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USA 1927-1932: Ford Model A sells 4.8 million units in 4 years!

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While looking for pictures online today I came across production figures for the Ford Model A, the successor to the Model T. And they are phenomenal, to a point where it is safe to say that the Ford Model A should be the best-selling model in the USA and potentially the world over the period. The Model A started production in October 1927 and stopped in March 1932, that’s 53 months of life, a very short time indeed.

In that timeframe, a staggering 4,849,340 units were produced, that around 1 million per year on average. However after hitting its first million on 4 February 1929, it only needed 170 days to get to 2 millions (on 24 July 1929) and 230 days to hit 3 millions (in March 1930)! At this rate, the Model A’s production figure for 1929, the year the Great Depression started, should be around 1.9 million which would come very close to the Ford Model T’s best years (2 million produced in 1923 and 1.9 million produced in 1924 and 1925).

Something to keep in mind though is that at the time, each brand only had one model with a lot of different body styles. For example, in 1930 the Model A had 9 body style available. Prices for the Model A ranged from US$385 for a roadster to $1400 for the top-of-the-line Town Car. A rear view mirror was optional…

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Greece 1932: Ford & Chevrolet most popular, 4 US brands in Top 6

1930 Ford Model A

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Yesterday Bill offered me a little present for BSCB’s 2nd Anniversary: the best-selling manufacturers in Greece in… 1932! This makes Greece the only country with the USA to feature pre-World War II car sales info. If you do have any info about any car market before 1940, please make sure to get in touch by either commenting on this post or clicking on the ‘Contact us’ tab and filling your details.

While over the first 6 months of 1929, 548 new passenger cars found a buyer in Greece (351 of them taxis), the Great Depression that followed brought the market down to just 273 units over the Full Year 1932. US carmakers are frankly dominant, with Ford in the lead at 60 sales and 22% market share, followed by Chevrolet at #2 and 12.5% while Buick ranks #5 at 6.2% and Plymouth #6 at 4%.

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Full Year 1932 Top 6 Ranking Table below.

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