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Switzerland 1998-2001: VW Golf and Opel Astra dominate

January 31st, 2002 No comments

Opel Astra

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A carbon copy of the German market, the best-selling models in Switzerland over the period are the VW Golf and Opel Astra. The Golf sells 17,369 units in 1998 and 16,704 in 2001 while the Astra is at 15,271 sales in 1998 and 10,749 in 2001. The VW Passat comes in third place in 1998 at 8,534 units but drops to #4 in 2001 with 9,758 sales, replaced by the BMW 3 Series at 9,853 units.

Other popular models over the period are the Opel Vectra #4 in 1998, Opel Corsa #5 in 1998, Renault Megane #6 in 1998 and Opel Zafira #6 in 2001. Notice the Mcc Smart at #9 in 2001 with 5,941 sales.

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Full Year 1998 and 2001 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Iran 1967-2001: Paykan monopolises the market

January 30th, 2002 No comments

Based on the 1966 Hillman Hunter, the Paykan started being assembled in Iran in 1967 by Iran National (later renamed Iran Khodro), and full-scale manufacture of the car, less the engine, was effective in the mid-70’s.

By 1972, it seemed that all the cars in the streets of the country were Paykans, and the model went on to lead the Iranian sales for an astounding 35 years… A total of 1.4 million have been produced.

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Spain 2001: Peugeot 206 new leader

January 30th, 2002 No comments

Peugeot 206 Spain 2001 Peugeot 206

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Now that we have access to separate sales for the Renault Megane and Scenic and Ctroen Xsara and Xsara Picasso courtesy of Alberto from La Tribuna de Automocion, a whole new models ranking emerges. The Peugeot 206 tops the Spanish ladder for the first time with 72,803 sales, up 11% year-on-year while the Seat Ibiza remains #2 at 70,792 units (-5%) and the Ford Focus is up one spot and 14% to round up the podium with 69,031 sales. Leader in 2000, the Citroen Xsara drops 17% to #4 whereas the Opel Astra and Renault Clio don’t move from their 5th and 6th place respectively. The Citroen Xsara Picasso is up 52% to #12 and the Peugeot 307 makes its first appearance in the ranking at #19.

Full Year 2001 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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UK 2000-2001: Focus and Astra dominate, Peugeot 206 shines

January 30th, 2002 3 comments

Ford Focus

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Never before had Britons bought so many new cars: in 2001 no less than 2,458,769 registrations were recorded, a new record for the UK market. The Ford Focus affirms its domination over British sales, improving all through the period with 114,512 sales and 5.2% share in 2000 and 137,074 units and 5.6% in 2001.

Peugeot 206

The Vauxhall Astra is at a best-ever 2nd position over the period, peaking at 98,999 sales and 4% share in 2001, just above the Ford Fiesta at 98,221 units. The Peugeot 206 is now the best-selling foreign model in the country, reaching a position no other foreign model had managed in at least 35 years: it is #5 in 2000 with 80,992 sales and #4 in 2001 with an outstanding 97,887 units.

Rover 25

The Vauxhall Corsa ranks #4 in 2000 and #5 in 2001, the Renault Clio is the 2nd best-selling foreign model, #8 in 2000 and #7 in 2001. The Fiat Punto breaks into the annual British Top 10 for the very first time in the nameplate’s history, ranking #10 in 2000 with 54,840 sales and 2.5% share. Same story for the Citroen Xsara/Picasso, up 122% to #9 and 65,681 units in 2001.

Land Rover Freelander

Further down the ranking, notice the BMW 3 Series getting closer and closer to the year-end Top 10, up to #11 in 2000, the Rover 25 ranking #14 in both years and the Land Rover Freelander breaking into the UK Top 30 in 2000 at #30 and 20,067 units and progressing to #24 and 24,812 sales in 2001.

Full 2000 Top 30 and 2001 Top 25 Ranking Tables below.

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Portugal 2001: Opel Corsa and Renault Clio fight

January 30th, 2002 No comments

Opel Corsa

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Extremely tight fight for the title of Portugal’s best-selling model this year and the Opel Corsa wins by just 3 units! It sells 17,811 vs. 17,808 for the Renault Clio… The Peugeot 206 is not far off in third place at 17,415 units.

Flirting with the lead last year, the Fiat Punto is down to #4 with 15,668 sales, ahead of the VW Golf at 14,387 units and the VW Polo at 10,418.

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Full Year 2001 Top 8 Ranking Table below.

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USA 2001: Ford F-Series breaks record, Honda Accord best-selling passenger car

January 29th, 2002 No comments

Honda Accord

The Ford F-Series passes an important benchmark this year: 900,000 sales in one year! At 911,597 units it is up 4% on 2000 sales. It even reaches the out-of-this world figure of 102,424 sales in one month in October, its new monthly volume record… The Chevrolet Silverado is up 11% at 716,051 sales and the Ford Explorer stays #3 despite dropping 7% to 415,921 sales.

Ford F Series

The Honda Accord reclaims the title of US best-selling passenger car at 414,718 units (+3%) while the Toyota Camry is down 8% in 5th place with 390,449 sales. The Ford Taurus stays #6 at 353,560 units, down 7% while the Honda Civic is up one spot to #8 (+2%).

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Full 2001 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Italy 2001: Fiat Punto leads, Ford Focus up to #2

January 29th, 2002 2 comments

Fiat Punto

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Car sales in Italy are stable in 2001 at 2,417,149 registrations. The Fiat Punto still comfortably leads the Italian models ranking and improves its market share year-on-year to 11.9% thanks to 287,495 sales (+6%). The Ford Focus impresses and jumps to a brilliant 2nd place with 98,469 units and 4.1% share (+14%), just above the Fiat Seicento at 95,677 sales and 4%, down 7%.

Ford Focus

The Lancia Y is down one spot to #4 but stays very solid at 91,923 sales and 3.8%. Incredibly, the Fiat Panda, in its 21st year, is stable at 89,384 units and 3.7%, followed by the Peugeot 206 up one rank to #6 (3.6%). The Toyota Yaris breaks into the annual Italian Top 10 for the very first time at #8 with 71,683 sales (3%). Notice also the Opel Zafira up 5 spots to #14, the Alfa Romeo 147 up 68 to #15 and the Fiat Multipla up 5 to #20.

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Full Year Top 100 and January 2001 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Finland 2001: Opel Astra snaps up pole position

January 27th, 2002 No comments

Opel Astra

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The generation change of the Toyota Corolla has opened opportunities for other models to improve their rankings in Finland, and the main beneficiaries are the Opel Astra, leader this year with 5,749 sales, and the Toyota Avensis, #2 at 5,089 units. It is followed by the Ford Mondeo at 4,618 units and the Ford Focus at 4,277.

Toyota Avensis

The Nissan Almera rounds up the Top 5 with 4,114 sales while the Toyota Corolla is down to #7. Further down, notice the Fiat Punto at #9, the Volvo S/V40 at #11, the Toyota Yaris at #17 and the Renault Laguna at #18.

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Full Year 2001 Top 5 Ranking Table below.

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Denmark 2001: Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 206 and 406 on podium

January 27th, 2002 No comments

Ford Mondeo

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Very little information for 2001 in Denmark, only that the Ford Mondeo is the best-selling model with 5,688 sales, ahead of the Peugeot 206 at 5,297 and the Peugeot 406 at 4,243. The Citroen C5 ranks 4th, followed by the Toyota Avensis.

Full Year 2001 Top 5 Ranking Table below.

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Belgium 1998-2001: VW Golf in the lead

January 26th, 2002 No comments

VW Golf

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Belgium is at a crossroads of countries and influences in Europe and its best-selling models ranking reflects this. Like in Germany, the VW Golf is in pole position all through the period, posting very strong numbers each year, including 23,923 sales in 1998 and 22,904 in 2001. Like in France, the Renault Megane is very popular, #2 in 1998 at 18,900 units. The Opel Astra is #3 in 1998 with 18,050 sales and #2 in 2001 at 20,327 units.

The Peugeot 206 breaks into the podium in 2001 with 18,864 sales, the VW Polo goes from #4 in 1998 to #7 in 2001, reversely the Ford Focus goes from #8 in 1998 (added up with Escort sales) to #4 in 2001 (on its own). The Renault Clio jumps from #10 in 1998 to #5 in 2001 and the Opel Corsa stays 6th both years.

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Full Year 1998 Top 10 and 2001 Top 7 Ranking Tables below.

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