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Algeria 2007: Chevrolet Aveo triumphs

At 217,742 registrations, the Algerian car market is up a very healthy 16% in 2007. Only #5 last year, the Chevrolet Aveo is the best selling car in the country this year with 7.4% of the market and 16,071 units sold, 14,713 of which are Sedans. The Toyota Hilux is…

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Brazil 2007: Gol and Palio at 220,000+ sales

Fiat Palio The car market explodes in Brazil in 2007: +28% at 2,342,059 units! That's way above France (2,064,999) and just under Italy (2,506,323) and Great Britain (2,404,007)... The VW Gol is still the best seller (243,164 sales, 10.4% share) but this year the Fiat Palio was breathing down its…

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