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Japan 2010 Imports: Golf, Polo and Mini shine

Imported cars are traditionally very discreet in Japan, only accounting for 5.8% of all passenger car sales at 187,436 units. Volkswagen is the only imported brand to feature in the general Top 10 (9th with 46,707 sales), and it places 2 models on top of the imports ranking: the Golf in #1 at 26,075 sales (0.8%) and the Polo in #2 at 14,507 (0.45%).

The BMW 3 Series is 3rd with 11,664 sales, the first of no less than 5 BMW's in the Top 15, including the Mini at #4 (11,338), the 5 Series at #7 and the X1 at #12. The Mercedes E Class is 5th. Top 15 in pictures and in detail: click on 'Read more' below.

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