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  1. matgasnier
    April 22, 2012


    Hi Jason,

    Thanks very much for your comment and apologies for the late response. You seem to have exhaustive access to historical car sales data for the US, and I would be very interested in knowing more about what you have access to. Would you mind letting me know? I’d love to make my site much more complete and historical US data is one of the biggest holes in my data…

    Would love to hear from you.
    Thanks very much Jason.


  2. Jason
    February 23, 2012

    According to Polk … 1981 sales : Cutlass-155,088 4 door model, Cutlass Supreme- 263,425, Cutlass Wagon- 30,598 ,,,,, all RWD models … as the Cutlass Ciera FWD wasn’t yet available….. so the Cutlass model was the Best Selling Car in 1981 … add up the numbers and it totals over 400k units in 1981 !!!!!! WOW. Also the Regal/ Regal Century and Wagon = 332,000 units sold . Rember the RWD Regal was a 2 door model and the Century Regal is a 4 door model. VW Rabbit figures include the total VW sales in 1981… VW made many models in 1981 , while the Rabbit was the best selling vw, it did’nt sell at the numbers reported. Escort sales didn’t include the Escort EXP , a 2 door sporty car , which should be added to the Escort sales …. EXP sales =51,500 sales.

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