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Liberia: Toyota Hilux leader, Nissans rule the streets

Toyota Hilux in Monrovia, Liberia

* Click on title for more street scenes and video! *

Liberia is still in the midst of recovering from the long civic war that tore the country apart, so understandably priority is not given to cars in this context. About half of all cars in circulation in the streets of the capital Monrovia are old gen Nissan Sunnys, mainly as taxis.

Nissan indeed largely dominate the car landscape in Liberia, with the Frontier and Patrol also very popular, but ss far as new cars are concerned it should be a different story. My bet is going on the Toyota Hilux as the best selling vehicle in liberia in 2010, ahead of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 favored by NGO's.

More street scenes and street video below.

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  1. Indranil
    August 27th, 2014 at 07:55 | #1

    You can get a Nissan Civilian or Toyota Coaster for a song in Ghana. Or consider a Hiace or Urvan but these are small and cant hold more than 10. Or you can get a Dodge Ram shipped from the US. Or a Force Traveller from India. Or you can buy a Tata 407 truck and then do it up to seat 15 to 20. Try Korean websites for cheap Hyundai and Kia Citybuses. They are LHD and in reasonably good nick. Surprisingly for all the SUVs and Sports sedans. Citybuses are few and far between. The Nissan Civilian and the Toyota Coaster are probably the only major models with the Ford Transit and the Benz Viano and VW Caravelle bringimg up the rear and mostly sold in Europe. The Civilian and Coaster are available worldwide , so it should not be harda to find a new one, though I am not certain what the customs duty in Liberia on these cars is, and what the onroad price will be. But i guess it will be steep. So a competetivrly priced used Civilian or Coaster will be agood catch. Get in touch with one or the used car exporters in Japan, since they have stong links to the west african reconditioned car import business and can guide you well. I even received a call from an African used car exporter in Yokohama, wishing to sell cars in India. But India is a closed market. Beware of dodgy dealers in Japan who may take your money and disappear. Deal with reputed dealers like SBT etc. They also ship spares and a rep from Japan is often in Ghana or Nigeria to assist.

  2. Indranil
    August 27th, 2014 at 07:38 | #2

    Liberia or its neighbours probably have a robust reconditioned Japanese car market, so finding a Nissian Civilian or Toyota Coaster should not be difficult. You can also import
    the average Hiace or Urvan but these dont hold more than 10.
    You can get a Force Traveller from India but i am not sure how. or a
    Dodge Ram from the US probably will work.

  3. f Dweh
    January 10th, 2014 at 10:18 | #3

    I am a liberian who has lived in the U S for over 30 years. I an trying to find an Auto Dealership in Liberia or Ivory coast for a city bus or van that can hold about 15 -20 passengers

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