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The car buyer of the Future: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The environment. It is something that needs to be protected if we are all going to survive in the future. Most car companies have realised this, so recently cars such as the Nissan Leaf are electric. Most of them have been rubbish so far. They were not fast, not good looking and not anything you would actually want in a car. But finally an electric car that you would actually want is here in Australia.

Tesla is an American company that you might have heard of before. They made the Tesla Roadster, which was a very good debut for a car company. You may also have heard of the Tesla coil as well, which was created by Nikola Tesla, transforms electricity and has almost nothing to do with what we are talking about. But what we are interested in is their new model. The Tesla Model S.

What ever you do now, do not turn off your computer and jump to conclusions! Yes I may hear you saying oh its electric, oh it’s never going to work and other various things talking about its nationality. Well let’s jump into this so I can convince you not to turn off your computer.

First of all, this is definitely one of the most exciting cars to look at. It has door handles that present themselves to you every time you walk near the car with the key and they are made of chrome. The wheel spokes look like long knives owned by a ninja. It has a streamlined look and instead of a grill it has a black thing with Chrome lines on it. Its futuristic look leads me to the interior. It doesn’t just look futuristic from the outside it is futuristic.

Tesla Model S Interior. Picture courtesy of

Step inside and the first thing you will notice is the massive screen that replaces the dashboard on other cars. It’s not just for things about the car. You can actually surf the web on it so you have quite literally a computer on wheels. If you want info about the car you look where the speedometer would normally be. Instead there is information about your range and also has cool telemetry. All cool is all I need right now. The tech doesn’t end there. The car can be updated in the same way a computer is updated. All you have to do is press a button and it’s done. That makes a Formula One Car sound like a 1980’s cell phone. #No-offence-to-people-born-before-1990.

The interior isn’t all tech too. Because it has no engine or gearbox there is more space. This car can already fit 5 people in before you walk round to the boot, which is massive and there are two small racing seats facing backwards. Then you walk round to the front and there is a boot in the front too. This car uses the space brilliantly. And plus the leather in the Model S, is actually leather. The interior doesn’t feel cheap like other American cars and you might actually want one unlike other American cars.

Now onto the electric motor. Most electric cars drive just about 5 metres before they stop and you have to charge it forever. The Tesla can do an astonishing 502 kilometres on one charge! And that’s not all… The Model S is crazy fast! The Top of The range P85+ has 310KW and a face bending 600 NM of torque and what’s even more amazing is that the torque is there from 0 kph upwards getting this car from 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds. That’s enough to scare super cars. Tesla say this car will match the performance of the BMW M5 and other cars like the Merc S63. Well I think it can match almost anything!

So this car looks to me like one of the best cars ever to hit the roads. Also, message for Range Rover: they have an SUV coming… And Caterham too: Tesla are going to make another roadster that will do 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds. So Tesla are advancing as we speak. As for its price: $101.408 to $200.602. Ouch. Is it worth it? Your choice.

The car buyer of the Future: Porsche Macan vs. Range Rover Evoque

Porsche Macan 1. Picture courtesy of Jack MacKenzie

As we know for a long time Porsche have been making sports cars. One of the most well known is the 911, which celebrated its fifty year anniversary last year. You would think a car selling for fifty years would be a company’s best-selling car – but no. Porsche’s best-selling car is actually the Cayenne, even though as far as I am concerned it is not exactly what one could call very good looking. I don’t think it’s a car people would lust after, but maybe Porsche’s new SUV will change that. The Macan is a cut down version of the Cayenne, and is far more desirable to me.

It comes as a diesel, diesel S, petrol, petrol S and turbo models. Unfortunately, unlike the Cayenne there are no V8 models. Instead they come with 3.0 litre V6 bi-turbo and single turbo engines. In Australia where I reside, prices range between $84,500 to $122,900. Each Macan comes with the 7 speed PDK gearbox as all new Porsches do. I like this car a lot and to give the car a bit more jazz they have given it the same steering wheel as the 918 hyper-car. The exterior and interior are exceptionally good as well.

Porsche Macan 2. Picture courtesy of Jack MacKenzie

However, I can’t let this car off the hook yet because like the A class Mercedes I wrote about a few months ago, the Macan has a direct rival. If you are a badge snob, the Range Rover for many years has been the SUV to go for and a few years ago they launched the Evoque, which is roughly the same size as the Macan. So let’s compare the two. In terms of pricing the Macan is in trouble because the entry level Macan is nearly double the price of an entry level Evoque and even the top of the range Evoque will still set you back less than the entry level Macan. I personally think the Macan is far better looking.

To compare both models in terms of power we will use The Macan diesel S and the Evoque TD4. This is where Macan wins out because it has 190kw, which is 80Kw more than the Evoque. The Macan also has much more torque (which you will need for towing stuff) because it has 580 Nm compared to the Range Rover’s 400 Nm. Now onto fuel economy, an important factor however wealthy you are. The Porsche beats the Range Rover again at 46.3 mpg whereas the Rover only does 45.6 mpg. Boot space is also important as well and this is where the Rover beats the Porsche, but not by much: it has 550 litres of boot space compared to the Porsche’s 500 litres.

Range Rover Evoque

So in my opinion it comes down to choice. They are both very desirable and very good cars. A Porsche sports car would normally be the more desirable car, however the Macan is not a sports car therefore it is competing in a market that Porsche are relatively new to; the SUV market. On the other hand the Macan is so good it can tackle the most desirable. But is that Porsche badge worth double the cash? That battle must be fought in the comments.

The Mercedes A-Class by the Car buyer of the Future

Jack Mercedes A ClassWith the Mercedes A-Class

I’m Jack MacKenzie, 10, a while ago Matt introduced me to you all. He said my love of cars reminds him of himself at that age, except unlike him I already created a YouTube Series called Have you speed your pants – be sure to check it out! So Matt gave me the task to express my views here on BestSellingCarsBlog so you can get an insight into what is in the mind of the car buyer of the future (that’s me). And first I decided to talk about Mercedes and specifically its new A-Class. It’s no secret that Mercedes has been on a mission to rejuvenate both its clientele and its range. In fact, Mercedes France President Marc Langenbrinck recently said that in the past 3 years, Mercedes has managed to attract the youngest client base among premium brands, with the average age of A-Class customers being 10 years younger than for the previous generation, and over 55% of A-Class buyers come from a different brand…

Mercedes A-Class. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe new generation Mercedes A-Class is the brand’s most successful launch so far.

Well this rings very true in my world. My dad had believed that Mercedes was a brand targeted towards older people and even he thought he was not old enough yet to drive one. However he is very excited by the new models coming out and think that they now appeal to different generations. All good and well but this is my dad. I have always loved Mercedes because they are civilised, quiet, luxurious and occasionally exciting. I want to save up for one – it would not matter whether I have just passed my driving test or whether I’m nothing but wrinkles – I just want one. Some are comfy and quiet like the S-Class, sporty and refined like the SL and some are crazy, loud and monstrous: the AMG range.

Mercedes A Class Germany September 2011This is what the A-Class used to look like.

So wouldn’t it be rather strange if Mercedes brought in a hatchback that’s no way near as pricey, comfortable or as fast as a traditional Mercedes? Well that’s just what they did back in 1997 with the A-Class. Let’s be kind and just say it wasn’t really a looker. But in 2012 Merc came fighting back with anew model that in my opinion completely changed its image. It’s gone from one of the worst looking hatches in the world to one of the best-looking ones, more attractive in almost every single aspect which I didn’t except, to be honest. I first saw the new A-Class in an ad for the AMG 45, and then did a review on my youtube channel about it.

Mercedes A45 AMG. Picture courtesy of largus.frMercedes A45 AMG

Now you know about the A-Class’ childhood, let’s move on to some facts and figures. In Australia, you can get an A180 for about forty grand and for that you get a 1.6 litre engine and very nice interior and exterior indeed! But there is also a $90,000 AMG version called the A45. Now what AMG do is they take standard production cars, put a very, very, very powerful engines in it and takes people’s brains away. But we all want to know facts on our A45 so lets have a look. The 2.0 litre four cylinder engine pumps out 450 NM of torque and 0-62 MPH takes just 4.6 secs which is very good for a hatch.

Mercedes-A-Class-Interior. Picture courtesy Auto BIldMercedes A-Class

If you just don’t have enough money in your pocket for the A45 just go with a normal A180, but still there are a few problems with that. Well only two in fact and they are small ones. The ride isn’t exactly like riding on a feather and every time you get to traffic lights the engine just stops which is fine if you are an eco-fuel mentalist but it can just get annoying sometimes. Apart from that, to me the A-Class is problem-free.

Audi-A3-BMW-1-Mercedes-A-Class. Picture courtesy Auto BIldThe A-Class competes with the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

How does the it stack up against other Mercs? I’ll first use an animal comparison and say that as a brand Mercedes would be a house cat (a luxurious one of course), but AMG would be a lion that has just been shot in the buttocks by an arrow making a massive roar. The A-Class would be a puppy: eager, very excited and every time his owner moved in any way he/she would roll around very excitedly.

Now the A-Class has been compared with the others in its family-tree, how about outside the comfort zone? Like any car the A-Class has its rivals such as the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3. The BMW might be better on paper but in my view the Merc smashes it on exotic interiors and exteriors, and same with the Audi.  Merc’s other rivals (Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar) can’t compete because to me they have no cars to compete with, which is kind of sad actually.

A look into the car buyer of the future: introducing Jack MacKenzie

Matt Jack

If you are a regular BSCB reader, you may recall my visit to the Randwick Primary School in Sydney, Australia back in July. One pupil in the class I spoke with proved to be as passionate about cars as I am, if not more: Jack MacKenzie, 10. Jack’s love of cars reminds me of myself at that age, except unlike me, he already has created a YouTube Series called Have you speed your pants loaded with car reviews (check it out here)! Jack’s knowledge of cars is so astounding for his young age and his interest in the blogging world so intense that we came to this realisation: what if we let Jack express his views here on BestSellingCarsBlog so we can all understand what’s in the mind of the car buyer of the future?

1989 Mazda MX-5The 1989 Mazda MX-5, Jack’s first car if he could drive today.

Granted, Jack is one of many future car buyers in the world, but his passion and fluency give us a unique opportunity to easily delve into the mind of a 10 year-old car fanatic, which is not something I’ve seen too often online yet. So Jack will soon start to intervene on focused subjects in line with BestSellingCarsBlog’s sales data niche. Before I give Jack his first mission I thought I’d introduce him properly to you all. Jack’s passion for cars started when watching car chases in James Bond movies (sounds familiar? to me too), and already stems from the feeling of being inside a car: the touch, design, materials used… If he was able to, he’d drive a first generation Mazda MX-5 as his first car today. Very discerning tastes already…

Being 10, Jack was virtually born with an iPad in his hands, so he is used to having everything at his fingertip in real time, for example all the info about the car he would be reviewing on a certain day. This is typically the type of attitude I want Jack to spend some time explaining to us dinosaurs when he starts writing for BSCB. A new attitude towards car buying means different cars will be snapped up by the next generation and for us car sales analysts, being familiar with these changes early on is invaluable.

Toyota 86The 86 changed Jack’s perception of Toyota.

When I last spoke with Jack we had time to briefly touch on his perception of some of Australia’s best-selling carmakers. Years of price-driven advertising have already taken their toll on Jack’s perception of the only truly Australian brand, Holden, which he thinks is cheap. Toyota was seen as “way too common”, until the 86 (aka Scion FR-S) was released. “That really changed my views about the brand. I would happily buy an 86 today if I could” he said. Interestingly, Mazda, doing extremely well sales-wise in Australia, is seen as a lot of spin. “They have stylish cars but they portray themselves as sporty where in fact they are just like any other brand in that regard” (except for the MX-5 of course). Harsh… Hyundai gets a better wrap: “I didn’t care too much about Hyundai until I saw the new i30. It is a much nicer car than its predecessor and it made me start to notice Hyundai a little more”.

Based on his quotes above, you will have noticed Jack’s elocution is already better than most of us, but this is only the beginning! So please join me in sending Jack a warm welcome into the world of BestSellingCarsBlog.