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Yemen 2010: Hilux and Yaris Sedan in command

Toyota Yaris in Yemeni street

There are no official car sales figures available for Yemen, so I relied on observation of the main Yemeni cities' streets through YouTube videos. They show that in all likeliness, the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in Yemen, followed by the Toyota Yaris Sedan.

Toyota seems to have a strong hold over the Yemeni market with the Land Cruiser and Camry possibly in #3 and #4. The other very successful brand in Yemen is Hyundai which should place the Getz, Sonata and Tucson within the Top 10.

Toyota Hilux in background

More photos below.

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  1. Zaid
    June 7th, 2012 at 00:50 | #1

    I have the actual figures that you missed until 2010 (Couldnt get 2011 data due to the crisis that took place in yemen, the yemeni authorities didnt prepare it so far), I am preparing a study on automobile for Yemen market and that would be first as many reporting companies are missing this specific Country while there is a huge growth in automobile business.

    looking forward to sell it……

    freelance consultant
    Zaid Almawri

  2. Terry Brenan
    March 14th, 2012 at 08:21 | #2

    When I worked in Aden Yemen, we had Toyota vehicles, that had what we referred to as Arabian Air Conditioning—from plus 110 deg to 60/70in under 5 minutes—fantastic, our Landcruisers had real refigerators in the glove box, and could go like snot—very fast and very scary on the curves. They also had full sized Honda trucks, and mini size Dihatsu’s (sic) smaller than the average North American bath tub

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