Norway July 2017: Toyota takes the lead in market up 3.9%

96% of Toyota C-HR sold in Norway this month are hybrid.

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The Norwegian new car market is up 3.9% year-on-year in July to 11.476 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 0.8% to 89.459 units. Toyota surges 42% to overtake Volkswagen (-31%) for the brands pole position but remains in 2nd place YTD at 12% share vs. 14.4% for VW. Mercedes (+46%), BMW (+22%) and Skoda (+17%) all frankly beat the market and round up the Top 5. Kia (+19%), Opel (+21%), Citroen (+23%), Suzuki (+28%), Peugeot (+36%), Tesla (+142%) and Renault (+145%) also shine in the Top 20. In spite of an alarming 35% year-on-year drop, the VW Golf remains the best-selling nameplate in Norway with 5.5% market share. It is joined on the podium by two Toyotas: the Yaris (+86%) of which 98% are hybrid and RAV4 (+26%) of which only 1 sale isn’t hybrid. The Nissan Leaf (+41%) and Mercedes GLC (+359%!) of which 93% are PHEV, complete the Top 5 while the Toyota C-HR is up 13 spots on June to a splendid 6th spot, 96% of its sales being hybrid. The BMW i3 (+183%), Renault Zoe (+216%), Peugeot 3008 (+1142%) and Volvo V90 (+7233%) also post spectacular year-on-year gains while the Skoda Kodiaq (#13) leads new launches (<12 months) above the Opel Ampera-e (#17), Hyundai Ioniq (#22), Audi Q2 (#79), Suzuki Ignis (#83) and Alfa Romeo Stelvio (#104).

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Switzerland July 2017: Mercedes up 19% in market down 4.6%

The Mercedes GLC is up 50% to #11 in Switzerland in July.

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New car sales in Switzerland are down for the 2nd year running in July at -4.6% to 24.885 units, pulling the year-to-date tally into negative territory at -0.2% to 183.803 registrations. Volkswagen is down substantially at -13% but remains in the lead by far at 12.5% share, distancing Mercedes (+19%), BMW (-8%) and Audi (-8%). Skoda (-7%) rounds up the Top 5 above Renault (+14%) while Opel (+6%) and Peugeot (+8%) are the only other Top 10 carmakers in positive. Dacia is down 23% on an exceptionally high July 2016 score and breaks into the Top 10 at #9 vs. #13 YTD. Fiat (+26%), Land Rover (+32%), Alfa Romeo (+174%) and Tesla (+91%) are among the most dynamic further down while Mazda (-24%), Citroen (-24%), Smart (-24%), Honda (-32%), Subaru (-38%), Mitsubishi (-47%) and Kia (-61%) all fall apart. Model-wise, the VW Golf (-26%)manages a third consecutive month in the lead with 3.2% share but 2nd placed Skoda Octavia (-23%) holds onto the YTD top spot at 5.898 units (-16%) vs. 5.447 (-23%) for the Golf. The VW Polo (-7%) and Tiguan (-5%) make the Top 4 100% VW Group, while the Mercedes C-Class is up 27% year-on-year and 10 spots on June to #5 and the Fiat 500 is up 66% and 5 ranks to #6. The Skoda Fabia (+18%), Mercedes GLC (+50%), Mercedes A-Class (+36%), Renault Scenic (+234%), Opel Mokka (+90%) and BMW 5 Series (+106%) also shine in the Top 20.

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Denmark July 2017: VW and Peugeot 208 lead in market down 3.3%

The Opel Insignia is up 89% to #11 in Denmark this month. 

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The Danish new car market marks a pause in July with registrations down 3.3% year-on-year to 15.207 units but the year-to-date tally remains at all-time high levels at 138.998, up 4.8% on the previous record established in 2016. Volkswagen (+27%) is by far the most popular carmaker in the country at 13.7% share, distancing Peugeot (-13%), Toyota (+9%) and Opel (+1%). Citroen (+21%), Renault (+74%) and Suzuki (+18%) all impress with solid gains inside the Top 10 whereas Ford (-16%), Skoda (-18%) and Kia (-25%) skid down. In the models ranking, the  Peugeot 208 (-5%) holds the fort above the VW Golf (+64%), Toyota Yaris (+13%) and VW Up (+212%). The VW Touran (+100%), Citroen C1 (+46%) and Renault Clio (+97%) also impress in the Top 10 while below, the Opel Insignia is boosted up 89% by the new generation, the Peugeot 2008 is up 250% and the Peugeot 3008 up 430% thanks to the new model.

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Slovenia July 2017: VW and Golf lead, Duster and Scenic shoot up

Renault Scenic sales are up 268% on the previous generation in Slovenia this month. 

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New car sales in Slovenia are up 4.9% year-on-year in July to 5.310 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally up 10.8% to 44.342 units. Volkswagen remains in the lead despite a 3% drop to 15.1% share, while Renault soars 34% to 12.2%. Skoda (-14%) and Opel (-10%) are in difficulty but Dacia surges 185% to 5.9% share in 5th place. Citroen (+18%) and Kia (+13%) are the only other Top 10 carmakers sporting a double-digit gain this month. Beyond, notice Toyota (+41%), Mercedes (+58%), Nissan (+28%), Mazda (+25%) and Honda (+89%) all posting spectacular gains within the Top 20. We welcome back Lada in the Slovenian ranking at #29 with 3 Niva sold. Model-wise, the VW Golf holds onto the top spot for the 2nd month running thanks to sales up 47%, keeping the Renault Clio (+38%) at a fair distance, but the Clio remains in the YTD lead by far. The Skoda Octavia (+15%) rounds up the podium like last month, followed by the VW Polo (-11%). Outstanding performances of the Dacia Duster (+378%), Ford Focus (+108%), Renault Scénic (+268%) and Citroen C3 (+261%) with the Dacia Sandero up 123% just outside at #11. The Opel Crossland X (#39) is up 29 spots on June to become the most successful recent launch this month.

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Austria July 2017: Opel Crossland X in Top 20, market up 3.2%

The Opel Crossland X breaks into the Austrian Top 20 this month.

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New car sales in Austria are up 3.2% year-on-year in July to 27.731 registrations, meaning the year-to-date tally is now up 7.9% to 214.292 units. Market leader Volkswagen drops 9% to 15.1% share, almost two percentage points below its YTD level of 17%. Ford (-3%) is up three spots on June to 2nd place, distancing Skoda (+3%) and Opel (-5%) while BMW (+6%), Audi (+5%) and Mercedes (+8%) all fit within 13 units! Renault (+21%) and Hyundai (+11%) are the most dynamic in the Top 10. Beyond, Peugeot (+53%), Toyota (+59%), Suzuki (+47%) and Tesla (+41%) are among the largest year-on-year gainers. Model-wise, the VW Golf (-3%) remains by far in the lead with 3.8% share while the Skoda Octavia soars 33% to #2 at 2.5%. The VW Tiguan is down 15% but gains one spot on June to #3 and the Hyundai i20 post the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 at +86% to 4th place overall. The Volkswagen Group places eight nameplates in the Top 9, adding the VW Bus, Polo, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and Seat Leon. The VW Caddy (+51%), Ford Kuga (+71%) and BMW 5 Series (+119%) also make themselves noticed but the best performance this month is delivered by the Opel Crossland X up 97 spots on June to break into the Top 20 at #16, making Austria the first country to welcome this newcomer inside its own Top 20.

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Greece July 2017: Toyota #1, Hyundai up 14-fold in market up 19.7%

The Hyundai i20 is up 37-fold on its July 2016 score to 5th place  

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The Greek new car market is up by a very robust 19.7% year-on-year in July to 8.421 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 8% to 58.777 units. Toyota reclaims the brands top spot it holds year-to-date but trails the market at +13% to 12.2% share, well above the 11% it commends year-to-date. Opel soars 57% year-on-year and three spots on June to #2, knocking Fiat (+27%) down to #3. Leader in June, Nissan (-15%) falls to #4 this month with 8.1% share. Peugeot (+60%), Suzuki (+66%) and most impressively Hyundai (up 14-fold!) are the most dynamic carmakers in the July Top 10. Further down, Dacia (+52%), Kia (+151%) and Mitsubishi (+111%) shine. In the models ranking, the Toyota Yaris (-13%) returns to #1 while the Opel Corsa (+46%) is #2 and overtakes the Fiat Panda (-4%) to rank third year-to-date. The Peugeot 208 is up 90% to #4 and the Hyundai i20 up 37-fold (!) to #5. #1 in June, the Nissan Micra is down to #6 in July but remains #2 year-to-date. Notice also the Hyundai i10 up 943% to #10, the Fiat Tipo up 260% to #14, the Toyota C-HR up 14 spots on June to #22 and the Suzuki Ignis up 13 to #24.

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Romania July 2017: Dacia monopolises podium, VW up 67%

Dacia Duster sales are up 47% in July.

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New car sales in Romania slow down their growth in July: after +47% in June, they edge up 5% to 11.335 this month, leading to a year-to-date tally up 22% to 56.343 units. Homegrown market leader Dacia drops 12% but holds a round 30% market share, well above its YTD level of 25.8%. Volkswagen surges 67% to 10.3% in second place while Skoda is up two spots on June to #3 thanks to deliveries up 27%. Ford (+32%), Hyundai (+18%), Mercedes (+40%) and Suzuki (+45%) also beat the market inside the Top 10. Further down, notice BMW (+25%), Nissan (+45%), Fiat (+162%), Seat (+96%), Volvo (+105%), Jeep (+50%) and Lexus (+167%) all posting spectacular year-on-year gains. Model-wise, Dacia monopolises its home podium for the first time since August 2016 with the Logan one month away from celebrating 13 consecutive years (156 months) in pole position, the Duster up 47% to 2nd place and the Sandero up 3% to #3. The Skoda Octavia soars 46% to #4, the VW Golf is up 73% to #5, with the VW Polo (+66%), Renault Megane (+110%), VW Jetta (+105%), Passat (+81%) and Ford Kuga (+321%) also impressive.

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France July 2017: Peugeot 3008 on podium for the first time

First ever podium ranking for the Peugeot 3008 nameplate at home. 

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For the third consecutive month, the growth of the French new car market (+10.9% in July to 147.519 registrations) is spread relatively evenly across distribution channels. Private sales are up 11.1% to 75.423 units and are back above the symbolic 50% share mark at 51.1%. Company sales (including long-term rentals) also beat the market at +12.7% to 36.230 units, and demo sales are up 15.4% but stock sales are down 17%. As it has become ethnic routine, given Renault loads up its end of quarters (March, June, September and December), itfalls to 2nd place in July despite gaining 18.2% to 16.3% share vs. 19.9% YTD. Peugeot (+12.6%) is in the lead at 18% share and Citroen (+17.9%) holds onto the third spot at 10.5% share. Note all three French manufacturers see even larger private sales gains: Renault is up 34% to 11.607 through this channel, Peugeot up 16.7% to 11.593 and Citroen up 13.3% to 7.185. Overall, 49.1% of Renault sales are private this month, with this ratio dropping to 46.2% for Citroen and 43.6% for Peugeot. Peugeot is the most generous to long-term leases (14.5% of its sales), with Renault at 7.9% and Citroen 8.5%. Finally when it comes to business sales, Renault gives them 21.% of its sales vs. 16.7% for Peugeot and 15.7% for Citroen.

Volkswagen sales are up 13.4% year-on-year in July. 

Among foreign manufacturers, Volkswagen impresses at +13.4% but remains down 3.4% YTD, with Toyota (+22.7%), Nissan (+19.7%), Opel (+19.4%), Kia (+24.5%), Seat (+13.8%), Suzuki (+25.6%) and Skoda (+18.3%) all posting double-digit gains inside the Top 20. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+72%), Porsche (+66.1%), Smart (+38.8%) and Lexus (+21.2%) also shine. Looking at sales by channel, 27.3% of Nissan sales are demo sales this month (new Micra and facelifted Qashqai), for Opel this ratio is 23.4% due to the start of the Crossland X and for Volvo it is 22.5% due to the XC60. Fiat, up 7.3% to #9 overall, only has a 39.4% private sales ratio and 24.9% are demo sales in July. Audi (#7) is by far the most popular premium brand in France this month with sales up 6.9%, distancing Mercedes (#10) up 0.4% and BMW (#13) down 12.2%. Only 37.8% of BMW sold this month are private sales vs. 46.5% for Mercedes and 49.2% for Audi. 20% of Mercedes sales are demo sales vs. 14.9% for BMW and 12.5% for Audi.

The Dacia Sandero remains #1 with private buyers in July. 

Over in the models ranking, the Renault Clio soars 28.5% to 7.065 registrations and 4.8% share, reclaiming the July pole position off the Peugeot 208 down 1.3% to 6.571 units and 4.4% share. But the big news come from the Peugeot 3008: ranked #1 halfway though the month, Peugeot’s new best-selling SUV breaks all records in July. It climbs to a best-ever third position – the first time the 3008 is on the podium at home – beating both this generation’s previous best (#4 in January and in June) and the last one’s (#4 in March 2013). At 6.139 sales, the 3008 even teases the 208 for 2nd place and hits 4.2% market share, an all-time high for both generations. The 3008 is even #1 in the company sales channel at 2.841 or 46% of its July sales above the Renault Clio (2.001). It ranks 8th with private buyers (3.325 or 38% of its sales), a channel still controlled by the Dacia Sandero (4.077). As a result the Renault Kadjar freefalls 31%, plus the larger 5008 is also headed towards solid success, at #17 this month with 2.219 sales, 48% for companies and 29% for private buyers. All-in-all, Peugeot SUVs represent 8.7% of the French market this month, when accounting for the 2008 (4.465).

Complete brands and models data will be uploaded when made available.

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Europe First Half 2017: Best result in a decade but growth slows to 4.2%

The VW Golf remains the most popular vehicle in Europe but drops 11.6% on 2016.

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The European new car market (27 countries) gains 4.2% year-on-year over the First Half of 2017 to 8.356.704 units, that’s an additional 336.000 vehicles compared to the same period a year ago. This growth, although superior to the two other large markets in the world (China is up 1.6% and the U.S. down 2.1%), is a clear slowdown compared to the +9.1% it sported at the same time last year. This H1 2017 result is the best since 2007, meaning the European market has returned to its pre-crisis level, and may stabilise around this level from now onto the next couple of years.

Up 6%, the Renault Clio consolidates its 2nd place in the European sales charts. 

Among the top five markets on the continent, Germany (+3.1%) and France (+2.6%) trail the overall growth and are showing signs of levelling up, the UK is down 1.3% amidst Brexit uncertainty, and it’s mainly Italy (+8%) and Spain (+7.1%) lifting the overall result. The largest gains are the work of smaller Eastern European markets such as Romania (+27%), Croatia (+24.3%), Lithuania (+19.7%), Hungary (+19%), Poland (+17.7%), Estonia (+13.5%), Slovenia (+11.6%) and Slovakia (+11%). The Netherlands (+16.2%) is the only Western European market to post a double-digit gain over the period.

The Nissan Qashqai ranks at a highest-ever #6 in Europe.

As it is the case in China and the U.S., the engine of growth of the European market so far in 2017 is the SUV segment, up a whopping 19.7% year-on-year to 2.386.178 units and now representing a dominant 28.3% share vs. 24.7% a year ago. Small cars are up 5% to 1.813.941 units and 21.5% share but compact cars are down 1.3% to 1.605.337 and 19% share vs. 20.1% a year ago. MPVs see the harshest decline at -14.8% to 689.288 and 8.2% share vs. 10% in H1 2016, mini cars are down 1.7% to 678.301 and large cars down 6.2% to 662.784.

The VW Tiguan is headed towards its first ever annual Top 10 ranking in Europe. 

The Volkswagen Group remains dominant but trails the market growth at +2.5% to 1.95 million units, as does PSA-Opel edging up just 0.2% to 1.36m. Renault-Nissan/Mitsubishi on the other hand improves its share of the European market with a 5.5% up on H1 2016 to 1.24m sales. FCA does even better at +10.1% to .6m units., overtaking Ford Motor (+2.5%). The BMW Group (+2.1%) is getting caught up by Daimler AG (+8.6%) just as Hyundai-Kia follows the market at +4.5%. Rounding up the Top 10, both Toyota Motor (+14.8%) and Geely/Volvo (+7.2%) frankly beat the market.

The new Citroen C3 has lifted the nameplate’s European monthly ranking record to #9.

Brand-wise, Volkswagen goes against the grain and posts a 0.2% decline to just under 900.000 units whereas the next two best-sellers are gain ground: Renault gains share thanks to a 4.9% up while Ford is more discreet at +2.5% but Opel/Vauxhall drops 2.7% in 4th place. Peugeot remains in 5th place with a 4% gain in line with the market. In 6th place overall, Mercedes (+10.8%) confirms it is the new premium king of Europe while Audi drops 0.7% and BMW edges up just 2% at #9. Fiat (+10.2%) and Toyota (+15.8%) are the only other manufacturers managing a double-digit gain inside the Top 10. Further down, only Seat (+16.8%) and Suzuki (+22.9%) do the same, with Dacia just missing out at +9.4%. AlfaRomeo (+39.4%), Jaguar (+24.3%), Tesla (+78%), Abarth (+39.9%), Maserati (+66.2%) and Aston Martin (+92.2%) are among the most dynamic smaller brands.

The Dacia Sandero delivered its first ever monthly Top 10 ranking in Europe in May.

In the models ranking, despite a steep 11.6% drop, the VW Golf is headed towards a 10th consecutive year atop the European sales charts. The Ford Fiesta ended 83 consecutive months of VW Golf reign in March but that was due to an exceptionally high UK market and the Fiesta is in fact down 1.5% over the period in 4th place. The Renault Clio (+6%) and VW Polo (+2.8%) hold onto the 2nd and 3rd spots, and with the Opel Corsa (-6.3%) at #5, there are four small cars in the European Top 5. The Nissan Qashqai is up a very robust 8.4% to gain two spots to 6th place overall, if maintained until the end of the year – very possible given its recent facelift – it would be its highest ever annual ranking in Europe (previous best: #7 in 2015), the highest annual ranking for an SUV in Europe and also the highest ranking for a Japanese model in Europe. So many records at stake! The Opel Astra is up 3.2% and remains 7th while the Peugeot 208 drops 4.5% and two spots to #8.

The Toyota C-HR is the best-selling new launch in Europe at #42. 

After breaking into the monthly Top 10 for the first time in August 2017 (#6) and the Top 5 in January 2017, the Tiguan lifted its monthly European ranking record to a stunning #4 in April. As a result, for the first time in a half-year ranking, the Tiguan is inside the Top 10 at #9 thanks to sales up 74.6% with the new generation. Also boosted by a new model, the Citroen C3 is up 62.1% to #12 and broke the nameplate’s monthly record at #9 in April. Another star of the period is the Dacia Sandero, up 14.4% to #17 but inside the European Top 10 for the first time in May. The Mercedes C-Class (+10.5%), Renault Megane (+32.6%), Peugeot 3008 (+144.3%), Ford Kiuga (+24.2%), Fiat Tipo (+246.7%), Mercedes E-Class (+36.7%), BMW X1 (+29.3%) and Volvo XC60 (+34.7%) also impress in the Top 50 thanks to new models or facelifts. The Toyota C-HR (#42) is the most popular newcomer over the period, ahead of the Audi Q2 (#63), Ford Ka+ (#103), Suzuki Ignis (#110) and Skoda Kodiaq (#120). The new Opel Crossland X (#208 but #113 in June) should settle inside the Top 100 before the end of the year.

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Europe June 2017: First Top 5 ranking for the Renault Captur

The Renault Captur breaks into the European Top 5 for the first time despite sales down 6.1%.

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New car sales in Europe 27 countries are up a timid 1.8% year-on-year in June to 1.519.332 registrations, the highest volume for the month in a decade and only 22.000 units short off the June record established in 2007. 21 of the 27 countries included in this dataset show a positive year-on-year result for June, with Romania (+_47%), Lithuania (+40.7%), Estonia (+34.9%), Slovenia (+16.4%), Slovakia (+14.9%) and Greece (+14.6%) the most dynamic. At the other end of the scale, Belgium (-0.3%), Germany (-3.5%), the UK (-4.8%), Ireland (-14%), Luxembourg (-15%) and Latvia (-17.9%) post declines. Among the Top 5 markets, Italy (+12.5%), Spain (+6.5%) and France (+1.1%) are gaining ground vs. June 2016.

Mini posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 at +18.1% 

The Top 4 brands in the region all drop year-on-year: Volkswagen is down 0.6%, Renault down 0.4%, Ford down 2.9% and Opel/Vauxhall down 9.2%. Below, Peugeot (+7.7%), Mercedes (+6.1%), Fiat (+8.1%) and Skoda (+4%), compensate somehow but BMW (-5%) and Audi (-2%) also decline. Just outside the Top 10, Toyota post the largest gain in the Top 15 at +13.7%, with Dacia (+10.9%), Seat (+17.8%), Mini (+18.1%) and Suzuki (+16.4%) also sporting double-digit gains within the Top 20. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+34.5%), Porsche (+24.8%), Tesla (+70.1%), Abarth (+77.5%), Cadillac (+108.5%) and McLaren (+107.7%) are among the most dynamic whereas Smart (-14%), Lancia (-19.8%). Group-wise, the Volkswagen Group (+2.5%) dominates above PSA-Opel (-0.1%), Renault-Nissan/Mitsubishi (+2.9%), FCA (+7.8%) and BMW Group (-2.9%). Daimler AG (+4.6%) and Toyota Motor (+12.3%) also impress.

The Peugeot 3008 breaks into the European Top 20 for the first time. 

The VW Golf holds onto the European models pole position but drops 3.4% while the Renault Clio (+0.2%) and VW Polo (+5.3%) both manage a positive result on the podium. The Opel Astra shoots back up 8 spots on May to land at a beautiful 4th place despite sales down 9% year-on-year, but the big surprise this month is the 5th place of the Renault Captur, up from #21 in May in spite of deliveries declining 6.1% on June 2016. This is the first time the Renault Captur ever breaks into the European Top 5, taking advantage of the freefalling of the Ford Fiesta (-23.5%) down to #9 and the Opel Corsa (-22.4%) down to #11. The Ford Focus on the other hand is back up 12 spot on last month to #12, and the Dacia Sandero, which broke into the European Top 10 for the very first time last month – is down to #12 but up 19.6% to end June just 625 sales off a second consecutive Top 10…

Nissan Micra European sales are up 114.3% thanks to the new model. 

The Citroen C3 is up 59.1% to #13 thanks to the new model, the VW Tiguan is u another 45.6% but slips outside the Top 10, going from #8 in May to #14 this month, the Peugeot 3008 soars 168.8% to break into the European Top 20 for the first time, and possibly the first time for the 3008 nameplate as a whole. Other great performers include the Fiat Tipo up 215.7% to #26, the Renault Scenic up 34.7% to #27, Ford Kuga up 26.7% to #28, BMW 5 Series up 49.7% to #41, Nissan Micra up 114.3% to #45 and the Mercedes GLC up 50.2% to #49. The Toyota C-HR (#50) leads recent launches ahead of the Audi Q2 (#61), Skoda Kodiaq (#87), Ford Ka+ (#105) and the Opel Crossland X up 88 spots on May to #113.

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