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Bolivia Full Year 2015: Suzuki remains best-selling brand, Vitara launched

Suzuki Vitara Bolivia 2015The all-new Suzuki Vitara could become the best-selling model in Bolivia in 2016. 

New light vehicle sales in Bolivia are up 2.7% in 2015 to 41.204 registrations, down from a 10% increase in 2014 (40.092 revised data vs. 36.444 in 2013), according to the Cámara Automotor Boliviana (CAB). Suzuki remains the best-selling brand in the country, followed by Toyota. The Suzuki Grand Vitara has been the best-seller in Bolivia for the past few years, and in January 2016 Suzuki launched the all-new Vitara in the country. It was a massive event, supported by a rather grandiose advertising campaign:

For the first time on BSCB we can share with you an official Top 10 brands ranking with complete sales detail, albeit for 2012, the latest year available in an article that resurfaced recently. We can also give you each Bolivian market monthly volume from January 2012 to June 2015. All the detail is below the jump.

Previous year: Bolivia Full Year 2014: Suzuki Grand Vitara likely leader

See each monthly volume in Bolivia from January 2012 to June 2015 below.

Full Year 2012 Top 10 brands Ranking Table below.

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Bolivia Full Year 2014: Suzuki Grand Vitara likely leader

Suzuki Grand Vitara Bolivia 2014Suzuki Grand Vitara

New car sales in Bolivia are estimated to be up 3% year-on-year in 2014 to 37.412 registrations, according to the Cámara Automotor Boliviana (CAB). Unexpectedly, Bolivia is among the countries in the world where the largest number of brands are sold: a whopping 185! Among them, the 12 top sellers account for 80% of the market, with the remaining 173 share 20% of overall sales. In fact, the Top 3 brands hold over half of the entire market (51.6%). Suzuki leads with 29.6% ahead of Toyota at 13% and Nissan at 9%. The Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota Hilux are estimated to be the best-selling nameplates in the country, with the Hilux accounting for 50% of all Bolivian sales of the Toyota Group (Toyota, Daihatsu and Lexus). After holding a world-best 27.9% of the market in 2012, Chinese manufacturers were down to 25.8% in 2013 and 22.2% in 2014.

Full Year 2014 estimated Top 10 best-selling models below.

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Bolivia Full Year 2013: Chinese brands at world-best 26% share

Great Wall C20R Bolivia 2013. Picture courtesy of motorbox.comThe Great Wall C20R has just been launched in Bolivia (Italian model shown).

* See the Full article by clicking on the title! Thanks Renato *

Today I can share with you very rare car sales data for Bolivia and it shows both a very striking evolution and structure. After gaining an immense 68% in 2010, 78% in 2011 and 50% in 2012 to 29,960 registrations, the Bolivian new car market is up a further 22% in 2013 to a record 36,418 units. This means new car sales in Bolivia have gone from 6,659 units in 2009 to 36,418 in 2013, an explosive 447% increase in only 4 years! This result is to be compared with 29,798 used cars imported in the country in 2013 according to the Cámara Automotor Boliviana (CAB). Where do these new cars come from? Still predominantly from Japan with Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi potentially leading the way.

Bolivia data. Picture courtesy of

However the most interesting piece of information regarding the Bolivian new car market is the record-breaking market share the Chinese carmakers have reached in only a few years of presence in the country. Starting at just 274 sales and 4.1% share in 2009, Chinese brands increased to 903 units and 8.6% share in 2010 (+230%), 3,715 sales and 18.6% share in 2011 (+311%) and 8,357 and 27.9% share in 2012 (+125%). This share is a world record, beating the 23.3% Chinese carmakers reached in Uruguay in 2013 which was previously though to be the highest ever. Granted, by ‘only’ increasing 12% in 2013 to 9,380 units, Chinese brands have gone down to 25.8% share in Bolivia this year, but this is still a world record.

Previous post: Bolivia 2011: Toyota Hilux, Fortuner and 4 Runner in command

See the Full article (no ranking) below.

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Bolivia 2011: Hilux, Frontier and 4Runner in command

Toyota 4Runner

* Click on title for the estimated Top 30 best-selling models – thanks to Pablo Cesar! *

As we are getting into the end of the month and February sales updates are getting close to complete, I thought I would put a few countries under the spotlight. First up, Bolivia. No official sales data available for this country so if you have anything please make sure to get in touch!

The most recent information I had about Bolivia dated back to 2005 and my trip there. Now thanks to Pablo Cesar who visited the country last month I can share with you a much more up-to-date estimation of the country’s best-selling models. The Bolivian new car market is very heavily skewed towards SUVs and pickups with 25 of the Top 30 models belonging to these two categories!

Toyota Hilux

Like in neighbour Peru, the Toyota Hilux should be the best-selling car in Bolivia, with the Nissan Frontier taking the 2nd spot. The Toyota 4Runner rounds up the podium, which would make Bolivia its best country in the world.

The Suzuki Grand Vitara has been a runaway hit in the country for 2 generations and should land in 4th place, followed by the best-selling Passenger Car the Hyundai Accent at #5 and the Kia Picanto at #6. The Mitsubishi L200 ranks 7th and the Mitsubishi Montero 8th.

Nissan Frontier (aka NP300)

Notice the BMW X5 at #13, the Toyota FJ Cruiser at #14, the BMW 5 Series at #21 and the Range Rover Sport at #28. The presence of such luxurious models that high in the ranking is understandable: it is the result of Bolivian new car sales being still very limited in volume and reserved to an elite, the characteristics of a car market still in its infancy.

Full 2011 Estimated Top 30 Ranking Table below.

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Bolivia: Nissan Sentra popular

Nissan Sentra

No car sales data available for Bolivia, so this is a very rough estimation based on my observations during my trip to Bolivia in December 2005. A lot has happened since, so if you have any info about car sales in Bolivia please make sure to get in touch!

The Nissan Sentra seemed to be quite high in the rankings back in 2005, followed by both Suzuki Grand Vitara and Vitara, the Mitsubishi Montero (aka Pajero), the VW Polo Sedan and Gol. The Nissan Patrol, Pathfinder, Toyota Prado and RAV4 also seem reasonably successful. Again this is complete speculation based on observations in streets of La Paz.

Note: I took the above picture in La Paz in December 2005.