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Egypt July 2015: Renault places Logan and Sandero in Top 5

August 31st, 2015 No comments

Renault Sandero Stepway Egypt July 2014. Picture courtesy Renault Sandero surges to #5 thanks solely to the Stepway variant.

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The Egyptian new car market is up 3% year-on-year in July to 22.738 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total to 160.786 units, also up 3% on 2014. The Hyundai Verna spends a 2nd consecutive month atop the models ranking thanks to 1.509 sales and 6.6% share, however remaining #2 year-to-date below the Chevrolet TFR Single Cab at 13.081 deliveries vs. 14.018. Below the Hyundai Elantra shooting up 10 spots to #3 overall, Renault manages to brilliantly place two models inside the July Egyptian Top 5: the Logan at 4.8% share and the Sandero at 4.5%. Notice also the Geely Emgrand 7 back up to #7 vs. #11 year-to-date, the Renault Fluence up to #17 vs. #30 so far this year, the Nissan Sentra up to #20 and the Kia Cee’d landing at #40 with 150 sales for its first month in the Egyptian market.

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Full July 2015 Top 140 models Ranking Table below.

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Thailand July 2015: New Toyota Fortuner and Ford Ranger land

August 30th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Fortuner Thailand July 2015The new generation boosts the Toyota Fortuner up to #7 this month in Thailand.

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No sign of recovery for now for the Thai new car market, down another 12.5% year-on-year in July to 60.863 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 16% to 429.972 units. The Top 8 best-selling manufacturers remain unchanged on June: Toyota dominates with 37% share, well above its 33.8% level so far in 2015, distancing Isuzu (18.1%), Honda (14%), Mitsubishi (6.3%), Nissan (5.3%) and Mazda (4.8%) while Ford is the most popular non-Japanese brand once again thanks to 2.663 sales and 4.4% share above Suzuki at 2.7%. Although it stays at #13, Chinese carmaker MG – which kick-started local production this month – is up 36% on June to 407 deliveries and 0.7% share vs. #16 with 1.107 sales and 0.3% year-to-date. Lexus sales surge 3-fold on July 2014 to 111 units at #17.

Ford Ranger Thailand July 2015. Picture courtest headlightmag.com1.130 new generation Ford Ranger have hit Thai roads in July.

Over in the models rankings, a handful of new launches are redistributing the cards. The Toyota Hilux has already reached cruise control with another month above 20% market share and the new Revo generation accounting for 99% of the nameplate July sales. The Honda HR-V manages to remain inside the Top 5 and ranks 3rd best-selling passenger car below the Toyota Yaris and Honda City. The new generation boosts the Toyota Fortuner up 12 spots on last month to #7 and 2.123 units including 1.891 new models. The much awaited new generation Ford Ranger sells 1.130 units in July, accounting for 57% of Ranger sales. Further down, the Mazda2 stays inside the Top 10, the Suzuki Ciaz lands directly at #26 and the MG 3 establishes itself inside the Top 30 thanks to an estimated 367 sales.

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Full July 2015 Top 40 brands and Top 50 models below.

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Italy August 2015 Photo Report: Ventimiglia fond of Lancia

August 30th, 2015 No comments

3. Lancia YpsilonLancia Ypsilon in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

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I was lucky enough to do a quick drive across the French border into Ventimiglia in Italy, to check out what the car landscape had become there since the last update I shared with you two years go. I give you the Photo Report for now, complete analysis will follow shortly.

2. Lancia DeltaLancia Delta in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

1. Fiat 500Fiat 500 and Lancia Ypsilon in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

4. Fiat PandaFiat Panda and Doblo in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

5. Renault CapturGuarding her Renault Captur like a Boss in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

6. Ventimiglia street sceneVentimiglia street scene

7. Citroen C1Citroen C1 in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

8. Dacia SanderoDacia Sandero in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

9. Fiat 500LFiat 500L in Ventimiglia, Italy – August 2015.

10. Jeep RenegadeThe Jeep Renegade is already part of the Ventimiglia car landscape.

The Full Photo Report (25 pictures) continues below.  Read more…

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STRATEGY: Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China (Part 3/3)

August 29th, 2015 6 comments

Volkswagen China. Picture courtesy ibtimes.comMore stormy weather ahead for the Volkswagen brand in China?

This third section concludes our Strategy coverage of Volkswagen’s current woes in China. In Part 1 we studied how the lack of affordable SUV lineup was penalising the German carmaker, and in Part 2 we analysed how its over-reliance on sedans and a potential slip up in quality as well as market forces moving away from the brand both at the lower-end with first time buyers and the higher-end with replacement buyers was hurting Volkswagen. Now that the scene is set, what next? What plans has Volkswagen put in place to ensure prompt and healthy recovery from a year-on-year evolution that has never been so precarious?

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3. What next

Firstly it is adequate to put the last couple of months into perspective, which is three full decades of ultra-domination of the Volkswagen brand in Chinese sales charts. Then, let’s go through Volkswagen’s plans for the next few years, some of them potentially offering a solution to the SUV and sedan predicaments the brand is currently finding itself in in China.

2012 VW Santana China September 2012Volkswagen has been dominating the Chinese car market since 1984 and the Santana.


Official CAAM sales data, covering locally-assembled vehicles only, shows a 31% year-on-year decline for the Volkswagen brand in July in China at 152.300 sales vs. 219.203 a year ago and a 33% decline of its sedan sales at 133.176 units vs. 197.332. Five of its star nameplates have plunged by more than 40% year-on-year: the Santana, Jetta, Magotan, Passat and Polo. Volkswagen head offices have remained very discreet about the brand’s Chinese July results, preferring to compile year-to-date figures instead. In their worldwide July sales report they state China sales are down 8% so far in 2015 at 1.48 million, which for once doesn’t add up with 2014 figures released by CAAM: Volkswagen implies 210.000 units in July 2014 including imports whereas CAAM says 219.203 excluding imports, and 180.000 units in July 2015 incl. imports. Even if VW imports are stable year-on-year at 28.000 units, the overall July decline would be 28% instead of the 14% implied by VW.

Volkswagen China. Picture courtesy scmp.comVolkswagen may need to fast-track its launch plans for China to return to growth.

These are all frightening figures regardless, but in actual fact part of a logical readjustment. Since its introduction in the country in 1984, Volkswagen was frequently selling more than double the monthly volume of any other brand in China. In July 2014 for example, below VW and its 219.203 sales was Toyota at 81.714 units. This July, Toyota is at 96.359 vs. 152.300 for Volkswagen, arguably a more ‘natural’ gap. In the face of increased competition, a smoothing out of sales differences atop the brands ranking is to be expected and reflects a natural evolution towards more fragmentation, a characteristic of maturing markets.

What is certain is the thawing of Volkswagen’s market share in China – as natural as it can be – has a devastating effect on the Volkswagen AG Group worldwide results. Last week VAG announced its second-quarter profit fell 16% due in large part to weakness in China, the #1 new vehicle market in the world. In my Strategy feature “Where is China headed?”, written 3 months ago, I mention that a record 75 new nameplates have kick-started local production in the past 12 months (only one VW: the Lamando) and new factories are still opening on a monthly basis. This combined with a more shaky growth environment gives the perfect recipe for “blood” and aggressive price wars. We are seeing the start of this bloodbath before our eyes with Volkswagen potentially starting to lose foot in China.

VW Taigun. Picture courtesy betterparts.orgThe Taigun: what Volkswagen really needs for China?

SUV plans

Part 1 of this Strategy series showed in detail how Volkswagen had missed the SUV boat in the past 12 months by keeping its lineup to a lonely and extravagantly expensive two models: the $31.300 Tiguan and imported Touareg. The Volkswagen Group recently unveiled outlandish SUV plans for the next few years, namely 25 new SUV models by 2020. Among them, nine will be VW-branded but surprisingly, these worldwide launch plans seem to ignore China’s pressing needs altogether as far as the Volkswagen brand is concerned (see below).

Volkswagen AG SUV launch plans until 2020:

Model Launch Would help VW in China?
New VW Tiguan 2015 A little
Bentley Bentayga 2015 No
Audi TT Offroad 2016 No
New Porsche Cayenne 2016 No
Seat Compact SUV 2016 No
Skoda Montania 7-seater 2016 No
VW Tiguan XL 2016 A little
VW Cross Blue 2016 A little
New Audi Q5 2017 No
Audi Q8 2017 No
New Skoda Yeti 2017 No – could hurt VW
VW Golf SUV 2017 Yes
VW Cross Coupé 2017 A little/Yes
New VW Touareg 2017 A little
Audi Q1 2018 No – could hurt VW
New Audi Q3 2018 No – could hurt VW
Seat City SUV 2018 No – could hurt VW
VW Polo SUV 2018 Yes
VW Tiguan CC 2018 A little
VW Golf SUV Convertible 2018 No
Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2018 No
Audi Q1 Convertible 2019 No
Skoda Superb X 2019 No
Lamborghini Urus 2019 No
Seat 20V20 2020 No
VW Taigun TBC Yes

VW Golf SUV. Picure courtesy autozeitung.deNot before 2017: the VW Golf SUV.

Last January, President and CEO of VW Group of America Michael Horn told Auto Express UK: “Car companies are producing SUVs like crazy at the moment. We have to get the next Tiguan and mid-size SUV right, but then there is room for derivatives – whether that’s models which are priced upwards or downwards”. A glaring lack of urgency in these words, yet Chinese car buyers want small, affordable SUVs and they want them yesterday. Let’s look at the next Volkswagen-branded SUV launches in detail, assuming they will also occur in China at roughly the same times, which is no guarantee so much so these plans seem to have been drawn with only Europe and the U.S. in mind. How so very 1990.

VW Cross Coupe GTE. Picture courtesy autobild.deMake or break: the VW Cross Coupé could be a surprise blockbuster in China.

The new VW Tiguan will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month, along with an XL seven-seater variant scheduled to be in dealerships in mid-2016. With starting prices well above $30.000, these two models have little chance of significantly impacting VW’s fortune in China: they will mainly help prevent SUV sales from declining in a booming market. It goes the same for the VW Cross Blue (2016), totally suited to the U.S. market but not anymore to the Chinese one – although it was when it was planned – and the new Touareg (2017) – all too big to impact Chinese volume. Profits may welcome these arrivals with arms wide open though, provided they are all assembled locally. The Cross Coupé (2017) has that little bit of sexiness in its lines and size that could make it a surprise blockbuster in China: the jury is still out on this one.

VW Polo SUV Concept. Picture courtesy VW Polo SUV could reach Chinese shores by 2018 at the earliest: 3 years too late.

Not before 2017 do we finally answer the question “Will this SUV help VW in China?” we asked in the table above with a resounding “Yes”: the Golf SUV is scheduled to launch in Europe at that time, but Volkswagen would be smart to try and accelerate the process greatly for China. The year after that should arrive an even better solution for the Chinese market: the VW Polo SUV, based on the T-Roc Concept presented at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. Keeping in mind the 2nd generation Honda HR-V, Hyundai ix25 and Kia KX3 will be well established by then… The Tiguan CC and Golf SUV Convertible also scheduled for 2018 seem superfluous, and we finish on the big question mark: the Taigun, based on the Up! minicar and unveiled as a concept at the 2012 Sao Paolo Auto Show, seems to us to be the perfect Volkswagen answer to China’s current SUV craze. Don’t keep your hopes too high though: its production is not even confirmed for now.

VW Cross BlueMore suited to the U.S. market: the 2016 VW Cross Blue.

Looking at how fast the Chinese car market evolves – writing this article even 4 months ago would have required drastic copy changes – by 2018 when Volkswagen will have a true SUV lineup, Chinese car buyers will likely have moved on from cheap SUV to something else – bigger, better, cheaper, more efficient – and Volkswagen may have missed the boat again. These launch plans truly have to change to benefit fully from what China has to offer volume-wise and to ensure Volkswagen’s numerous Chinese factories won’t idle out by then.

Renault Duster Colombia 2014. Picture courtesy Duster: Renault’s best-seller worldwide and Volkswagen’s worst nightmare.

The low-cost question

Volkswagen has been eyeing the tremendous worldwide success of Renault’s “entry range” – sometimes Dacia-branded – over the past decade and has been mulling a low-cost brand to cover all bases in China and emerging markets for a while now, proof being this December 2012 The Truth About Cars article presenting it as a fait accompli. These hesitations have cost the German manufacturer dearly now that Chinese carmakers are back on track thanks to cut-thorat pricing and easy-to-the-eye urban crossovers. As we have described in Part 2 of this series, even the low-end VW Santana and Jetta don’t look like so much of a bargain anymore in the face of tremendous recent quality improvements of domestic brands such as Geely. It has never been Skoda’s role to attract the Chinese first time car buyer as the Czech brand is strangely positioned much higher in China than it is in Europe, and Volkswagen benefits from such wide appeal and recognition here that launching an entirely new brand in this market seems like an insurmountable task, let alone a foolish one – also the reason why Renault will not launch Dacia in China.

VW Polo Vivo South Africa 2014. Picture courtesy of inspiration? The South African VW Polo Vivo.

Last June, CEO Martin Winterkorn told Bild am Sonntag a budget-car “family” is coming, with an SUV, saloon and hatchback, but not before 2018. Note the use of the word family and not brand anymore. Volkswagen already has enough factories spread across the country to churn out this family of budget-cars fast. The recent market slowdown could be used to free significant chunks of production and allow the insertion of these new models. But successfully branding, positioning and selling low-cost vehicles is a skill only Renault has managed to master so far, and it took the best part of a decade. You could argue Volkswagen has already been doing low-cost for a while in Brazil with the Gol and in South Africa with the Citi Golf and the Polo Vivo. But China is a different beast that evolves at lightning speed, in comparison Brazil and South Africa are frozen in time.

Baojun 560 China July 2015bA low-cost VW Tiguan? General Motors’ Baojun 560.

General Motors understood this half a decade ago when creating the Baojun brand in collaboration with SAIC. The result: 300.000 units of the 730 MPV are now on Chinese roads less than a year after launching, and it took roughly a month to get 10.000 buyers for the all-new 560 SUV. Sales figures that are keeping Volkswagen’s Chinese head office awake at night. The cherry on the cake: the incredible success of the Baojun brand over the past 12 months is an absolute slap in the face of Volkswagen’s hesitation at launching a similar offer in China: all Baojun models inspire themselves greatly from Volkswagen’s design, in the end looking suspiciously similar to what a low-cost VW Touran and Tiguan could have been…

With all of this taken into account, Volkswagen’s return to Chinese growth could come down to four elements:

1. Make drastic quality improvements and price cuts to the Jetta and Santana.

2. Fast-tracking the launch of the much awaited Chinese budget-car family.

3. Advancing the Chinese launch of both the Polo and Golf SUV and potentially Cross Coupé SUV.

4. Green-lighting the Taigun mini SUV for China-only as a test.

BSCB readers: now it’s your turn to give your opinion. What do you think is the key to Volkswagen’s return to growth in China in the long term? Tell us in the comments section of this article.

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Second BSCB feature in Britain’s biggest selling weekly car magazine

August 29th, 2015 2 comments

Auto Express China on the March

For the second time in two months, BestSellingCarsBlog features in Britain’s biggest-selling weekly car magazine, Auto Express, in this week’s issue on sale since Wednesday 26/08. After a selection of best-selling global cars you’ve never heard of in June, this time I go through ten Chinese carmakers you need to know about and their chances to hit the UK market in the near future. This three-page Inside Story titled “China on the march” features Baojun,  BYD, Chang’an, Dongfeng, Geely, GAC Trumpchi, Haval, Hongqi, Roewe and Wuling as well as a selection of five Chinese joint-ventures including the potential mismatch between Chery and Jaguar Land Rover. In essence a synthesis of our monthly coverage of the Chinese market with a distinct English flavour.

The BSCB signature is included once again, with an increase number of markets as we have added a series of South Pacific nations since the first Auto Express feature. It now details Best selling cars blog as “the most exhaustive website covering car sales data, trends and analysis for more than 190 markets worldwide, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, with 70 markets updated monthly and regular strategic reports on the latest sales trends in key markets like China”. If you live in the UK, go get yourself a copy: it in on sale until next Tuesday 1/09. You can also buy it online here.

Auto Express China on the march 2

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France 1-14 August 2015: Toyota Yaris up 29% in lifeless month

August 29th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Yaris France August 2015. Picture courtesy automobile-magazine.frThe Toyota Yaris is produced in France.

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Right in the middle of summer holidays, August is traditionally the slowest month of the year in France by far. The past three years went further though: August 2012 was the first time in 15  years the market fell below the symbolic 100,000 monthly sales (96,511), August 2013 was the weakest overall month in 37 years (85.565) and August 2014 was the third worst month in the past 40 years and lowest since August 1976 at 83.340 deliveries. Even though sales figures are stable mid-way through the month, the market is predicted to increase slightly this year thanks to one additional selling day… Certainly not the vigorous recovery we are witnessing in the rest of Europe.

Audi Q7 France July 2015. Picture courtesy sales in France are up 17% year-on-year so far in August.

Being a lot slower than all other months of the year, August is often the theatre of unusual moves. For example last year the Toyota Yaris broke the record of the highest ever monthly ranking for a Japanese model in France, surging to 6th place thanks to 2.170 deliveries including 899 demo sales. The Yaris is even better positioned as of the 14th August with sales up 29% year-on-year to #9. The Peugeot 208 (-7%) and 308 (+15%) dominate the temporary ranking but should be both outpaced by the Renault Clio (-7%) by the time August comes to an end given the strong back-loading the French manufacturer has been culprit of in recent years. Notice also the Citroen C3 (+28%), VW Golf (+12%) and Peugeot 2008 (+13%) while over in the brands ranking Audi up 17% to 6th place and BMW up a spectacular 32% to #9 both impress.

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Full 1-14 August 2015 Top 10 brands and models below.

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Malaysia July 2015: Honda and Mazda buck trend in market down 3%

August 29th, 2015 No comments

Honda HR-V Malaysia July 2015The HR-V lifts Honda up 26% in July in Malaysia.

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The Malaysian new car market is down 3% year-on-year in July to 58.646 registrations, with the effects of the Hari Raya festive season and aggressive sales promotions being counter-balanced by consumer wariness in the wake of the introduction of GST in April. The year-to-date total is also down 3% on 2014 to 380.830 deliveries. Market leader Perodua drops faster than the market at -6% but remains the uncontested #1 brand with 30.6% share ahead of the other local manufacturer Proton at 18.5% (-2%). Boosted by the exceptional start of the HR-V crossover (see our exclusive 2015 Malaysian monthly models data here), Honda surges 26% year-on-year in July to overtake Toyota again land snap the third spot overall with 14.4% share. Other great performers include Mazda (+36%), Mercedes (+90%), Audi and Lexus (both at +51%) while Hyundai (-53%) and Kia (-61%) implode.

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Full July 2015 Top 45 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Serbia July 2015: Fiat 500L hits 10% market share

August 29th, 2015 No comments

Fiat 500L Serbia July 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Fiat 500L is assembled locally in Serbia.

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Based on data shared by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, the Serbian new car market is down 4% year-on-year in July to 1.831 registrations, while the year-to-date total is sill in positive at +2% on 2014 to 12.960 units. The locally assembled Fiat 500L celebrates three consecutive months atop the sales charts by hitting a round 10% market share in July thanks to 183 deliveries. It distances the Skoda Fabia, Octavia and Dacia Sandero, exactly as per the year-to-date order. The Opel Astra progresses further to #5 whereas it doesn’t rank inside the year-to-date Top 10 (yet), while the Opel Corsa jumps up to #6 and the Skoda Rapid resumes its position among Serbia’s 10 favourite nameplates at #7. Skoda places a 4th model inside the Serbian year-to-date Top 10: the Superb at #10.

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Full July 2015 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina July 2015: VW Passat jumps to #1

August 29th, 2015 No comments

VW Passat Bosnia April 2015. Picture courtesy autobild.deThe VW Passat is the best-selling vehicle in Bosnia this month.

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According to data published by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, new car sales in Bosnia & Herzegovina are down a harsh 30% year-on-year in July to just 532 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 4.158 units, still up 5.5% on 2014. The VW Passat surges to pole position this month with 6.4% share above the Skoda Octavia up 4 spots to #2 but still #1 year-to-date at 6.3% of the market. The Dacia Logan shines at #3 vs. #10 so far in 2015, the Opel Astra – leader in June – is down to #4 and the Renault Clio remains in 5th position.

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Full July 2015 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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Russia July 2015: Now with Top 100 best-sellers (BSCB exclusive)

August 27th, 2015 No comments

Ford Fiesta Russia July 2015. Picture courtesy zr.ruFord has just relaunched the Fiesta in Russia, aiming at the Hyundai Solaris and VW Polo.

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

Today we can share with you exclusively on BSCB rare detailed monthly data for Russia for July. The familiar Top 25 now includes the two best-selling Light Commercial Vehicles in the country, and they are pumped up this month: the GAZ Gazelle ranks 7th with 2.7% share and the UAZ Bukhanka ranks 12th vs. #26 in H1. Outside, the Chevrolet Aveo (#50 in H1) and Ford Kuga (#67) surge and miss out on a historical Top 25 Russian breakthrough (ex-LCVs) for less than a hundred units. The Mercedes Sprinter enjoys the benefits of its facelift at #40 vs. #61 in H1, and the Chinese are back in a slightly better shape: the Lifan X60 ranks #43 (#49 in H1), the Geely Emgrand 7 is at #53 (#98) and the Geely Emgrand  X7 is at #60 (#108).

UAZ 452 Russia July 2015. Picture courtesy carrental.mnThe UAZ Bukhanka surges up to #12 in Russia this month. 

Lifan X50 Russia July 2015. Picture courtesy Lifan X50 is already among Russia’s 100 most popular nameplates.

Two new launches get themselves noticed this month in Russia The Ford Fiesta was relaunched here as an affordable sedan by the American manufacturer at the same time General Motors is disengaging Chevrolet and Opel from the country. It competes with blockbusters Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio and VW Polo, all inside the Top 4 this month. The Fiesta breaks into the Russian Top 50 in July at #47 with 547 sales whereas it only sold 159 units (#224) over the First Half of 2015. The Lifan X50 is also climbing the Russian ladder fast: from #262 and 74 units in H1 directly to #75 and 319 sales in July, positioning itself as the 4th best-selling Chinese models in Russia below the 3 aforementioned.

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Full July 2015 Top 100 models Ranking Table below.

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