Audi up 25%, Lincoln up 21%, Mitsubishi up 54% and Maserati up 406%. Reversely, the Chrysler brand is down a harsh 22%, Volvo down 21% and the slide down continues for the Volkswagen brand at -15%.

2015 Toyota Camry USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.com2015 Toyota Camry. The Camry is back to #2 for the first time in almost one year.

In the models ranking, for once the Ford F-Series is the only vehicle to lose ground year-on-year in the Top 12, with buyers patiently waiting for the new generation to pop up in dealerships across the country from this Summer onwards. The Toyota Camry is up a brilliant 26% on May 2013 to reclaim a #2 spot it had not held since last August, also passing the RAM Pick-up year-to-date to establish itself it this position like last year.

Nissan Sentra USA May 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Nissan Sentra is up a huge 75% year-on-year in May in the US. 

The Chevrolet Silverado is down to #3 but still up 8% year-on-year while the Honda Accord is up one rank to #4, the Toyota Corolla up 31% year-on-year in 6th place and the Chevrolet Cruze up 41% to #11. Further down, notice the Nissan Sentra up a fantastic 75% on May 2013 to #17, the Jeep Wrangler up 18% to #21 and the Jeep Cherokee down 3 spots on April to a still very satisfying 27th spot with 15,992 sales, this generation's strongest monthly volume so far. Other great gainers atop the ranking include the Nissan Versa up 31%, Kia Soul and Chrysler Town & Country both up 37%, Subaru Forester up 41% and Hyundai Santa Fe up 44%.

Further down the ranking, we welcome 3 new models this month: the Porsche Macan at #171, Lincoln MKC at #200 and BMW i3 at #228. More on this in the next US update...

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Full May 2014 Top 258 models, Top 38 brands and Top 15 groups Ranking Tables below.

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  1. Todor
    June 10th, 2014 at 01:57 | #1

    Ford with only 2 brands sells almost as many cars as GM with 4 brands, three of which are nonluxury divisons and only one is luxury! Good for you Ford!

  2. June 6th, 2014 at 15:48 | #2

    I wonder what the GM sales would be if they didn’t have all those recall issues. It is really strange that it seems that there was no impact at all in sales, especially since there were a bunch of articles about worried GM car dealers.

  3. Michael
    June 5th, 2014 at 11:34 | #3

    Matt has been putting pictures of Jeeps for the past few months… he probably wanted to mix things up and make it look less stale and redundant. So I doubt he is doing what you are saying he is doing. Back off.

  4. Jack Dev
    June 5th, 2014 at 05:54 | #4

    You sound like the one with a hidden agenda… why Jeep in caps?
    Both brands break their records, and both sold over 70000 cars, with Hyundai a bit over Jeep. So why should he choose a Jeep photo?
    And speaking of marketing, it’s really a great compliment to Matt that you think anybody will buy a Hyundai because he posted a picture of one in this article…

  5. Yousuf
    June 5th, 2014 at 04:14 | #5

    That Hyundai picture in the title is completely out of place, wonder if Matt is doing something similar to the “paid news” and in disguise marketing products of companies like Hyundai in disguise.

    Hyundai breaking record is a rather statistical anomaly on account of a high base effect in May2013. Hyundai breaking all time record is clearly outshone by JEEP breaking all time record considering JEEP grew 58% YOY to do so, while Hyundai-Kia barely kept their heads above water, growing less than industry growth at 4%.

    Need to come clean on this mate

    • Matt Gasnier
      June 5th, 2014 at 14:27 | #6

      Hi Yousuf,
      I don’t need to ‘come clean’ or justify the pictures I put in my articles.
      Also I don’t do “paid news” as you say, and the sponsored articles I publish on my site are never about sales figures and always clearly indicated as such.

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