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Croatia February 2012: Opel Astra leads, Kia Rio in Top 10

Opel Astra

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New car sales in Croatia are up 6% year-on-year in February at 3,563 registrations, bringing the 2012 year-to-date total to 7,053 units, also up 6% on 2011. Equal #1 with the VW Polo last month, the Opel Astra holds the top spot all on its own this time with 178 sales and 5% share and logically takes the lead year-to-date as well at 332 units and 4.7%. 2011's leader, the Skoda Octavia, is up 4 spots on January to #2 with 118 sales and 3.3% and is followed by the VW Golf also up 4 ranks to #3 and 3.2%.

Kia Rio. Picture by es.autoblog.com, all rights reserved.

The Peugeot 308 does better, up 5 spots to #4 at 110 units and 3.1% ahead of the VW Passat down 3 ranks to #5 but up to 2nd place year-to-date with 232 sales and 3.3%. Excellent month also for the Citroen C4 up 2 spots to #6, the Renault Megane up 6 ranks to #7 and the Kia Rio breaking into the Croatian Top 10 for the first time at #9 with 79 units and 2.2% share.

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  1. Max
    March 9th, 2012 at 20:28 | #1

    I’m very happy to find regularly informations about Croatia (and Slovenia), but what about Bosnia and Serbia ?
    It seems very difficult to have statistics about cars sales in these two countries : there are only two articles for each country in “Best Selling Cars” archives (Bosnia 2008 and 2011, Serbia 2007 and July 2011).

    I have a Serbian friend (boy) and a Bosniak friend (girl), but it’s hard to make them to say what are the most popular cars over there… Except the discontinued Yugo.

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