Greece (Athens) 1964: UK brands grab 40% of market!

Vauxhall Viva Greece 1964Vauxhall Viva. Vauxhall is the #9 manufacturer in Athens in 1964.

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Thanks to Bill I can share with you the most popular car manufacturers in the Athens metropolitan area over the first 11 months of 1964. The market is up a beautiful 30% year-on-year over this time, and UK brands grab no less than 40% of the 8,427 unit-strong market: Ford UK leads the way thanks to 952 sales, with Austin at #5, Hillman at #7, Vauxhall at #9 and Morris at #10. Model-wise, the VW Beetle and Ford Cortina should be battling for the top spot, with the Ford Taunus 12M, Austin/Morris 1100, Fiat 1100 & 1300 and Vauxhall Viva also strong sellers.

Full 11 months 1964 Top 10 brands Ranking Table below.

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Sweden 1961-1964: VW Beetle, Volvo Amazon or PV on top?

1962 Volvo Amazon Estate

I couldn’t access any official car sales data for the period in Sweden and the start of the sixties is a very tricky time to pinpoint a models leader in the country. The VW Beetle has spent the entire fifties in the lead and still held a huge 18.6% share in 1960 but it is #2 in 1965. It could well have topped the Swedish ranking for the entire period.

The Volvo PV 444/544 was #2 in 1960 with 14.7% share and stopped being produced in 1966, therefore being the least likely candidate for the pole position over the period. However the Volvo Amazon, only 4th at 8.1% in 1960 is the best-seller in 1965 and could have spent a couple of year on top before then.

If you do have sales data for Sweden over the period please ensure you get in touch by commenting on this article!