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Australia: Infiniti tells you how many ‘German luxury cars’ live in your suburb…aims at Top 20 ranking by 2015

The Infiniti FX is predicted to be the brand's best-seller in Australia

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After Opel (see my article on the launch of Opel in Australia here), it's now Infiniti's turn to launch in Australia with an advertising campaign openly targeting luxury brands Mercedes, BMW and Audi. And why would this deserve to feature on BSCB I hear you ask? Because Infiniti's campaign, launched today, enables you to find out the number of German luxury cars currently in circulation in your own suburb... What if one day some brands used BSCB sales data in their campaign? :-)

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Using data from the 2011 Australian Motor Vehicle Census, the online reskin of major news website The Sydney Morning Herald prompts viewers to type in the suburb they live in and displays the number of Mercedes, BMW and Audis in circulation in that specific suburb...to then establish Infiniti as "The new choice in performance luxury".

Infiniti M

Infiniti Australia General Manager Kevin Snell says the brand's long-term ambition is to overtake Lexus in Australia as the No.1 alternative to German brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz...This means Infiniti aims at selling over 7,000 cars annually by 2015, unlocking a spot in the Top 20 most popular brands in Australia by then...

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  1. NismoBoy
    October 2nd, 2012 at 07:18 | #1

    I remember 13 years ago when i bought my first Audi….nobody would even think that today Audi will aspire to be nº1 Worldwide in volume sales.. So with a good design; performance; general quality and marketing, everything can happen.

    For exemple the infiniti G (the entry level model – 3.7 V6!!!) in USA is performing very well for years. And that particular model is a fiasco in Europe due to a lack of diesel engine. And everybody know that the top selling “luxury” models in Europe have small diesel engines.

    Another thing, infiniti doesn´t have a entry level model like A1/A3; 1 series; A and B classes or even CT or IS. And selling cars for 30.000€ is different than selling for 60.000 €.

    Remember that West European car market it´s very different from the rest of the world.
    Best regards Bill

    Please note: i`m European, but a live in Brazil and before in UAE.

  2. Bill
    October 2nd, 2012 at 06:25 | #2


    According to seaa, one of the most successful Lexus in Greece is the RX450h.
    It now costs 78.500 euros (as in its “Dynamic” version). Basic Infinity EX costs 61.700 euros and the Infinity FX GT 74.000 euros. Lexus CT is indeed a much affordable car, but Lexus was already successful before that, at least hear in Greece.
    Of course Australian market is a different story and yes, Infinity may have quite a success over there. Oh…Russian market is a different story as well. :)

  3. NismoBoy
    October 2nd, 2012 at 04:12 | #3

    Bill why don´t you compare the prices between the entry level´s Lexus (CT/IS) and the Infiniti (G/EX) in Europe?LoL And another thing, compare the recent performance in Russia. Selling CT and IS (ordinary cars) is easy to get voulme sales!!

    For my experience, i think Infiniti has a huge potencial….it has design; performance. Infiniti only needs to widenning is global footprint.

  4. Bill
    October 1st, 2012 at 22:11 | #4

    Lexus -vs- Infinity, Greece:

    Brand 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 (8m)
    Lexus 767 430 142 125 42
    Infinity 12 34 9 3 1

  5. October 1st, 2012 at 19:21 | #5

    Infinity is also a flop here in the UK, according to the SMMT figures only 342 were sold in the first eight months of 2012 compared to:- Lexus – 5526, Jaguar – 8177 with the German brands way ahead, Mercedes – 56783, BMW – 75265 and Audi – 79107

  6. Bill
    October 1st, 2012 at 18:33 | #6

    My neighborhood is full of German cars…LOL!!! Btw, in Greece while Lexus is doing OK, Infinity was the big flop of the decade.

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