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Europe March 2012: Now available with Top 316 models! UPDATED

VW Tiguan

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 316 best-selling models! Click on title to see *

Thanks to Lancia Lover from Autoweek.nl, I can now share with you a Top 100 models ranking for Europe in March. We have covered the Top 10 already, with the Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Yaris delivering record-breaking performances, so let's focus on the ranking below. The BMW 1 Series is up 12 spots on its 2011 ranking to #17 with 18,110 sales while the VW Tiguan is up 14 to #21 at 17,027 units and the Nissan Juke is up 12 to #27 with 14,183 sales.

Mercedes B Class

Good performance of the Mini up 6 ranks to #30 and 13,903 units, the Audi A6 up 13 to #33, the Mercedes B Class up a massive 40 spots to #34, the Opel Zafira up 26 to #36, both thanks to  thanks to new generations now available in dealerships. The Hyundai ix35 is up 12 spots on its 2011 ranking to break into the Top 50 at #46. Last newcomer in the European Top 50: the VW Up! landing directly at #47 with 9,986 sales.

Kia Rio

Kia is in great shape in this start of the year: the Sportage is up 17 spots to #52 and the Rio is up 61 to #58. Other great performers in the European Top 100 include the BMW X3 up 17 ranks to #60, the Range Rover Evoque up 111 to #71 and 7,437 units and the Audi Q3 up 134 spots on its 2011 to #72 with 7,193 sales.

Subaru XV

Further down, notice the Peugeot 208 landing at #108 with 4,058 units, the Citroen DS4 up 21 ranks to #116, the Hyundai i40 up 80 to #117, the Mazda CX-5 landing at #143, the Citroen DS5 at #145, the VW Beetle at #184 and the Subaru XV at #192. Electric cars are progressing: the Opel Ampera is up 89 spots compared to its 2011 ranking to #215 and the Nissan Leaf is up 47 to #217. A few very prestigious models do really well: the Ferrari FF is up 25 ranks to #281, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is up 19 to #289 and the Lamborghini Aventador is up 15 to #295.

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Full March 2012 Top 316 Ranking Table below.

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  1. Dario
    May 23rd, 2012 at 15:54 | #1

    Thanks Juan Felipe, I visited your blog. Very nice

  2. TheK
    May 23rd, 2012 at 09:00 | #2

    Does the “Chrysler” name have a better reputation there? I think, both are ghosts which had seen much better times – Lancia with the Delta HF Integrale, Chrysler with the New Yorker.

  3. coolcat
    May 23rd, 2012 at 05:19 | #3

    Marc, In the UK, if they used the Lancia name, they would sell even fewer than they are under the Chrysler name, as the UK associates Lancia with rust and unreliability. The Ypsilon and Delta are very overpriced and well below class standards.

  4. Juan Felipe
    May 22nd, 2012 at 09:45 | #4

    You are right Dario: 500 sales are less dependant on Italian market than Panda’s. By far the small 500 is the most international Fiat in Europe, allong with the Giulietta. In the other hand there is the Lancia Ypsilon which more than 85% is sold in Italy. If you want to see more news about Fiat-Chrysler group come to my blog: http://carindustryanalysis.wordpress.com/

  5. Dario
    May 22nd, 2012 at 03:38 | #5

    It would be interesting, in my opinion, to see the export ratio. I mean the percentage of car sold abroad.
    For example (I’m quite interested in Fiat Group sales) Panda sold 17.000 units but 10.000 in Italy (more than 50 percent), while the 500 sold 16.000 units but only 4000 in Italy.

  6. Marc
    May 22nd, 2012 at 00:55 | #6

    Why for the Ypsilon model they used Lancia/Chrylser and for all Opel models they don’t use bi-name Opel/Vauxall but only Opel?
    Or one or the other way for all… ;)

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