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  1. Emi Ang
    January 8, 2014

    @João Carlos da Costa Reis
    Actually in Argentina were 955.000 sales last year. Anyway Matt was talking about 2012 to 2013.

    We have so much questions in Argentina for 2014. The new and very stiff taxes on “luxury” cars make us wonder some things. Some people say that is going to be a boom on pick up sales because of the taxes. Some others say the tax is going to have an indirect impact on the price of every car even the cheapest. All of this leads to:
    - Will the sales fall dramatically?
    - Is there any hope of brake the 1 million sales barrier?
    - Will some brands leave the local market?

    Besides the taxes, I have the same question about Renault reaching the top, last year i asked about Chevrolet taking VW place and even though VW was down, the american brand didn’t grow up enough, so the answer was no. But then Renault made his move and now the distance in the top 3 is much more close. Also Renault Argentina is disposed to lead the market meanwhile VW appears much more passive than previous years, VW hope rest on the Up! So I think is a possible yes for question #20.

    We share with Brazil the question about the models which aren’t sold anymore because of the new regulation, Uno Fire, old Fiorino, Gol Power, Fiesta One hatchback y sedán, and Ford Ka.
    - How will change the list with all that models gone.

    - Will Toyota join the massive sales brands in the country? (VW, Renault, Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot)
    - Will Suzuki succeed in his return or is it not a good time?

  2. Neckriagen
    January 6, 2014

    1. Yes, no.
    2. Corolla.
    3. No.
    4. Toyota yet.
    5. No yet.
    6. yes, no.
    7. Yes.
    8. No.
    9. yes
    10. yes, yes, no.
    11. no.
    12. Yes, no.
    13. Yes.
    14. Yes.
    15. Yes. no, no.
    16. Yes.
    17. Yes.
    18. Yes.
    19. Yes.
    20. No.
    21. No.
    22. Yes.
    23. No.
    24. No.
    25. No.
    26. No.
    27. No.
    28. No.
    29. No.
    30. Yes.
    31. No.
    32. No.
    33. Mazda.
    34. No.
    35. Yes.
    36. Yes, Latinamerica and Africa.
    37. No.
    38. Yes.
    39. No, yes.
    40. Yes.
    41. Hybrid.
    42. No.
    43. No.
    44. No.
    45. Yes.
    46. No.
    47. No.
    48. No.
    49. No.
    50. Yes?

  3. Paul
    January 4, 2014

    Will Tesla start marketing cars, rather than just an operating system?

  4. Bill
    January 2, 2014

    Question #6. The answer is NO, as conserns for Europe. Brand will not establish as a solid player. European market is still too tough for Chinese.

  5. João Carlos da Costa Reis
    January 2, 2014

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry, but compare China and USA (your #1 question

    “1. Will both the Chinese and US car market continue to grow fast? Which one will be the fastest and will China still be on track to hit 30 millions sales by 2020?”)

    in my opinion is not the point.

    USA market growth was not so impressive in the last 05 years, compared with the absolutely surprising Chinese market growth.

    It’s known that the Chinese market’s astonishing grown from about 200.000 (two hundred thousand) units in 2000 to about 21.000.000 (twety one milion) in 2013.

    That is 10.000% in 13 years.

    I believe that are some other astonishing market car growths worldwide much more impressive than that of the United States, that could replace it in the comparison you formulated.

    I could mention:

    1. Brazil: 1.500.000 units in 2002 up to 3.500.000 in 2013 (more than 230% of growth)
    2. Argentina: 200.000 in 2003 to 750.000 in 2013 (more than 350% growth)
    3. Russia: 1.000.000 in 2005 up to more than 3.000.000 in 2013 (more than 300% growth)
    4. India: 800.000 units in 2004 up to 4.000.000 in 2012 (more than 500% growth)

    • matgasnier
      January 2, 2014

      Hi Joao,
      I am talking about the last couple of years only.
      Remember than in 2012 the US market grew faster than the Chinese market, and in 2013 the growth rates are very similar with 8% for the US and 12% for China. So this question remains valid, especially as laws limiting the registrations of new cars in all the most populated cities in China become more stringent.

  6. Andre
    January 2, 2014

    -What will change in Brazilian top 10 now that previous generations VW gol and Fiat Uno aren´t sold anymore?
    -Which model will replace the VW Kombi in Brazil now that it isn´t sold anymore?
    -Will Chery experience significant growth in South America after its factory in Brazil starts operating?
    -Will Haval´s most expensive SUV be a sucess in China?

  7. Kimmi
    January 2, 2014

    Hi Matt,

    3 – The DS5 LS looks pretty good and deserves success, hell, it even deserves that Citröen sells it elsewhere;

    6 – Qoros looks pretty good, if generic. I see Kia/Hyundai when they arrived at the western markets, success won’t be immediate, but if they keep on improving…

    7 – Growth, but they need the Model X to keep on building sales and stay independent;

    37 – Yes, it would even succeed in western markets if launched there, it reminds the old successful Terrano;

    41 – Hybrids are already part of Toyota’s business, so yes, they will keep on building on their success to differentiate from others. Hydrogen Cars are still a money-losing project, like the first Prius was.

  8. Bryan
    January 1, 2014

    Will the Japanese brands be affected again by the tension between the Japanese and the Chinese Governments?

    Will the DS Citroen premium line be successful? I don’t believe it but i hope i’m wrong.

  9. sandeep
    January 1, 2014

    My Question: will China finally gives us acces to the sales of Imported cars ?

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