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Egypt July 2011: New gen Hyundai Elantra starts with a bang

Hyundai Elantra

* See the Top 50 best-selling models over June/July by clicking on 'Read more' at end of post! *

Many thanks to Ldman for making this post possible!

The Egyptian car market is slowly returning to normal after last February's events, but July sales are still down 21% year-on-year at 17,688 units. The year-to-date total stands at 94,712 registrations, 34% below 2010.

While the Hyundai Verna keeps its title of best-selling car in Egypt with 2,952 sales and 8.4% share, the new generation Hyundai Elantra delivers very impressive numbers for its first two months in market: it ranks directly #2 over June/July at 2,589 units and 7.4% share! The Chevrolet Lanos is in shape and takes the 3rd spot over the period at 6.2% share.

JMC Pickup

The Chevrolet TFR pick-up (aka Isuzu D-Max) is down to #4 over the period at 6.1% but stays 2nd year-to-date at 7,690 units and 8.1%. Excellent score of the Chevrolet Aveo, up to 5th place with 1,597 sales (4.6%) just above the new generation Hyundai Accent, #6 with 1,593 sales and 4.5%.

Other good performers in Egypt over the period include the Speranza A516 up to #12, the Hyundai Matrix up to #20, the Mitsubishi Lancer up to #22 and the JMC Pickup launched earlier this year and landing directly at #23 with 322 sales and 0.9% share.

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Full June/July and year-to-date 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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  1. ausrutherford
    August 22nd, 2011 at 22:59 | #1

    Could I get those from #51 and up? thanks!

    • matgasnier
      August 22nd, 2011 at 23:36 | #2

      Hi Austin,
      Outside the Top 50 my figures are unreliable because based on month by month differences of year-to-date market shares, so I wouldn’t be confident sharing them with you, hope you understand….

  2. August 22nd, 2011 at 22:56 | #3

    Wonder what is a Skoda octavia fantasia???!!

    • matgasnier
      August 22nd, 2011 at 23:34 | #4

      Hi Miguel,
      The Skoda Octavia current generation is called Fantasia in Egypt to differentiate it from the previous generation Octavia still on sale in the country.

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