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Portugal 1989: Fiat Uno and Opel Corsa on top

Opel Corsa

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Portuguese magazine AutoHoje takes us on trip down memory lane, listing the Top 20 best-selling models in the country in 1989 in their latest issue. The Fiat Uno dominates with 17,418 sales, only 123 above the Opel Corsa, #2 at 17,205 units and both models grab 9% of the market. The Renault Supercinq rounds up the podium in 3rd place with 14,809 sales and 7.7%.

Fiat Uno

The Renault 19 is an instant hit in the country, landing directly in 4th position for its first full year at 14,169 units and 7.3%. In fact, Renault places 4 models in the Top 20 with the Renault 4 at #15 and the Renault 21 at #16. The Ford Fiesta ranks 5th with 11,147 sales and 5.8%, ahead of the Citroen AX and the VW Golf. A best-seller in most of Europe, the Peugeot 205 is only #8 in Portugal, with Peugeot placing the 405 at #14 and the 309 at #19. The Fiat Tipo closes the Top 10.

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Full Year 1989 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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West Germany 1989: VW Golf leads, Passat on podium

VW Golf

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2.832 million new cars found a buyer in Germany in 1989, and the best-seller is again the VW Golf at 321,827 units or 11.4%, followed by the Opel Kadett with 214,528 sales and 7.6%. Launched in 1988, the new generation VW Passat climbs onto the podium this year at 155,835 sales and 5.5%, the nameplate’s best score so far.

VW Passat

The Mercedes 200/300 drops by one spot and 15% to #4 and 133,245 sales while the new Opel Vectra lands directly in 5th place at 116,392 units and 4.1% share for its first full year of sales. The BMW 5 Series misses the Top 10 for 2,000 units, ranking #11 with 77,924 sales and 2.8% share, up 19%.

Mercedes 200/300

As far as foreign models are concerned, the Mazda 626 keeps its best-seller title at #16 with 43,422 sales but the Renault 19 is hot on its heels for its first full year of sales at #17 and 42,748 units. The Toyota Corolla follows at #18 with 39,733 sales and the Fiat Uno ranks #20 at 37,927 units.

Full 1989 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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Australia 1989: Holden Commodore back on top in ‘Falcadore’ era

1988 Holden Commodore VN

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The Australian new car market continues its recovery in 1989: up 16% year-on-year to return above 600.000 annual registrations for the first time since 1985 at 607.499. Ford (+10%) remains the most popular brand in the country at 24.2% share above Toyota at 18.8% (+13%) and Holden at 17.5% (+16%) while other local manufacturers Mitsubishi (+15%) and Nissan (+19%) are catching up a 11.9% and 11.1% share respectively. Mazda (+34%) and Honda (+16%) are the only other brands above 2% share, Hyundai ranks 10th with 6.925 units.

1989 Ford EA Falcon

With the arrival of the VN Series of the Holden Commodore in late 1988, both the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore are now exactly head to head in price and size. This marks the start of over two decades of intense fight between the two models for the title of best-selling car in Australia, commonly known as the ‘Falcadore’ era… After 7 consecutive years of Falcon domination, the Holden Commodore reclaims a pole position it last held in 1981 thanks to 70.831 sales (+23%) vs. 64.281 (-7%) for the Falcon. The changeover happened in March when the Commodore took the monthly lead, and never looked back, edging past the Falcon in the May year-to-date sales charts.

Toyota Lexcen Australia 1989Holden Commodore? No, Toyota Lexcen.

The Mitsubishi Magna, Ford Laser, Toyota Camry and Corolla follow. 1989 is also the year of a new joint-venture between Toyota and Holden, producing odd rebadges such as the Toyota Lexcen (a rebadged Holden Commodore) #10 in December, Holden Apollo (a rebadged Toyota Camry) #12 in November-December, and Holden Nova (a rebadged Toyota Corolla) #16 in November.

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Full Year 1989 Top 20 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Norway 1980-1989: VW Golf and Ford Sierra dominate

VW Golf

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For Norway in the eighties I only have access to a Top 25 models ranking for the entire decade, not year by year. If you have more detailed information please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this article! At this little game the VW Golf wins with an overall share of 4.9% and is followed by the Ford Sierra and Volvo 240 Series both at 4.3%. The Mazda 626 manages an outstanding 4th place with 4% share ahead of its little sister the Mazda 323 at 3.9%.

Ford Sierra

The Japanese are now here in force in Norway: there are 11 of them in the eighties’ Top 25, with the Toyota Carina (#9), Corolla (#11), Mazda 929 (#12), Toyota Camry (#14) and Nissan Sunnny (#17) also very popular. Notice also the Opel Ascona at #6, the Ford Escort at #7 and Opel Kadett at #8.

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Full Eighties Top 25 Ranking Table below.

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