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Quebec (Canada) Full Year 2014: Honda Civic reclaims top spot off Hyundai Elantra

April 16th, 2015 No comments

Honda Civic Quebec 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Honda Civic is the best-selling nameplate in Quebec in 2014.

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For the first time on BSCB I can share with you detailed data for the French-speaking state of Quebec in Canada. In 2014 the Quebec new light vehicle market is up 1.4% to 420,686 registrations, accounting for 23% of a record Canadian market at 1.851.373 deliveries (+6%). Whereas the Hyundai Elantra put an end to 15 consecutive years of Honda Civic domination in Quebec in 2013, this year the Civic reclaims the top spot thanks to sales up 2% to 20.013 units vs. 17.272 (-16%) for the Elantra. Up 11% on 2013, the Toyota Corolla overtakes the Ford F-Series (-3%) to make the podium 100% compact cars, with the Mazda3 (+16%) rounding up the Top 5. Notice also the Ford Escape up 12% to #8, Ram Pickup up 10% to #9, Nissan Rogue up 86% to #15 and the GMC Sierra up 20% to #17. Toyota tops the manufacturers ranking ahead of Ford and Hyundai.

Full Year 2014 Top 50 models vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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China March 2015: Focus on the all-new models

April 16th, 2015 No comments

Kia KX3 China March 2015. Picture courtesy

* Many thanks to for helping compile this report *

As per the BSCB tradition, after first exploring the monthly Chinese ranking, we then go into the detail of the all-new models making their first appearance in the biggest car market in the world, keep in mind this is only models that have kick-started local production as imports data is still a very well-kept secret in China. After welcoming 4 new entrants in January and 6 in February, we have 6 new nameplates in the charts in March. As it has been the case each and every month this year, the list of new entrants perfectly illustrate the current trends at play in China: a regain of form of Chinese manufacturers – 5 of the 6 new entrants including 3 from Dongfeng – and the strength of the SUV (2 newbies) and MPV (1) segments.

1. Kia KX3 (#102 with 5,596 sales)

After the Hyundai ix25 launched last year, sister company Kia unveiled its equivalent aimed at a younger, hipper audience: the KX3, also exclusive to China. Priced from 112.800 to 186.800 yuan ($18.018 – 29.830), the KX3 plays right into the compact SUV sales explosion we have witnessed over the past couple of years and lands directly just outside the Top 100 with a very vigorous 5,596 units sold for its first month in market.  By comparison, the Hyundai ix25 started at #129 and 3,972 sales last September, rapidly rising to a (temporary?) peak of 9,173 deliveries at #60 last January, a ranking it also holds in March. Direct competitors the Ford Ecosport (#46, 8.100 sales), Peugeot 2008 (#71, 8.010 units) and Chevrolet Trax (#78, 6.080 deliveries) have reached similar heights in the past few months so hopes are high for this KX3, manufactured by the Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia joint venture.

Bar for success: #50 or 10,000 monthly sales

Dongfeng Fengxing Jingye S50 China March 2015

2. Dongfeng Fengxing Jingyi S50 (#180 with 2,127 units)

Launched back in September 2014 but somehow only appearing in the sales charts this month, the Fengxing Jingyi S50 is positioned right in the middle of the most competitive and saturated segment in the Chinese market: affordable compact sedans. Priced between 69.900 and 102.900 yuan (US$11.300-16.600) and with a design reminiscent of the Hyundai Verna, the oddly named S50 (Fengxing is the brand name, Jingyi S50 is the car’s name) does not have much to differentiate itself and its interior is reported to be of mediocre quality. Dongfeng may have a hard time squeezing significant sales figures from this nameplate, manufactured by Dongfeng Liuzhou, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor and based on the Dongfeng Fengshen A60 sedan, which again is based on the old Nissan Sylphy that was made in China by the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture.

Bar for success: #100 or 5,000 monthly sales

Dongfeng Fengdu MX6 China March 2016

3. Dongfeng Fengdu MX6 (#203 with 1,640 deliveries)

Now that the platform of the previous generation Nissan X-Trail is available for Dongfeng to use, the Chinese manufacturer is launching a rebadge variant of it named the Fengdu MX6, priced between 122.800 and at 169.800 yuan (US$19.800-27.300), a full US$15.000 below the old X-Trail’s prices, which was a very popular vehicle with a strong following in China, giving the Fengdu MX6 a good chance on the market, especially among those who think the new X-Trail to SUV-like or too expensive. The MX6 is manufactured by Zhengzhou-Nissan, a separate company under the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture focused on making small commercial vehicles, pickup trucks, and cheap SUV’s. Zhengzhou-Nissan vehicles are sold under the Dongfeng and Nissan brand names.

Bar for success: #75 or 7,000 monthly sales

Dongfeng Fengshan L60 China March 2015

4. Dongfeng Fengshan L60 (#224 with 1,190 sales)

Last Dongfeng to land in the Chinese sales charts this month, the Fengshan L60 marks a new step in the collaboration between Chinese Dongfeng Motor and French PSA/Peugeot-Citroen now that the Chinese manufacturer holds 15% of the French carmaker. It has been jointly developed by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture and Dongfeng Motor, the same sort of construction that is used for developing cars for sub-brands. Fengshen however is 100% owned by Dongfeng Motor, and not by the joint venture. The Fengshen L60 is based on the extended variant of the PSA PF2 platform, that also underpinned the previous generation Peugeot 408 sedan, which was made in China by Dongfeng-PSA. Priced very competitively between 89.700 and 129.700 yuan (US$14.400-20.900) and featuring a particularly sleek design, the L60 has a good chance to succeed.

Bar for success: #100 or 5,000 monthly sales

Chery Arrizo M7 China March 2015. Picture courtesy

5. Chery Arrizo M7 (#259 with 607 sales)

The Chery Arrizo M7 is the first MPV under the Arrizo brand now counting 3 models: the Arrizo 3, 7 and M7. It is however not an entirely new car and basically a facelifted version of the 2011 Chery Rely V5, originally called Chery V5 in 2013 because the Rely sub-brand had been killed by then. It now resurrects as the Arrizo M7. No pricing information yet as the M7 is scheduled for its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next week. Chery claims that the Arrizo M7 is a seven-seat MPV with a 2+3+2 configuration, however the last row of seats is cramped to say the least.

Bar for success: #100 or 5,000 monthly sales

Lifan 820 China March 2015. Picture courtesy

6. Lifan 820 (#338 with 26 units)

Although not officially launched yet, the Lifan 820 appears in the Chinese sales charts this month with a mere 26 units, most probably demo models. This is the Lifan brand’s new flagship, which debuted on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show a year ago and was originally slotted for a Q4 2014 commercial launch. Lifan, in dire straits at home in the sedan segment, must be relatively nervous about unveiling this large sedan to the public as it has the potential to either pull the brand out of insignificant sales in that category or kill it for good. Price will start around 90.000 yuan and end around 140.000 yuan. Worryingly, at launch the Lifan 820 will only be available with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 131hp, mated to a five-speed manual. Later on a 2.0 and a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engines will become available as well. The 1.8 and 2.0 engines are developed by Lifan in close cooperation with Ricardo, a large British automotive engineering firm.

Bar for success: #150 or 3,000 monthly sales

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China March 2015: Ford Escort in Top 10, outsells Focus

April 15th, 2015 1 comment

Ford Escort China March 2015. Picture courtesy Ford Escort is now among China’s Top 10 most popular nameplates.

* See the Top 356 All-local models by clicking on the title *

The Chinese new light vehicle market is up 9% year-on-year in March to 1.87 million units, once again boosted by surges in the SUV (+54%) and MPV (+23%) segments, rising to 474.100 and 199.300 units respectively, while sedan sales are down 1% to 1.07 million units and microvans are down 18% to 124.100 deliveries. 1st quarter sales are up a robust 9% to 5.31 million units. According to Automotive News China, sales of commercial vehicles (including trucks, buses and vans) remained weak plunging 19% both in March (370,200) and year-to-date (847,900). Due to this sluggish demand for commercial vehicles, the total Chinese market is up just 4% so far in 2015 at 6.15 million units. I give you the ranking for now, complete analysis will follow shortly.

Buick Excelle GT China March 2015. Picture courtesy new model pushes the Buick Excelle GT back up to #14.

Atop the models ranking, the Wuling Hongguang MPV stays afloat at 67,350 sales (+6%) ahead of the VW Lavida at 41,732 (-4%), VW Santana at 31,686 (+30%), Haval H6 at 31,446 (+25%) and the success story of the past 12 months: the Baojun 730 at 30,008 units – already the nameplate’s 4th month above 30,000 monthly sales. But the big event in the Top 10 is the landing of the Ford Escort at #10, up 39% and 7 spots on February to #10 and 23,446 deliveries, its best monthly score so far. For the first time, the Escort now outsells the Focus (-40% to 21,748) to become Ford’s best-seller in China. Although surprising, this move is somewhat logical as the Escort was launched the replace the previous generation Focus still on sale here and accounting for up to half of all Focus sales in China. Also of note is the Buick Excelle GT back up 28 spots to #14 thanks to the new model.

BYD F3 China March 2015The BYD F3 reaches its highest monthly volume in almost 4 years.

Chinese manufacturers are back! They almost place a 4th nameplate inside the March Top 10, with the Chana Honor up 7 ranks to a best-ever #11, while the Geely Emgrand EC7 is up 66% on March 2014 to #17 and 20,621 sales and the BYD F3 more than triples its sales year-on-year to rank #18 with 20,374 deliveries, a true resurrection for this nameplate which was China’s best-seller in 2009 and 2010. In fact, this is the F3’s first time above 20,000 monthly sales in 4 years, since April 2011 (20.849)… The Changan Eado at #22 (+39%) and Dongfeng Fengguang at #23 (+239%) also shine.

Haval H2 China March 2015. Picture courtesy Haval H2 is the 2nd best-selling SUV in the country in March with a record 15,975 sales.

The SUV segment however is where Chinese carmakers have truly made the most progress in the past 12 months. Proof: 8 of the 10 best-selling SUVs in China in March are Chinese. This is a tremendously different situation than even a few months ago. Below the Haval H6 we find the JAC Refine S3 (17,329), Haval H2 (record 15,975), ChangAn CS75 (record 15,884) and the first foreign SUV: the VW Tiguan (15,520). Following are the ChangAn CS35 (14,236), Beijing Auto Huansu S3 (13,876), Dongfeng Joyear SUV (12,966), Nissan X-Trail (up 195% to 12,252) and Zotye T600 (record 12,215). A staggering string of new, affordable, nice to the eye models here from the Chinese.

Venucia T70 China March 2015. Picture courtesy cheyun.comThe Venucia T70 already accounts for 75% of the brand’s sales.

But the list continues: other nameplates breaking their monthly volume record this month include the Beijing Auto Weiwang M20 at #32 (14,135), BYD S7 (11,075), Buick Envision (10,495), Beijing Auto Senova D50 (10,000), Honda XR-V (8,725), Haval H1 (7,703) and Citroen C3-XR (6,360 and breaking into the Top 100 at #90). We saved the best for last: as predicted in our January review of all-new models, the sharply-priced Venucia T70 is flying up the ladder at lightning speed: up 153% and 48 ranks on February to land at #86 and 6,813 sales for its third month in market, now accounting for 75% of the Venucia brand’s sales in March.

Beijing Auto Senova X65 China March 2015. Picture courtesy cheyun.comBeijing Auto Senova X65

Among models launched last month, the Beijing Auto Senova X65 is the best performer: up 478% and 76 spots to #183 with 2,016 sales, followed by the Beijing Auto Huansu H2 up 264% and 48 ranks to #200 and 1,658 units and the MG GS up 832% and 75 spots to #213 and 1,500 deliveries. All Chinese nameplates, two SUVs and one MPV: spot on trend here. There are 6 all-new nameplates making their first appearance in the Chinese sales charts this month: 5 Chinese and 1 Korean, but this will be the subject of a dedicated article as is the tradition on BSCB, so stay tuned!

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Full March 2015 Top 356 All-local models below.

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Germany March 2015: Opel Corsa and Mazda3 impress

April 15th, 2015 No comments

Opel Corsa Germany March 2015Opel Corsa

* See the Top 50 brands and Top 316 models by clicking on the title *

Excellent showing for the German new car market in March: up 9% to 323,039 deliveries, which brings the 1st quarter total to 757,630 units, up 6%. If Mercedes is back to its traditional 2nd spot with 27,674 sales and 8.6% share and the entire Top 7 brands for March is both identical to the year-to-date ranking and the FY2014 one, Audi (+12%) and Ford (+15%) clearly outperform the market. Hyundai (+8%) overtakes Renault (-14%), while Fiat (+20%), Peugeot (+16%), Citroen (+17%), Suzuki (+99%), Smart (+71%), Porsche (+53%) and Jeep (+123%) also post very strong results.

VW Golf Sportsvan Germany March 2015. Picture courtesy of automibile-magazine.frThe Sportsvan variant helps the Golf nameplate up 32% year-on-year in March.

The VW Golf remains the most popular nameplate at home and by a country mile, even lodging the largest year-on-year sales increase among the 19 top sellers in March at +32% to 26,821 units and 8.3%, with the podium 100% Volkswagen for the third consecutive time and the 5th time in the past 6 month: the Passat is up 27% to #2 and the Polo up 12% to #3. The Mercedes C-Class is back up to 4th place despite sales down 1% on March 2014, the Opel Corsa is up 26% to #5 thanks to the new model, the Ford Fiesta is up 17% to #7, the Ford Focus up 11% to #8 and the Skoda Fabia up 27% to #15, boosted by the new generation.

Mazda3 Germany March 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frMazda3 sales are up 88% in Germany this month.

Further down, the Ford Kuga surges 40% to #31, the Mazda3 is the 2nd best-selling ‘true’ foreigner (remove Skoda and Seat) below the Fiat 500 with sales up an explosive 88% on March 2014 to 2,712 at #33, the Hyundai i10 is up an equally impressive 74% to #34, the BMW 4 Series is up 42% to #35, the Suzuki Swift is up 248% to #40 and the Ford Mondeo up 47% to #49. Finally, notice the Suzuki Vitara landing at #147 with 393 sales.

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One year ago: Germany March 2014: Mercedes C-Class up 31% to #4

Full March 2015 Top 50 brands and Top 316 models below.

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Europe February 2015: Now with Top 330 All-models and All-brands

April 15th, 2015 No comments

BMW 2er Active Tourer Europe February 2015. Picture courtesy autozeitung.deThe Active Tourer variant lifts the BMW 2 Series to its first European Top 50 ranking.

* See the Top 330 All-models and Top 55 All-brands by clicking on the title *

Refined European data is now available with the traditional one month-delay, confirming the 8% year-on-year increase announced earlier at 952,084 units and 1.977.866 year-to-date (+7%). Outside the familiar Top 10 brands, Seat (+23%), Nissan (+27%), Mini (+34%), Lexus (+36%), Mitsubishi (+43%), Smart (+45%), Porsche (+46%) and most spectacularly Jeep (+182%) impress. The VW Passat is the hero in the Top 10 with sales up 65% to #8, but beyond a few other nameplate also make themselves noticed. The Renault Captur is still on the up at #12 (+23%) as is the Peugeot 308 at #14 (+31%), the Opel Mokka at #18 (+67%), Mercedes C-Class at #20 (+54%), Seat Leon at #21 (+26%), Renault Twingo at #25 (+133%) and Mini at #36 (+105%).

Smart Forfour Europe February 2015Mainly thanks to its performance in Italy, the Smart Forfour is inside Europe’s Top 100.

Lifted by the success of the Active Tourer variant still not separated from the Coupe/Cabriolet in official sales, the BMW 2 Series breaks into the European Top 50 for the very first time this month at #43 with 6,859 units. The Citroen C4 Cactus is getting tantalisingly closer to reaching that milestone as well: up a further two spots on January to #51 and 6,293 sales, the Jeep Renegade posts its first European Top 100 at #83 and 3,904 units as does the new generation Smart Forfour at #96 and 3,428 sales and the Fiat 500X at #98 and 3,151 sales while the Nissan Pulsar is up 13 spots on January to #85 and the Land Rover Discovery Sport is up 15 to #194.

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Full February 2015 Top 330 All-models and Top 55 All-brands below.

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USA March 2015: Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Rogue, Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee at all-time best

April 15th, 2015 No comments

Hyundai Elantra USA March 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe Hyundai Elantra sold a record 28,794 units in the US this month.

* See the Top 274 All-models, Top 40 All-brands and Top 15 groups by clicking on the title *

At +0.5% to 1.545.710 sales, the year-on-year gain may be small for the US new light vehicle market this month, but don’t get fooled by this result: March was exceptionally strong, for a few reasons. First, the 17.1 million seasonally adjusted annual selling rate was the third best monthly SAAR since July 2006. Second, last year March benefited from good weather, generous automaker deals and a five-weekend calendar. This March had one fewer selling day and one fewer weekend. SAARs of 16.7 million in January and 16.2 million in February were below most analysts’ predictions of annual 2015 sales of 16.9-17 million units, so March’s 17.1 million selling pace gets us back on track somewhat. But the true sign that the US market is not only growing for the 6th consecutive year, but also doing so on very sound foundations, is the fact that not all manufacturers were chasing volume this month. Overall incentives are down 1.3% year-on-year and average transaction prices are up 2.2%…

2015 Chrysler 200CA record 19,033 Chrysler 200 sold helped FCA hit 60 consecutive months of year-on-year gains.

Only Toyota Motor, FCA US and Hyundai-Kia increased their incentives and saw their March sales frankly rise, but their average transaction prices fell. Let’s look at it in more detail. Toyota’s incentives rose 16%, resulting in a 5% sales increase to 225,959 units, but this is the traditional as Toyota always offers deals in March, the closing month of its Japanese parent’s fiscal year. FCA US had a target to reach: 60 consecutive months (five full years) of year-on-year gains. The US manufacturer saw incentives spike by 10% and sales rise by 2% to 197,261. Finally Hyundai-Kia used massive incentive increases to generate a 10% year-on-year gain to hit 133,790 sales, enough to outsell American Honda.

Nissan Rogue USA March 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comNissan has hit the bullseye with the new Rogue: up to #10 overall this month.

Now let’s look at the opposite strategy. General Motors (-2%), Ford Motor Co. (-3%) and Nissan North America (-3%) all significantly reduced incentives, resulting in sales drops but a rise of 4% in transaction prices for all 3 manufacturers. These two very distinct approaches are evidence of a healthy market. Automotive News quotes TrueCar President John Krafcik: “In a stable market, brands are free to either buy some share or take profits. Those are tactical moves to make the most of their situation.” Automotive News says Ford Motor cut incentives 17% from a year ago but transaction prices jumped almost $1,200 a unit to $32,974. Ford is so short of pickups during model changeover that it is deferring fleet orders to feed dealers. Its overall retail sales rose 1% but fleet plunged 13%.

Toyota Corolla USA March 2015. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Toyota Corolla hits its third best monthly volume in 6 years.

These two opposite strategies have a significant impact on the sales charts this month. The Ford F-Series is down 5% but still extremely solid overall at 67,706 units. It is followed by the Chevrolet Silverado up 7% to 45,193 deliveries and the Ram Pickup down 2% to 41,595. The Toyota Camry remains the best-selling passenger car in the country at #4 and 40,800 units and the Toyota Corolla rounds up the Top 5 thanks to sales surging 20% on a year ago to 35,532 – the nameplate’s third best monthly score in the past 6 years below August 2009 (43,061) and May 2014 (36,611).

Jeep Cherokee USA March 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comRecord sales this month for the Jeep Cherokee…

Below, the Hyundai Elantra jumps 34% to post the nameplate’s all-time record monthly volume of 28,794 units and the Nissan Rogue is up 41% to break into the monthly US Top 10 for the first time at #10 and lodge a record 27,418 sales, smashing its previous best of 21,419. Further down, the Chrysler 200 is up a stunning 155% thank to the new model to also break its volume record at 19,190 (previous best: 16,229 last December) while the Jeep Cherokee is the 4th nameplate in the Top 25 to evolve at all-time record highs, up 38% year-on-year to 19,033 (previous best for this generation is 18,235 last August).

2015 Jeep® Renegade Trailhawk…and promising start for the Jeep Renegade.

Other great gainers include the Toyota RAV4 up 28% to #14, the Chevrolet Equinox up 22% to #15, BMW 3/4 Series up 47% to #30, Ford Mustang up 36% to #35, Honda Pilot up 34% to #37, Jeep Patriot up 41% to #38 and the Dodge Dart up (at last!) 56% to #49. Has the Chevrolet Colorado already plateaued? It is down 9 spots on February to #69 and back below the Nissan Frontier (#66) while its twin the GMC Canyon is down 18 ranks to #134. One new entrant in the ranking this month: the Jeep Renegade landing at #191 with 943 sales. According to, there are more than 4700 Renegades currently in stock at the moment, so except it to rise up the ladder over the coming months.

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Full March 2015 Top 274 All-models, Top XX All-brands and Top 15 groups below.

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UK Full Year 2014: Now with Top 365 All-models (BSCB Exclusive)

April 14th, 2015 No comments

Peugeot 2008 UK 2014The Peugeot 2008 posts the biggest year-on-year gain in the 2014 UK Top 50.

* See the Top 365 All-models ranking by clicking on the title *

The time has arrived: I can now share with you the much anticipated all-models ranking for the UK over the Full Year 2014. This data is exclusive to BSCB. As a quick reminder, the UK market is up a very robust 9% in 2014 to 2,476,435 registrations, the biggest annual tally in a decade and the 4th largest of all time:  only 2002, 2003 and 2004 saw more cars registered in the history of automobile in this country. Keep in mind this complete ranking reflects registrations to end consumers and not to dealers and there are therefore slight changes compared to the previous FY2014 Top 20 I published, plus little variations in variants of one model taken into account.

Mercedes A Class UK 2014. Picture courtesy of A-Class sales are up 47% in the UK in 2014.

For example Mercedes C-Class sales now include the Coupe, pushing the nameplate to #12 overall (+4%), the Mini, boosted by the arrival of the 5dr variant, is up to #13 with the Vauxhall Mokka still up a staggering 145% to #14, the Vauxhall Zafira is back inside the Top 20 at #18, knocking the Renault Clio down to #21. Outside the Top 20 in uncharted territory for us and this is where things get really interesting. The Mercedes A-Class is up 12 spots and a fantastic 47% to #22, the Citroen C4/C4 Picasso is up 60% to #25, the Nissan Note up 88% to #27, the Seat Leon up 52% to #28, the Skoda Octavia up 48% to #33 and the Dacia Sandero up 66% to #62.

Peugeot 108 UK 2014The Peugeot 108 is the most successful all-new nameplate of 2014.

A handful of models launched during 2013 logically post some of the largest year-on-year gains in the ranking. Among them the Peugeot 2008 is up 356% to #45, the Renault Captur is up 207% to #39 and the BMW 4 Series is up 662% to #53. The best-selling all-new nameplate in 2014 is the Peugeot 108 landing directly at #93, followed by the BMW 2 Series at #111, the Mercedes GLA at #124, Nissan Pulsar at #176 and Porsche Macan at #180.

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Full Year 2014 Top 365 All-models vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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Canada March 2015: Ram Pickup less than 1,000 units below F-Series

April 14th, 2015 No comments

2015 Ram 1500 RebelOnly 997 sales separate the Ram Pickup from the Canadian pole position this month.

* See the Top 257 All-models, Top 35 All-brands & Top 15 groups by clicking on the title *

The Canadian new light vehicle market continues on its positive trend: up another 2% year-on-year in March to 160,416 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to a record 368,927 units, up 3% on 2014 which was already a record year. The overall trend at play in Canada is pretty clear: pickup trucks now hold 19.8% of the total market vs. 18.3% a year ago, whereas passenger cars are down 2% over the 1st Quarter 2015. The Fiat Chrysler Group maintain its stranglehold on the market thanks to sales up 2% to 25,060 units for a strong 22.9% market share ahead for Ford Motor Co. at 19.6% (-5%) and General Motors at 19.2% (-3%). Hyundai-Kia overtakes Toyota Motor Co. to snap the 4th spot overall thanks to 19,389 sales vs. 16,805.

VW Golf Canada March 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comVW Golf sales are up 10-fold on March 2014 in Canada.

Brand-wise, surprisingly all marques in the Top 5 underperform the market: Ford (-5%) leads ahead of Toyota (-6%), Honda (-3%), Hyundai (+0.2%) and Chevrolet (-16%). Further below though, Nissan (+8%), Ram (+24%), GMC (+26%), Volksvagen at a polar opposite from its US performance (+73%), Lincoln (+28%), Porsche (+46%), Mini (+26%) and Scion (+29%) all shine. In the models ranking, the Ford F-Series remains the uncontested leader thanks to sales up 3% to 9,988 units, however the Ram Pickup continues to lodge record month after record month, now up 17% to a fantastic 8,991 sales, lifting its 1st Quarter result up 10% to 20,647 units.

Ram ProMaster City Canada March 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comRam ProMaster City

The GMC Sierra (+11% at #4), Chevrolet Silverado (+14% at #7) and Honda CR-V (+16% at #9) are the other great gainers in the Top 10, while further down the Toyota RAV4 (+34%), Jeep Cherokee (+53%), Mercedes C-Class (+78%) and Chrysler 200 (+72%) also impress. Special mention to the VW Golf up 10-fold on March 2014 to #19 and 1,970 deliveries. Among recent launches, note the GMC Canyon overtaking its mass-market twin the Chevrolet Colorado at a best-ever (for this generation) #80 and 485 sales vs. #82 and 466 units, the Ram ProMaster City up 61 spots on February to finish just off the Top 100 at #102 and 371 sales and the Jeep Renegade selling its very first Canadian unit in March.

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Full March 2015 Top 257 All-models, Top 35 All-brands & Top 15 groups below.

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Australia 1st Quarter 2015: Mazda2 soars to segment lead

April 14th, 2015 No comments

Mazda2 Australia March 2015. Picture courtesy Mazda2 now leads its segment in Australia.

* See the Top 295 All-models ranking by clicking on the title *

As is the tradition every quarter on BSCB, I can now share with you an All-models ranking for Australia. A very dynamic market up 4% year-on-year to 277,594 registrations over the period, Australia gets a constant flow of new models with great sales potential and the 1st Quarter of 2015 is no exception as we’ll see further down. Just outside the familiar Top 10, the Nissan X-Trail gets a very sizeable boost due to the new generation, up 9 spots on its Q4 2014 ranking to #11 and 4,989 sales, landing at a very impressive 2nd place in the overall Australian SUV ranking over the period – it is only beaten by the Mazda CX-5 improving further to #7. Also thanks to a much-needed facelift, the Mazda2 is up 10 spots on the previous quarter to #16 with 4,049 sales, catapulted into its segment’s lead above the Toyota Yaris (#17) and Hyundai i20 (#20).

Mercedes C Class Australia March 2015. Picture courtesy of Mercedes C-Class is up to #23 over the period.

The Mercedes C-Class goes from strength to strength: from #55 in Q3 2014 to #33 in Q4 to #23 now thanks to a stunning 3,254 sales, leaving its direct competitors in the dust: the BMW 3 Series is #72 and the Audi A4 #93. The Nissan Qashqai gains 15 spots over last quarter to an excellent #25, the Subaru Outback sells more in this quarter (2,595) than in the whole of last year (2,457) as does the Subaru Liberty (1,085 vs. 1,041) both thanks to new models, the Jeep Cherokee gains a further 12 spots to #34, the Kia Sportage is up a surprising 20 ranks to #38, the Audi Q3 jumps to #74 and the Mercedes GLA cracks the Top 100 at #92, however the Hyundai Genesis (#170) and Lexus RC (#180) have plateaued already.

Mazda CX-3 Australia March 2015The Mazda CX-3 has landed in Australia.

There are 9 all-new nameplates making their first appearance in the Australian ranking over the period, frankly led by the Honda HR-V landing directly at #41 with 2,122 sales including 1,081 in March alone. A tremendous start for Honda’s baby SUV, instantly placing it at the same level as the brand’s veteran blockbuster CR-V (#36). There may be an even more promising new entrant in the sales charts: the Mazda CX-3 arrives at #77 with 865, Australia being one of the first countries in the world to get this pocket rocket SUV after Japan. The Hyundai Sonata (#140), Renault Captur (#148) and Suzuki Celerio (#162) are the only other new nameplates to make it into the Top 200, along with one very exciting newcomer that you will discover below the jump…

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Full Q1 2015 Top 295 All-models ranking vs. Q4 2014 and FY 2014 full sales below.

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Pakistan March 2015: Suzuki Ravi progresses further to 2nd place

April 14th, 2015 No comments

Suzuki Ravi Pakistan March 2015Suzuki Ravi sales are up a stunning 248% year-on-year in Pakistan in March.

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Only sales of locally-produced nameplates are available for Pakistan for now, however this is a fairly good representation of the best-sellers in the country as very high import taxes make new imports relatively rare. The market for new locally-produced models is up an explosive 72% year-on-year in March to 21,147 registrations, lifting the first quarter total to 56,212 deliveries, up 44% on 2014. The Toyota Corolla seems unbeatable atop the sales charts with 5,196 units and 24.6% share, however the Suzuki Ravi is making great progress: up a stunning 248% year-on-year to 3,784 sales, stealing the 2nd spot away from the Suzuki Mehran (3,184) while the Suzuki Bolan is also in great shape at 3,521 units, up 205% on March 2014. The Mehran remains #2 year-to-date for now at 9,572 sales vs. 7,674 for the Ravi and 7,245 for the Bolan.

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Full March 2015 Top 15 All-local models ranking below.

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