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France 1949: Renault 4CV ramps up

Renault 4CV

Presented at the 1946 Paris Motor Show, the Renault 4CV started its production in August 1947 and 37,000 units had been sold by mid-1949, making it the most popular car in France. It was nicknamed ”La motte de beurre” (the lump of butter) due to its shape and colour: early deliveries used surplus paint from the German Afrika Korps Army vehicles which were a sand-yellow color.

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Australia 1948-1949: Austin A40 dominates sales

Austin A40

I have very little information about the Australian car market over the period, only that the locally assembled Austin A40 is the best-selling model in the country in 1948 and 1949 just before the Holden cranked up its production.

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Source: Wheels magazine March 2012

Germany 1946-1949: Volkswagen brings the car to the people

The VW Beetle was originally named KdF-Wagen

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The VW Beetle (Kaefer in German) was first called ‘Type 1’ and lead the models ranking during the second half of the forties, when production ramped up. Originally launched in 1938, the first 1,785 units of the model were produced in 1945 and by March 1946 the Wolfsburg factory produced around 1,000 units every month. The Beetle sold 8,184 units in Germany in 1948 and 32,557 in 1949.

Source: Wikipedia, many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!