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World 2010: Toyota Hilux #1 in 28 countries

Best Selling Cars now covers 154 countries around the world, so we can rank models by the number of times they appear #1 in any given country (more on the methodology below). This is exclusive to Best Selling Cars, you won't find it anywhere else! Toyota places 4 models in the Top 5, showing how established the brand is all over the world.

The Toyota Hilux is the model that appears most often in #1: in 28 countries, including 21 in Africa. The Toyota Corolla follows: #1 in 18 countries, and the only one across the 5 continents: Europe (1 country), Asia (6), Africa (9), America (1) and Oceania (1).

Then come the Toyota Camry, VW Golf (both 8 countries) and Toyota Yaris/Vios (7). For the list of all 57 models that appear #1 and in which countries they do so, see below.

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  1. Danny Budiarta
    October 19th, 2012 at 16:08 | #1

    Hello Matt’s, where can I see the detail 2010 car sales by make and model ?
    I mean those with the numbers of sales for the whole year 2010 from January to December.

    Please help me with the link.


    • matgasnier
      October 19th, 2012 at 16:18 | #2

      Hi Danny,
      At the time I didn’t have enough information to release a detailed models ranking sorry.

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