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Romania October 2010: 3 Dacias in Top 4!

The Romanian market is starting to recover from a catastrophic start in 2010 (-85% in January vs. '09!): October is at +9% with 8,281 sales, with the Year-to-date figure still down 27% with 70,629 registrations. No surprises on top: the Dacia Logan is king with 27.7% of the market, very…

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Romania 2009: Logan at 24%, Sandero #2

Dacia Sandero The Romanian market did one thing in 2009: it crashed to the ground, going from 324,080 sales in 2008 to 147,962 (-55%) in spite of of government subsidies. In this chaos, the Dacia Logan has managed to slightly improve its market share, from 23.4% to 23.7%. It's lower…

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Romania 2008: Logan at 25%, Sandero arrives

I only have official figures for the first 8 months of the year, so if you have more complete data please make sure to get in touch! In spite of the increased competition triggered by the country's entrance in the European Union, the Dacia Logan maintains its stranglehold on the…

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Romania 1995: Dacia 1310 above 60% share

The Dacia 1310 holds over 60% share of the Romanian market in 1995. New car sales in Romania surge 61.8% year-on-year in 1995 to 93.097 units which is the largest volume we have on record for this market - official data starts in 1985 for Romania. Homegrown manufacturer Dacia holds…

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Romania 1985-1994: Car market survives troubled times

The Dacia 1310 is the best-selling vehicle in Romania over the period. The 1985-1994 period is probably the most eventful in recent Romanian political history. The country witnessed the fall of Communism during the December 1989 Romanian Revolution and a shaky transition into democracy from 1990 onwards. As a result,…

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