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Media post: The Forgotten Mopar Cars

Chrysler 300J. Picture courtesy The big three American automobile companies, GM, Ford and Chrysler, are really the “Big Two” and Chrysler. Chrysler has always been somewhat of a little brother to the other two, and you can see this in the cars they make. It seems they often target…

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Media post: The Evolution of Gas Pumping

Most of the states in the U.S used to have fire laws that disallowed “untrained personnel” from dispensing flammable fluids. Governments were worried about accidents happening due to letting people pump their own gas into their cars. This meant gasoline being dispensed at fill-up stations by their staff. Here’s the story. Early days The first filling stations began to come…

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Media post: Best US Cities for EV Owners

If you are considering the purchase of an Electric Vehicle (EV), there is more than just the cost of the vehicle and its driving range to consider. Hiley Volkswagen of Arlington, TX, a local Volkswagen dealer in Arlington,TX, insists that every EV driver should also investigate where the local charging stations…

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